Friday, 25 May 2012

Day 12..Phase Eight stunners

For me, Phase Eight has always been an interesting brand, they always seem to have an ecclectic mix of styles and colours to suit so many of my clients.
One thing I will say if you are an Apple body shape you will love Phase Eight. Their range of dresses and tops suit this body shape to a tee.

This is a great simple jersey dress in a lovely cobalt blue. The attention to detail with the ruching at the waist is a wonderful way to show of the shape of the body whilst illusionising the tummy area.
Great for home, work and play, this is a really versatile dress.

One tip, if you want to wear a cardi, jacket,shawl or wrap with this dress please just ensure you stop it at the waist. If you take the over garment longer you will lose the definition of the waist.

Now, how stunning is this, this is THE MOST AMAZING jumpsuit on, it is wonderful for all body shapes and due to the density of the fabric it hangs like a dream. The plunge neckline is great for the Top heavy, the wide leg perfect for the Pear and Hour glass as it helps to rebalance the hip line and the wonderful wide waist creates the curves the slender/athlectic is so desperate for.

For the Apple body shape the blouson style top is the best as it still keeps the body shape but creates movement around the tummy area. The Vintage print flower top in a chiffon below is super to create a more feminine look and add a little wow to those linen trousers this summer.

This heart detailed top is made from jersey so creates a far more casual look, perfect to be worn with skinny jeans, a soft trouser or even a pair of shorts. As you can see there is a tie at the neck, if you want to create a deeper plunge just undo the tie and let it hang lose.

Lots of love

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