Thursday, 10 May 2012

Take 1 dress....Day 3

Are you like me and really fed up with the grey skies, today I wanted to add colour to mine and others day.

For today I have changed the look for this dress and made it more casual and fun.
Instead of a belt to accentuate the waist I have opted for a vibrant pink wasited cardi from H & M ( new in at just £14.99 ) and have done up the pretty buttons to show a top and skirt look.
I have added in a soft pretty hummingbird scarf instead of a necklace to keep the eye drawn up and to create a more curvaceous look in my case ( great for the Top Heavy and Pear body shape ). By adding in an on trend item it will keep your look modern and fresh.

I love my coloured tights so decided to keep my colour theme going today by wearing a pair of magenta opaque tights from M & S, not only do they look great but they will keep me warm if the wind decides to blow up my dress!!

And finally I have chosen to complete the look with these great purple suede ankle boots from M & S, these are great as have the most funky style heel.

My quilted, chanel style coat I bought from TU about a month ago has definately made it's money, at just £40 its cost per wear is down to about 20p.
For this outfit it has added the colour depth and when belted at the waist it will work well to create the hour glass body shape.

What do you think of this outfit, isn't it just amazing how this dress just keeps creating new looks.

More tomorrow


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