Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Day 9...My Reiss picks

Another one of my all time favourites.....Reiss, this beautiful brand cuts superbly with a classic feel yet has the quirky edge to please those like myself who like something a little different.

This great Bobbi fine gauge jumper is pefect for all body shapes, great for the Apple as if you draw the hem up it will create a blouson style perfect for disguising the tummy area. The small cuff on the sleeve draws the eye outwards to show wonderful arms and o'h what a beautiful colour. Also perfect for hour glass, pear and slender athletic. For the top heavy lady beware of the high neck as it will accentuate the bust.

I wanted to add in a long line blazer which keeps the while outfit smart/casual. This blazer can be worn with any pair of trousers/jans to give them the wow factor. Again, perfect for all body shapes.

These Roxy baby bootcut trousers are great as an alternative to jeans, I hear so many ladies who tell me they love jeans but do fancy a change every now and again.
The baby bootcut will suit all body shapes as they help rebalance the lower body and bring it back in line with the upper body.
I chose this colour to complement both the blazer and jumper.

I know we all have our fetish's where clothes are concerned and I will admit mine is coats, I have a wardrobe full so I have one for every occassion and outfit.
But, even I would not pass these great woven closed sandals, great to go with trousers, skirts and dresses. As the colour is base neutral they will go with anything. 

lots of love

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