Friday, 30 December 2011

New Years Style resolution

After a great Christmas but knowing I have eaten way too much and fearing the worst if I dare step on the scales I have decided to focus on the new year and what 2012 may have in store for myself and my family and how some of these changes can be achieved.

How many of year are thinking ' I need to joing the gym', 'I need to shift those extra pounds', or 'I need to 'Declutter my wardrobe', 'I want a new look' and 'I would love to know what clothes realy do suit me'.
I can hear many of you saying....that's me!

Heard of the saying New Year, New You, well you'll probably hear it alot in the next few weeks as 2012 get's into full swing. I still not quite sure as to whether I actually like this wording, I would rather say 'little treats for me in 2012'.

Personal style, in my view, is about taking a journey and taking little steps at a time, for example.......

* Buy a great pair of jeans
* Start the new year fresh by decluttering those items you have been hanging onto for ages...just in case!
* Take time to browse the high street and shopping centres, once understood it will make your life easy
* Learn what stles suit your body shape
* Learn a simple skin care routine
* Learn how to apply make up in easy steps
* Having a new hairstyle to work with your personality and lifestyle

And there's loads more........making it a journey means you don't feel under pressure to do it all at once, you can set timelines which makes each step more achievable.

So, what's your new years style resoultion?

Lots of love

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Rise & Shine with Heart

I had the pleasure of styling Molly Forbes, the new Wiltshire’s Heart 97.2 & 102.2 FM presenter. Molly will co-host breakfast with Jez Clark from 9th January 2012.

I received a panic email from Molly one late Friday evening looking for help for an outfit for a photoshoot for the Saturday, yes the Saturday!!! After a call with Molly I recommend a great coloured silk shirt from H & M which not only suited Molly's personality and lifestyle but her new listeners would love the look.

We teamed this fab shirt with indigo jeans and heeled court shoes, simple, stunning and chic. Doesn't Molly just look great?

And, here's the photo from the shoot, how stunning is this shirt, don't you just want one?

You can read the full article

Loads of luck Molly, you'll be brilliant.

lots of love

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Savvy shopping in the sales

Well the shops have started their sales and I know only too well how enticing a bargain can be.

Love them or hate them here are my top tips on how to make the best of shopping during sale times.

Typically we get the big sales just before and after Christmas and mid summer, but to be honest we're never more than a few weeks away from the next store clear-out. Read on and find out how to bag a bargain not a turkey!

The main function of the sale is to shift the unsold stock to make way for the new seasons items. Herein is your first clue..unsold items.. the reason its in the sale in the first place is because no one has wanted to buy it for the last 10 weeks - there was probably a good reason.

Do you really want something that no-one else wanted?

Avoid buying "high fashion" items in the sale. High fashion items are normally only in for one season, so by the time it's in the sale its not hot any more so leave it on the rail.

DO look for your classic items. Jeans,Black trousers, quality knitwear, basic Ts, classic jackets. Sale time is a great time to invest in clothing from shops and brands that you can't usually afford to buy from. If you work this can be a great time to snap up items in neutral colours such as grey or navy.

DO invest in shoes in the sale. It's my favourite time to buy shoes - A whole rack or what is left in my size, easy to try on lots of styles without having the assistant running back and forth. Shoes take up a lot of storage in shops so are also normally heavily discounted. Don't be afraid to buy sandals in winter and boots in summer - bag the bargains and store them til its time to wear them.

TOP TIP: Be a savvy internet sale shopper. I often select and try on clothes throughout the season. If they're out of my price range I wait for them to appear on the shop website and buy it online to avoid the sale queues and disappointment if my size has gone. Subscribe to all the shop websites and they'll send you email alerts as soon as their sale starts.

Take Care with terms and conditions. Shops have no obligation to give you a refund or exchange unless an item is faulty, most stores will exchange or refund as a gesture of goodwill but there is often less goodwill at sale time so check the refund policy before you buy.

Finally: A bargain is not a bargain if its never worn!

Happy shopping

lots of love

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Simple yet so stunning!

I have been so lucky this weekend to style Molly Forbes, the amazing DJ, journalist and writer set to hit the airwaves as the breakfast show host for Heart, Wiltshire in the New Year.

The look for the photoshoot was crisp,clean and modern so I chose this stunning shirt from
H & M for Molly and we teamed it with skinny jeans and heels.

Just gorgeous.

This shirt comes in black, champagne, orange and a beautiful vibrant purple which is the one I selected for Molly as it worked with her colourings.

Molly also writes a brilliant blog called Mothers always right, have a read it is great and perfect for all us mummy's out there.

lots of love

Monday, 28 November 2011

I've fallen in love

I am just loving the prints this season and could not help but fall in love with these gorgeous prints from Ted Baker

The photo definatley does not do this high neck dress justice, the ballerina detail on this dress is stunning and it actually has gorgeous turguoise small rectangular beads on the hem of her dress. O'h, I think I'm showing my more feminine side!
How fabulous for any Christmas party

This low back tunic is gorgeous too, stunning fabric and what a statement piece for any Christmas or New Year occassion.

The only problem I have is which one to buy, I wonder if my husband would notice if I snuck both of them into my wardrobe?!!!!!!

Lots of love

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

ZARA fav's

There is so many gorgeous pieces in the stores this season I wanted to show you a couple of pieces I have found in ZARA

Add a bit of faux fur this season with this great wide collared coat, perfect for the Pear shape as it draws the eye upwards and to the arms. It also draws the eye to the waist of the pear which is perfect  with the toggle as the fastening.

The great empire line tunic is gorgeous, perfect for the pear as it draws the eye upwards with the scoop neckline and floats over the wider bottom area. The apple as it illusionises the tummy area and the slender/athletic as it give the body a more curvaceous shape. Wear it with opaque tights for a cosy look.

I loved this teal structured bag with a passion and think the combination of colours is scrummy when worn together.

I wanted to add in a funky boot to complete this outfit so have chosen the snake skin knee high boots.
The more solid heel is great for the pear shape again as it helps rebalance the hip line, great for those with a quirky personality.

I think, maybe I'll browse NEXT tomorrow.

Lots of love

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Yummy Apple Mummy

I just love showing you items I find on my travels and am so pleased to show you this amazing tunic which is perfect for those ladies who are 'the apple' body shape.

If you carry a little weight around your tummy this is perfect and with a scooped neckline it flatters the bustline and skims the tummy line and what stunning colours too. This empire line tunic is from Desiqual, the funky spanish brand found in its stand alone store in Westfield, Shepherds Bush and in the concessions in the House of Fraser.

I have teamed this tunic with a pair of 'James' jeans from Donna Ida which are brilliant for your body shape as they are high waisted which again flattens the tummy line. I have chosen the flare leg style as this balances the lower body with the upper body.

And to complete this look I have added in a pair of great wedged boots which are great for the 'apple' as they are chunky and balance the lower body. I just love the buckle detail on the boots which work well under the flare jean and will also look super with a skinny jean as you have amazing legs.

As always, embrace your body shape, wearing the right shaped garments will not only make you look good but you will feel amazing and confident too.

Lots of love

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Over 55's!

The results of a survey published in the Daily Mail yesterday stated three quarters of women over 55 feel ignored by the high street.

Some 42 per cent said they had difficulty finding retailers that sell clothing that is both fashionable and suitable for their age.
As a result, less than half said they actually enjoyed going shopping.

I am a firm believer that the high street does try and cater for a wide audience and from my experience with clients who are of this age the biggest shock they get from shopping with me is seeing that they can shop and buy certain items in all of our high street stores. I just love teaching and showing my clients how you can shop in all of our amazing high street.

I am not saying that a Over 55 lady will buy all her clothes in H & M but I am saying that there will be a garment that is perfect for the body shape,personality and lifestyle for this lady. 

I hear only too often, 'I can't shop in there it's too young for me', in my mind why do my older ladies only feel they can shop in M&S? Maybe our high street actually needs to promote all their collections to all the age ranges so ladies over a certain age do not fear them.

Please do trust me personal style is about keeping your look modern, not necessarily trendy.

For the Over 55's what I would say to you is do not feel intimidated by ANY of the high street stores, please do pop your head in and have a  browse, you will be pleasantly surprised.  

Lots of love

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Women's 'Me' Time

According to the Daily Mail today, a working woman gets just 30 minutes of 'me' time a day and they often wake in the middle of the night in a panic.

The survey stated 75% of british women work 12 hour days, with 31% admitting to 30 minutes 'me time' on avereage a day.

These survey results just confirms to me that my 'mission' is justified and that helping and teaching real women of all ages to dress in easy steps according to their body shape not only helps them look stunning, feel amazing but also makes their life easier.

Really ladies life is hard enough juggling work, children, hubands/partners lets make getting dressed simple and easy.

As many of you know I am a firm believer in teaching you how to dress your body shape according to not only your personality and lifestyle.

Being stylish and looking good, you don't need to be rich for either just super savvy and a smart shopper.

My mission continues...........


Touchy Feely!

If you are anything like me I am a touchy feely person who just loves fabrics that are soft and feel beautiful on my skin.

This season, it's all about the textures and mixing them together.

I have found these gorgeous velour deep purple leggings at Top Shop, they will look super with an oversized aaron jumper this season or why not pop it with this lovely 'peplum' style top ( also from Top Shop ) which is perfect for the apple shape or anyone who carries a little weight on their tummy. The top is stunning and has tiny little beads that glisten in the daylight.

I have teamed it with this beautifuk fake fur coat ( again Top Shop ) which will keep you really warm this season, it is of a base neutral colour so will go with everything. It can become your statement winter coat.

Being stylish & looking good, you don't have to be rich for either just super savvy and a smart shopper.

Love Lisa

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tesco magazine blog

I'm on a mission to help ladies dress their amazing body shapes in simple and easy steps so they can look gorgeous and stunning every day.

The most common comment I hear from ladies is ' I don't know what body shape I am' and 'I really don't know what suits me'.

Well, I am so excited to have written my first blog post for real women for Tesco Magazine, you can read more here on  'How to dress for YOUR shape', it gives you some of my great hints and tips on dressing each body shape, I'm sure you'll love it.

These tips are so easy to follow, I'd love your comments on both the post and the tips and I would really love to hear what other styling tips you need.

Lots of love


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Loving these!

I just love wandering around the high street, finding new pieces that I just know are the pieces ( or ones like it ) to have for this AW season.

And I am pleased not to disappoint you........

I love these great items from Zara. This T.shirt is of silk material with the figure print which is so on trend this season and looks gorgeous teamed with the silver jeans and cranberry coloured calf height boots. I would add in either a leather jacket or the wool coat below. If you want to tone the look down a little add the t.shirt to a pair of black,grey or indigo jeans or leggings.
You can then add in new high boots and a long line cardi to completley change the look and give it a softer feel.

I chose to wander around around Zara yesterday and I have to say I was really impressed. There are some stunning pieces which you can wear on a daily basis or on an evening out.....the choice is yours.

I found more excellant pieces in Top Shop too, I'll post them tomorrow.


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Style Staples for AW

I know the high street is quite a daunting place but please remember all the high street stores are carrying a twist of the same trends, they are holding collections that suit their customer base.

I thought it would be quite nice to show you what I found today and I think you can use thse are some of your Autumn/Winter Style staples.

I know you will all wear these trends according to your personality and lifestyle but don't be afraid to try out something new.

A little bit of sparkle in these fab shoes from M & S and a great 60's style dress from my favourite
H & M

Then these stunning suede tassel shoes from M & S will look great with this team and brown pleated skirt from H & M, I have then added in a gorgeous gold glitter jumper and a little fur gillet, both from H & M. They all look fabulous worn together. I would add in a feather necklace or pair of earrings to complete the look.

Keeping on the glitter and sparkle theme I found this gorgeous jumper from H & M which will look super with a pair of indigo jeans or why not pop it over a pair of bright orange jeans/trousers.

I just love the 'animal' themed jumper from Top Shop, again this looks great with a pair of electric blue jeans or why not pop it over a pencil skirt with a leather jacket. You will see loads of these style jumpers around, I think quite kitch.

The weather has been so changeable over the past few weeks this gorgeous 'channel' style coat from Zara is just perfect to keep you warm but also look amazing. I love the fact it can be worn over a dress or with trousers or all types. It is a great base neutral colour so can be mixed with loads of the super colours this season.

So, who hasn't seen this style of dresses this season, they come in an array of colours and look fab with platform courts, wedges, boots, biker boots, leather jackets, scarves. For me, this is THE dress to have this season as it could be worn every day of the week but look different each time......I may just try that!!!

These are just a few pieces that can be added to your exisitng Autumn/Winter wardrobe to inject the new seasons trends. Do let me know how you get on.

Lots of love


Monday, 3 October 2011

Please don't pack me away!

Well, what an amazing weekend we have had with this glorious and unxpected sunshine. But, it left me wondering how many of you had already packed away your summer clothes and now had a full wardrobe only of your winter garments.

It wouldn't surprise me if this caused a real problem.......which is why I would recommend that you don't pack away your summer clothes and allow them to work for you in the cooler months too. Here are my tips;

* Use T.shirts as a base, wear them under a dress or pop a cardi over the top. Use them as a layering garment.

* Shirts were back with a vengeance this summer, add a funky blazer or waistcoat to them when the temperature is cooler

* For summer dresses, simply add a long sleeve t.shirt underneath to layer the look and add a little bit of warmth. My recommend is H & M for these. They are the best quality, they don't shrink nor do they fade

Make the most from your wardrobe

lots of love


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Mutton dressed as lamb

So, we are back to the debate about should women dress their age. Today in the papers Joanna Lumley is saying women should embrace the mutton dressed as lamb look and not worry about having long hair after 40 nor shop in our wonderful high street shops like Top Shop.

I absolutely agree, why should women over a certain age start to look old, frumpy and dowdy. It's all about dressing according to your lifestyle and personality. I see alot of ladies who come to see me for advice on exactly that.....they want to look modern, chic and stunning and WHY NOT!

Being 42 myself I can relate to this, why would I want to look like I'm old before my time when I'm young at heart, fit, healthy and have a very modern outlook on life.
Looking good makes us feel great too.

My recommendation is this, dress according to your personality and lifestyle, you really can wear the trends in ALL our high street stores, we do just twist them to suit us as people.
Our high street is one of the most amazing in the whole world and there should be no shop that you should feel wary of going in. Trust me, you will find something for you in every store

lots of love


Friday, 23 September 2011

More Little Beauties

I spent the day at The Oracle, Reading browsing and shopping for me (it is a very rare occasion! ) and look at the amazing pieces I found.

I just love this little lace shirt with button fastening at the back and great detail on the chest. I found this in Oasis. It is perfect for the Slender/Athletic, Hour glass and Pear body shape.

Then I found this A line bright orange cotton skirt in H & M. The skirt is flat fronted, side fastening which is perfect for the Apple body shape and bang on trend. I rather fancy this with black tights, a black patent shoe boot and black leather jacket....but that's me!


Whilst I was in H & M I then found gorgeous silk feel 'horse print' navy dress. It is so simple yet stunning. Teamed with a navy tight and chesnut ankle or knee high boots. It is perfect for the Hour glass, Slender/Athletic body shape.
It would also look super with a waisted brown leather jacket.

And finally I came across this lovely 60's style dress, again in Oasis. This is an empire line so perfect for the Apple body shape but looks great on the Hour glass, Pear and Slender/Athlectic.
This dress is of a jersey fabric so will also be SO comfortable. Would look great popped with a red wasited cardi to inject some colour.

So what do you think of my findings?

Have a fab weekend


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Amazing Accessories

I love fashion and everything that goes with it so you can imagine how excited I got this morning when I popped in to see Fabulous Jewellery.

Gillian never fails to surprise me by the on trend collections she pulls together each season. The quality is great and the price point is perfect.

I love this black and silver statement piece which will look stunning with this geometric print dress by BIBA at House of Fraser

Wow, this necklace would you believe is made from wood which has been dyed, it is light and simply gorgeous. I have teamed it with a lovely grey silk shirt from H & M. Just add in a pair of jeans and a simple stunning outfit is achieved.

Now, this is my favourite wrap bracelet of all time, I have been lucky enough to wear it and it teams with anything you wear due to the gold and silver tones so this is one versatile accessory. I have poppped it with this beautiful dress from Day at Birger from House of Fraser

Accessories complete your look and they look so stunning too.

Lots of love


Monday, 29 August 2011

The Theme Park attire!

I was mad enough to not only do 1 theme park yesterday but 2.....all thanks to the Merlin pass and 2 very excited children and a husband!!!

I don't usually pay any attention to what anyone is wearing unless it sticks out like a sore thumb ( for good or bad ) but yesterday I was just surprised how little effort both men and women put into getting dressed for a theme park. I know we all have to be comfortable, we all go prepared with coats for the rain and cardi's in case the british weather suddenly changes but come on guys looking good is not that difficult nor is it expensive.

I saw a man with a mohican haircut which was plaited down to his bottom, with calf length cargo shorts and a dirty t.shirt, another man with black jeans with the waistband under his bottom and  a cropped t.shirt!
There was one man, who looked really nice, pink shirt, faded bootleg jeans and deep brown cowboy boots....nice! ( I was in a queue waiting for the bumper cars!!! )

For the ladies I saw many fleecy jackets with no shape!!One lady did catch my eye, I think she was trying the colour blocking trend, cerise pink knee length hareem pants, lilac vest, cerise pink bra which bled through the vest and a deep purple cardi wrapped around her waist. O'h and trainers on her feet!!

But mainly my comment would be that everyone looked the same, their was no individuality to the looks.

Come on everyone Personal style is all about YOU, your personality and your lifestyle and it really does not have to be expensive to looking good and more importantly feeling great.
Our high street is an amazing place and you can look simple, stunning and chic even when you go to the theme park with your kids!!

Maybe I need to hold a makeover session at a theme park?

Lots of love

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Look what I've found!

Hee hee, look what I've found for this new season!

We all waited with anticipation to see what the new 'Mary' collection for HOF would be like, I just love this blouse, great mix of colours to suit both skin tones. Perfect for the Slender/Athletic,Pear and Hour Glass body shape
Team the shirt with a fab pair of bootcut jeans and these stunning patent wedges from H & M. 
Or thse stunning ankle boots from Kurt Geiger.

I have always been impressed by Mint Velvet and have not been disapppointed this season. This lovely slash necked, peplum style top is gorgeous and perfect for the Apple body shape, it disguises and draws the eye ayway from the tummy area.

My last find was this lovely dress from Warehouse, perfect for the Pear body shape, it draws the eye to the shoulders with the slash neck and the waist but also works well by floating over the hips. This could also be teamed up with the H & M wedges.

Hope you like them


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