Monday, 29 August 2011

The Theme Park attire!

I was mad enough to not only do 1 theme park yesterday but 2.....all thanks to the Merlin pass and 2 very excited children and a husband!!!

I don't usually pay any attention to what anyone is wearing unless it sticks out like a sore thumb ( for good or bad ) but yesterday I was just surprised how little effort both men and women put into getting dressed for a theme park. I know we all have to be comfortable, we all go prepared with coats for the rain and cardi's in case the british weather suddenly changes but come on guys looking good is not that difficult nor is it expensive.

I saw a man with a mohican haircut which was plaited down to his bottom, with calf length cargo shorts and a dirty t.shirt, another man with black jeans with the waistband under his bottom and  a cropped t.shirt!
There was one man, who looked really nice, pink shirt, faded bootleg jeans and deep brown cowboy boots....nice! ( I was in a queue waiting for the bumper cars!!! )

For the ladies I saw many fleecy jackets with no shape!!One lady did catch my eye, I think she was trying the colour blocking trend, cerise pink knee length hareem pants, lilac vest, cerise pink bra which bled through the vest and a deep purple cardi wrapped around her waist. O'h and trainers on her feet!!

But mainly my comment would be that everyone looked the same, their was no individuality to the looks.

Come on everyone Personal style is all about YOU, your personality and your lifestyle and it really does not have to be expensive to looking good and more importantly feeling great.
Our high street is an amazing place and you can look simple, stunning and chic even when you go to the theme park with your kids!!

Maybe I need to hold a makeover session at a theme park?

Lots of love

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Look what I've found!

Hee hee, look what I've found for this new season!

We all waited with anticipation to see what the new 'Mary' collection for HOF would be like, I just love this blouse, great mix of colours to suit both skin tones. Perfect for the Slender/Athletic,Pear and Hour Glass body shape
Team the shirt with a fab pair of bootcut jeans and these stunning patent wedges from H & M. 
Or thse stunning ankle boots from Kurt Geiger.

I have always been impressed by Mint Velvet and have not been disapppointed this season. This lovely slash necked, peplum style top is gorgeous and perfect for the Apple body shape, it disguises and draws the eye ayway from the tummy area.

My last find was this lovely dress from Warehouse, perfect for the Pear body shape, it draws the eye to the shoulders with the slash neck and the waist but also works well by floating over the hips. This could also be teamed up with the H & M wedges.

Hope you like them


Sunday, 21 August 2011

All you need is Glove!

There is something about the Autumn/Winter months when you can snuggle and wrap yourself in those gorgeous knits!

As many of you know I am a big fan of this up and coming season and I am so excited to have found these gorgeous gloves from GALA GLOVES that will inject style into any outfit.
There are so many styles & colours to choose from I really suggest you take a look at their website 

These gloves are a luxury accessory and are real leather craftmanship, a must have in my book.

Gala Gloves, the gorgeous Italian designer brand, go on treat yourself!

I know you will love all their designs for this season


Friday, 19 August 2011

Does size matter?

After a chat with a lovely lady today it got me thinking that sizing in our high street stores really does matter to many of us.

We are all desperate to remain wearing the size we have always worn, the truth of the matter is the high street stores do not all cut their garments in those sizing categories like they used to.

One piece of advice from me is 'Please ignore the size labels and go for the cut of the clothes to suit your body shape'

If you wear a size too small, the garment will be tight fitting and will actually make you look a size bigger than you are.

If you wear a size too big, the garment will drown you, your body shape will be lost and you will, again, look a size bigger than you actually are.

Each high street stores cuts slightly differently, due to my experience here are my findings;

Oasis - Cuts as per their sizing labels
Karen Millen - Cuts with corsetry so you may need to go up a size
Ted Baker - Cuts on the small side in some garments, so you may need to go up a size
French Connection - Cuts as per their sizing labels in most cases but also cuts on the small side in some garments, so you may need to go up a size
Warehouse - Cuts as per their sizing labels
Top Shop - Cuts as per their sizing labels in most cases but also cuts on the small side in some garments, so you may need to go up a size
H & M - Cuts as per their sizing labels, some garments this season have come up on the big side so you may need to go down
Zara - Renowned for cutting on the small side in their trousers but in most tops
River Island - Cuts as per their sizing labels
M & S - In most cases I feel they cut either as per their sizing labels but they do also cut on the larger side
Monsoon - Cuts as per their sizing labels, some garments this season have come up on the big side so you may need to go down
Wallis - Cuts in the larger side so you may well need to go down a size
Phase 8 and Fenwright Manson - Cuts as per their sizing labels
Ralf Lauren - Cuts on the small side in some garments, so you may need to go up a size
LK Bennet - Cuts on the small side in some garments, so you may need to go up a size
Primark - Cuts as per their sizing labels in most cases but also cuts on the small side in some garments, so you may need to go up a size
Jaegar - Cuts as per their sizing labels, some garments this season have come up on the big side so you may need to go down
Hobbs - Cuts as per their sizing labels
Whistles - Cuts as per their sizing labels in most cases but also cuts on the small side in some garments, so you may need to go up a size
Dorothy Perkins - Cuts as per their sizing labels

So, please don't worry about the size label, it really does not hold much weight with sizing anymore!

I hope you find this useful, if you do struggle let me guide you through the high street in an express personal shopping trip.

If I've missed any of your favourite stores drop me an email and I'll give you an insight into their sizing.

Lots of love

Monday, 15 August 2011

Oh la la French!

I really do have the best job in the world, I promised to let you into the world of French Connection with their new collections now in the stores.

I love FC and this season they have not failed to wow me over, here are some of my favourites for you;

 This is a lovely jersey print dress, perfect for the hour glass body shape and the print is a gorgeous shell colour mixed with black. This will look great with a black leather jacket ( like the one below ), and knee high chestnut boots.

These are great flannel grey boot leg trousers ( the boot leg is perfect for all body shapes ). These will be a wonderful Autumn/Winter Staple, wear to work, casual or even for an evening out. These can be teamed with any of the tops below.
I could not not show you the LBD which, again, is a staple, perfect for the Apple body shape as the dress is cut empire line. This dress will also suit the hour glass, pear and slender/athletic. The prefect dress for anyone. You can change the look of it by adding a bolero soft knit or a denim jacket or a blazer to create different looks for this fab dress. Select jewellery to give the dress interest on the deeep black colour. ( Gold for those with a yellow skin undertone and Silver for those with a blue skin undertone....try Fabulous Jewellery )

I love this slashed neck jersey top, perfect for the Pear and Hour glass as it draws the eye to the shoulder and rebalances the hips.
For the Top Heavy steer clear as the horizontal striped will only draw the eye to the area.

This woollen coat will suit those with a quirky personality, it is perfect fort he Slender/Athletic body shape as it creates curves, especially the puffed sleeves and the detail to the collar/ The double breasted also works well for the slim lady as it draws the eye width ways which creates a curvier body shape. This is one for it!

The Black leather jacker, I love this one as it is a little different, perfect for the Hour Glass, Slender/Athletic and Pear body shape. Please do be careful if you have a larger bust as the pockets on the bust draw the eye to this area. Some like to, some don't!! Perfect with jeans, the casual peg leg trouser or a dress or skirt

Colour, I love this cobalt blue ruched top, perfect for the Apple body shape and the ruching disguises this area...perfect! Great with the flannel trousers, a flat fonted skirt or even a pair of jeans and of course the leather jacket. This colour look stunning with orange so why not team it up with an orange handbag and  a pair of electric blue jeans from Donna Ida.
This top will also suit the Hour glass, Pear and Slender/Athletic

Tomorrow, what has NEXT to offer this Winter?


Thursday, 11 August 2011

Is this your colour?

Well, if you like the colour Orange you are going to love this Autumn / Winter. Just look at what I found today whilst on my travels today.

Gorgeous orange handbags, any of these will brighten up any outfit!

This stunning shopper bag from Ted Baker's new season collection, this bag is stunning and is vivid orange ( sorry the picture does not do it justice ) and for £129 I don't think that's bad!

 I found the bag on the left whilst browsing, it can be found via Shop Style and is from the Cambridge Satchel company. I love this wonderful rucksack from Yoox which for any mum is perfect for throwing in all your kiddies bits whilst still looking bang on trend and stunning too.

And for those of you who are secret handbag shoppers and indulge yourself, I have found this gorgeous one from Hermes!

This one is a meer £3910.00 and is called the Jypsiere....ok so who will be buying this one?

So, its all Orange for Autumn/Winter, why not match it with a pair of electric blue jeans or wide leg trousers!

Lots of love

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

And I found these little beauties!

Part two of what I found on my shopping trip today.....

I have been really impressed with Oasis this season and I am so pleased to say they have not let me down again for Autumn / Winter.
They are cutting almost bang on size and the fabric is really rather nice.

 I loved this great floral print dress, the flowers are more subtle than those you have seen this summer. This dress is empire line with a v plung neck, perfect for EVERY body shape.
The plunge is great for the Top Heavy, the empire line perfect for the Apple and anyone who carries a little weight on their tummy. Also perfect for the Pear and Hour glass as the skirt will float over the curves.

One of my favourite looks ( but very me! ) This is a beautiful silk feel sleeveless shift dress that I am so pleased to say dips in at the waist. It looks lovey on its own or fab belted. Great for the Hour Glass, Pear or Slender/Athletic body shape. I added a black leather biker and know it would look super with opaque tights and biker boots BUT it also looks great with a soft blazer and patent nude court shoes or if you have a quirky personality team it with red shoes.

This dress carries on the theme of the snake skin print. Gorgeous jersey fabric. The dress is waisted so perfect for the Hour glass and Pear body shape. This will also look super on the Top heavy and Slender/Athletic. What I liked about this dress is that you can layer until your hearts content. Pop a shirt, long sleeve t.shirt underneath and team it with a great orange coloured cardi or denim jacket of you want to dress it down.

This was all the time I had today but back shopping again Saturday so I promise to select pieces from French Connection and Dorothy Perkins.

What's your favourite?

Lots of love

Look what I found today!

Well, today was the first day of browsing the high street without my gorgeous 7 year old twins in tow!!!

I had requests from you to find out my favourite new season pieces in H & M, Oasis, French Connection, Dorothy Perkins.

As many of you know I love H & M and am so pleased to see their basics are back with a vengeance this Autumn/Winter. I my opinion you cannot beat their long sleeve t.shirts or vests as they keep their shape ( as they are loaded with lycra ) and they keep their colour. And to be honest for £7.99 if they don't last you a whole season then they can be easily replaced.

I found this gorgeous knit dress which comes in navy, camel and a dusky pink. Great for the hour glass, pear and slender/athletic body shape and with the plunge neck great for the Top Heavy.

Great colour combos this Autumn/Winter is the navy/dusky pink and camel so team this dress with the stunning pink jacket to create a gorgeous chic look.

And I also found this lovely statement 'tweed' country looking coat. Perfect for the Country look, it runs with a red colour so I have popped it with a pair of skinny coloured jeans. It would looke lovely with a navy top or a gorgoeus white structured shirt which can be picked up in H & M.
Be careful wearing flat shoes with skinny jeans, unless you are a slender/athletic body shape you will look like an inverted triangle ( or an ice cream cone! ). They tend to accentuate everyones widest part when worn with flat shoes.

Later my finds in Oasis

Lots of love

Saturday, 6 August 2011

I'm a Finalist!

Well, I'm still jumping for joy and clapping my hands in excitement. Since I received the confirmation email yesterday from the lovely Amanda from MumpreneurUK my world has been a bit of a daze, I still can't quite believe it.

The first I knew of being nominated for the award was when I was sitting exhausted after a day at Center Parks with the family catching up on my emails ( I know, I was on holiday but I can't help myself!! ). I had been nominated by a colleague and friend which was the most wonderful surprise.

And yesterday I received the best news anyone who is a mum, whose exhaused from multi tasking in the summer holidays and runs her own business can receive I AM A FINALIST in the 'Best Interactive Business' category at the Mumpreneur UK awards 2011.
With 720 worthy nominees it is safe to say I am over the moon and thrilled to bits to be a finalist!

This award is open to businesses who work in close contact with clients in a physical sense. They are looking for passionate people whose business is based upon interacting with others as an integral part of what they do.

The awards ceremony is the 25th September and the lucky winner will be awarded at the ceremony after their business is judged by a panel of judges, one of them being Duncan Ballantyne from Dragons Den who is one of my business heroes.
I was actually caught reading his book at a Spa my hubby Dave had booked me into to relax!!!!!

I'll keep you posted.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Simple, Stunnng and Chic

As a Personal Stylist I often get asked the following questions;

* Where did you buy that?
* Would it suit me?

I think, for me, the majority of my clients like my simple, stunning and chic look which seems to come together effortlessly just because it is that....simple, stunning and chic!

As a Personal stylist I so believe that the way we dress needs to be effortless as we are busy enough in our day to day life without having to stress about what we are going to wearing!

So, my signature style is that of simple, stunning and chic and one that I am very proud of!

I saw these gorgeous collections in H & M today, just beautiful and very simple yet sure to catch the eye this Autumn/Winter

Lots of love

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Berry nice!

I am delighted to see this stunning colour making a huge impact this Autumn/Winter

Berry nice we say!!

This is such a regal colour, it is deep and rich and will really make you think of those gorgeous berries that are always around in the Autumn/Winter.

This colour looks amazing teamed with ice pink, organges and gorgeous oatmeal.

You will see the high street stores gradually filling up with the new season collections, enjoy the gorgeous colours.

Lots of love

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