Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Take 1 dress....Day 2

It's Day 2 of my 'Take 1 dress' feature and day 7 of my little boys chicken pox ( not that I'm counting my days inside! ) and today I wanted to make this great dress more casual and fun for the schoool run.

I have added in this wide chestnut coloured belt from Zara ( £12.99 ) which has great detailing on the hardware, it helps create a lovely waist and accentuates the curves on any bottom half.

I fancied a change from a necklace today so have added in a silk look scarf from H & M which was £4.00. When you open this scarf up it has a black and white leopard on it which is edged with turquoise and gold, very striking ( very Hermes darling! ) Scarves are great to really inject your own personality into your outfit.
For those of you who are larger busted a scarf creates a great illusion away from the bust if the knot is tied higher than your bust line. This also works so well for those of you who are a Pear shape as it helps rebalance the hip line.

I have added in my favourite Gabor long brown boots ( £79.00 ) which I know is their last season but I'm sure I can get a couple more wears from them in this horrible raining weather.

Finally, as I have to park quite a way to drop the other little one at schoool I popped this super leather jacket ( £19.99 from kids H & M ) to my dress to finish the look and of course keep me dry.

The complete outfit cost £130.97

Hope you like it, for Day 3 I'm thinking black.....come back and see what else can be done to this fantastic dress


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