Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 14, O'h it's H & M

I am not frightened to say it but I love H & M, there is something for everyone in these great stores but I do understand it is not the easiest shop to find your way around ( this is what I hear so often )

I'm all for the jumpsuit this season, this is a really pretty chiffon zebra print with little tie shoudler straps. Great for the hour glass to work with the curves and lovely for the slender/athletic to create the's only £24.99

This little jumper is one style that you will be seeing in all the stores this season from Reiss to M & S and all different prices, this soft pink jumper, although looks quite square really has a great shape when you try it on. It really works to accentuate the waist and the neckline scoops more than the photo shows. Looks lovely on the bigger busted lady as the scoop really creates the space from the base of the chin to the top of the bustline.

Now, I will admit it but I have never really been a handbag girl but I think as I'm getting on a bit the love has finally hit me. Just look at this little beauty, this fabulous immitation leather bag with additional pockets for your car park ticket if your like me and lose yours on a regular basis or your phone or keys.
A coloured bag will really inject the fun into your summer wardrobe....I think this one may sneak itself into my wardrobe in the next few days.

lots of love

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