Sunday, 30 January 2011

The 'Hour Glass'

The Hour glass is the natural curvaceous of all the body shapes. The aim in dressing this body shape is to show case this figure to the its best advantage. This body shape needs to flaunt its curves/

I have hunted through the high street and found some great items for this lovely body shape, I hope you like them.

Over 20's

The dress I have chosen is perfect, it accentuates the waist. The lovely wrap skirt will float beautifully over the curves of an hour glasses bottom half but again shows the waist well.

Both items are availlable from Top Shop

Over 30's

This great blazer from Zara is super, it really comes in at the waist therefore showingthe great curves of the hour glass

The dress from H&M is the bodycon which just shows off the whole of the Hour Glass's curves.
They could even be worn together!

Over 40's

The great kick flare jeans are from Mint Velvet, they look super as they balance out the bottom half. Team them with a soft jersey blazer for the Spring/Summer season and you will look stunning.

The check shirt and riding jacket ( both from River Island ) are great for the Hour glass as it shows off those wonderful curves to the max

What would be your choice?

Love Lisa

Friday, 28 January 2011

British women hoard £285 of clothes!

Is this you?
- £1.6 billion of clothes wasting in wardrobes -

New research out today reveals that the average British woman hoards £285 of clothes they will never wear, but refuse to throw out – the equivalent of 22 outfits each that are left hanging in valuable wardrobe space.

QVC, one of the world’s leading television and online retailers, questioned over 1,200 UK adults to find out the nation’s hoarding habits.  Cumulatively women spend over £1.6 billion on over 500 million items of clothing that are never worn, which if placed on a single clothes rail would stretch the distance from London to New York over four and a half times over – a distance of 15,534 miles.

Rash purchases are the main reason for an unworn clothing pile up, with 45 per cent of Brits blaming impulse buys for their unfulfilling wardrobes. Despite unworn clothes taking up 5 per cent of storage space, only 12 per cent regularly clear out their wardrobes with 11 per cent saying they only throw away clothes once every three years and two per cent once every ten years.

Men are not much better hoarding 19 many items of unworn clothing worth an average of £248 altogether. Rash purchasing, commonly associated with women, is just as apparent in men’s shopping with 37 per cent of men admitting that their unworn items are largely a collection of sale buys.

Jeans are the most common items of unworn clothes with 88 per cent of Brits saying they own a pair (or more) of denim trousers that they would never been seen out in.  22 per cent of Brits are modern day Imelda Marcos, hoarding up to 6 pairs shoes and 95 per cent owning tops that will never be worn.

54 per cent say that guilt over wasting money keeps them from throwing out unwanted clothes whilst 41 per cent say they are planning to lose weight before donning their unworn outfits.  17 per cent are hoarding particular styles in the hope of a fashion revival.

Sue Leeson from QVC comments:
“Hoarding clothes is a form of nostalgia but it’s impractical. Whilst sale shopping can be the downfall of many bank balances in January, with rash purchases turning us from smart shoppers to sloppy shoppers in the swipe of a credit card, our informed shopping approach means you buy the right item in the first place.”

Women from London are the nation’s top hoarders with an average of over £300 worth of clothes lying unworn in their wardrobes. Whilst Welsh women are the savviest shoppers, their total of unworn items coming in at £223.96. 

The UK’s top wardrobe hoarders are as follows:

1.    London women have £302.29 of unworn clothes in their wardrobes
2.    Scottish women have £301.90 of unworn clothes in their wardrobes
3.    Northern Irish women have £290.28 of unworn clothes in their wardrobes
4.    West Midland women have £275.85 of unworn clothes in their wardrobes
5.    South Eastern women have £273.16 of unworn clothes in their wardrobes
6.    North Eastern women have £269.15 of unworn clothes in their wardrobes
7.    Yorkshire women have £266.98 of unworn clothes in their wardrobes
8.    North Western women have £255.74 of unworn clothes in their wardrobes
9.    East Midlands women have £251.79 of unworn clothes in their wardrobes
10.  Eastern women have £245.93 of unworn clothes in their wardrobes

Is this you? Do you need a wardrobe Wake up? Trust me you will be amazed at how reducing the content of your wardrobe gives you more clothes!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Not just for Winter!

How many of us think scarves are only just for winter?

Well feast your eyes on these babies;

 These gorgeous scarves are made in Spain and from 100% Italian cotton jersey with either semi precious stones, mother of pearl or hypoallergenic metals.
Also hand washable.

What I love about these scarves there is only 1 of each made so there is no chance of anyone else having one...they are completley unique!

The whole collection is just stunning, great 'Brights' which are perfect for this seasons trend or if you prefer more muted colours they are available also.

They will look fabulous in the Spring/Summer with white linens, the denims and can even be worn as a bikini cover up on the beach.

Which one do you want, I have a beautiful raspberry one!

If you want more detail just pop me an email or give me a call

Love Lisa

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

How to dress the Pear body shape

It'a all a balancing act dressing your wonderful body. For a lady with the Pear body shape ( small bust, curvy hips and is usually bottom heavy ) the aim is to create the illusion of a well balanced figure/shape.

Here are my tips, again by age to help all my lovely ladies;

Over 20's

This stunning double breasted jacket which is belted to accentuate the waist is just perfect. Available from ASOS

Also this pretty shirt from H & M, available in store or online

Over 30's

This top is just perfect for the pair shape as it adds width to the shoulder line therefore, balancing out the hips. Available from Ted Baker . Team it with a great A line skirt that will accentuate the waist and float over the hips. The one I have shown is from French Connection

Over 40's

Tunics are the life savers for the Pear, they hint at a the perfect top half whilst skimming the pear shaped hips. This tunic is available from Oasis and costs £42

I hope you find this useful but as always remember the golden rules to dressing this shape....rebalance the body by drawing attention to the top half and waist.

What will be your next purchase?

Love Lisa

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bare Escentuals COMPETITION!!!


Do you love the Bare Escentuals mineral make up range, I for one just love it!

Together with Bare Escentuals, Windsor we are offering 8 lucky ladies the opportunity to have a FREE make under at the Windsor, Berkshire boutique on Thursday 10th February at 6pm to 7.30pm.
Learn which colours suit you and more importantly the tricks of the trade in how to apply your make up.

Just send your details to me at

The lucky winners will be drawn on Friday 4th February

Loads of luck
Love Lisa

Monday, 24 January 2011

Beautiful clothes for the Apple body shape

The Apple shape is  one of the hardest yet easiet body shape to dress. The aim is to disguise the tummy area but as this shape is blessed with great arms and legs you can draw the eye to these areas.
The aim is to bring the top and bottom half into proportion

I thought it might be nice to split my recommendations by age group so everyone can see an item of clothing that would flatter this figure. With all my recommendations these garments work brilliantly on the body shape but may not be your personality so just remember the shape of the item.

Over 20's
This great empire line dress is new this season from Oasis and is £45

Over 30's
This is a gorgeous 'Blouson' style shirt with lace detail from Miss Selfridge at £32. This would look great with a flat fronted pair of trousers or A line skirt

Over 40's

You will have to trust me but this dress looks stunning on the Apple shape, the eye is drawn to the waist with added ruching to disguise the larger tummy area..Stunning!
This dress is from Phase Eight and is £85

Also for the Apply body shape do you struggle with jeans?

Why not try this brand;

'Not your daughters' jeans, nicknamed the tummy tuck jean, these will revolusionise how you will feel in a pair of jeans. They fit not only around the waist but flatten the tummy line and fit around the hips;
The can be found in all John Lewis stores, prices start from £137 but a brilliant staple garment for your wardrobe.

So try - Flat fronted trousers or skirts...just remember don't add bulk where you do not want to add emphasis. Empire line, Blouson style shirts and all tops and dresses that have ruching at the waist area are fab too.
Wide legged trousers and a waistcoat that buttons just under the bust just look amazing.

All these items can be found on the high street which is brilliant too!

Which is your favourite? Which will YOU find most useful?

Love Lisa

Sunday, 23 January 2011

What body shape are you?

We all have the ability to look great and feel good all the time it just needs you to understand how to dress your own body shape. In dressing to suit your body shape I will promise you that you will look amazing and your confidence will increase twofold.
For each body shape their are the ‘golden rules'. One thing I say to all my clients is that you must dress according to your personality and lifestyle, be true to who you are!
The Apple
The apple shape carries weight around the tummy area which does not show a defined waist has big boobs, small shoulders with the most amazing set of legs
For a stylist there are many styles around where the tummy line can be disguised and a waist accenturated......I love showing my clients how amazing clothes can look on this shape.
Kate Winslet is a celeb who is an Apple shape.

This body shape is slim with small breasts and hips. Also known as the rectangle
No matter what your height a slender/athletic has a square silhouette and is quite muscular. Compared to the Hour glass and the Pear the ratio of fat to muscle is far less.
This body shape is one where most clothes look fab, you will tend to find fashion models are this body shape.
The object of a stylist like myself is to create curves and feminine softness for this body shape
A celeb with this body shape is Keira Knightley


The Pear  
This body shape is defined by a small bust, curvy hips and is usually bottom heavy. With the pear shape the shoulders are beautiful and shapely with a slim neck and great defined waist.
The aim in dressing this body shape is to rebalance the body line...this can be achieved for one by drawing attention to the shoulders
Celebs like Jennifer Lopez
Hour Glass ( The egg timer )
A wonderful curvaceous fuller figure. This body shape is beautifully balanced. A fuller bust, curvy hips, short waist and medium to wide shoulders.
One celeb who has this great shape is Halle Berry
The aim of  dressing this body shape is to show it off in all its refinery, show those curves baby!

Top Heavy
This body shape has a defined waist, small hips with a large bust. This bodys shape has a superb side and front profile with a wonderful rounded bottom.
For me I aim to bring attention to the bottom half to create balanced proportions

Celebs who are Top Heavy are Lindsay Lohan and Carmen Electra

So............which body shape are you? Please do let me know

All this week I will be giving you some hints and tips on some garments that will suit the body shapes...Tomorrow is the APPLE.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Top 5 Tips to avoid Dry,Chapped Winter skin

If like me you suffer with a dryer skin in the winter months here are some brilliants tips from Lara Evans, who will be featured as my Beauty expert ( )

1.    Cleanse morning and night with a soap free cleanser to suit your skin type. We tend to apply more make up during the winter months so it's important to remove it effectively in order to prevent the risk of irritation and congested skin.

2.    Exfoliate at least 3 times a week with a mild, gentle exfoliant to help remove dead skin cells. This will help to brighten your complextion as it will encourage the younger skin underneath to be revealed, therefore leaving you with a  brighter, fresher appearance.

3. Moisturiser is a must have during these months.  We go from centrally heated environments to cold outdoor temperatures which can play havoc with our skin. Invest in a good moisturiser that you will use every day, and if the pennies will stretch to it an eye cream but ensure you only use a small amount and  don't take it up too close to the eye as this will create puffiness to the delicate skin in that area.

4.    Treat yourself...........start the new year as you mean to go on, book yourself in for a facial with a professional beauty therapist, preferably choose one that can advise you on your skin type and suggest products that may help any specific concerns you may have, not only will this be great for your skin  it will  and make you feel great to.
Dermalogica's facials start with a face mapping session so the therapist can identify your skins specific requirements...brilliant!

5. Keep hydrated!  Drink at least 1 1/2 - 2 litres of water a day this will hydrate you from the inside out, if you find plain water boring, try popping a slice of lemon or lime into it to make it a bit more palitable, you will soon notice the difference in the texture of your skin after a week or so, plus it will help to flush out any toxins from your system thus giving you a healthy glow.

Lots of love
5 Top Tips to Avoid Dry, Chapped Winter Skin:

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Feel good tips...just for you!

For me January is one of the worst months of the year and I don't think I am alone?

January is the month we worry about paying off the credit card bill, we look at our career and should/would we like to do something else, the skies are grey ( not today...the sun is out YIPEEE! ) and the evenings are dark and cold. These all result in us feeling pretty crappy and lacking our mojo!

 Here are my tips on how you can feel good;

1. Set yourself some Personal Style goals, what would you like to learn this season to help you look good and feel good all the time.
2. De-Clutter your wardrobe as well as your kitchen cupboards
3. Book a hair cut/colour or both, if you are like me then this is the best present to myself
4. Browse the high street for the new trends, see the lovely new styles and bright colours, even if you do this in your lunch hour you will be amazed how much you can see in a short space of time.Try H&M, Zara, Primark, Ted Baker etc...

5. Vist the cosmetic department in stores like House of Fraser and have a mini makeover with the SS11 colours

Don't try and do all the tips in one go....1 a day will perk you up feeling ready to take on the world!!!

Which one will you do first?

Love Lisa

Monday, 17 January 2011

De-Clutter your wardrobe

Do you feel it’s time to de-clutter your life, one of the best ways to start this process is to give your wardrobe a new lease of life.

If you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time, don’t panic you are not alone but it is time to de-clutter your wardrobe.

Whilst working with clients on a wardrobe revitalisation I have been told it has been therapeutic, refreshing and they can now see the wood for the trees when they open their wardrobe.

I have popped some suggestions below to help you;

Firstly allocate your clothes 3 piles, KEEP ( Revitalise ), CHARITY SHOP and RESELL THROUGH A SECOND HAND SELLER.
There are many businesses that have been set up where they sell your second hand clothes, they take 50% of the selling value and you get 50% which enables you to put this money towards some new high street brands to revitalise existing items in your wardrobe.
Look through each item and when you look at them think the following;

·         When did you last wear it?
·         Has it seen better days ie;stained, bobbled, stitching come apart etc?
·         Can it be brought back to life?
·         Do you like it?
·         Why don’t you wear it?
·         If you originally paid alot of money for a garment don’t feel bad about letting it go to a second hand reseller. Why keep it if you could get paid for removing it out of your wardrobe?
·         Does it hold special memories ie; Bought for the first date with your husband/partner – Do keep any of these items if you wish.

From answering these questions you will be able to allocate it to one of the piles as mentioned above.
In my experience there is a reason why we don’t wear something and it will be because we don’t like the colour or the shape of the garment.

With the items you keep now is the time to give some order to your wardrobe, I recommend you organise in the following way;

·         Coats
·         Jackets
·         Trousers
·         Tops/Shirts
·         Skirts
·         Dresses
·         Belts

Another tip for accessories is to either hang them on the hanger of an item you like wearing them with or add door hooks to the back of your wardrobe and pop them on there. This enables you to see your accessories all the time, they become another piece in your wardrobe.

I can guarantee this is a fun and exhilarating process and it will give you the opportunity to revitalise your wardrobe with some ‘on trend items’ from this season.

Lots of love

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Top 5 SS11 Trends

Spring has Sprung!
With every new season comes new looks and new trends, some we will love and embrace and others many of us will steer clear from. One thing to remember is that we can all wear these updated fashion trends, we just wear them a little different to each other.
So, what’s in store for us this sensational Spring? For 6 weeks I will be guiding you through this next season ( it is only just 4 months away! ) including men’s fashion, colours you will be wearing to brighten your day, make up tips, gorgeous footwear and great accessories to jazz up any outfit.
For the Spring you won’t see a massive change, the trends show the fact that we will be spending more on less and adding more quality into our wardrobe. We will be investing in statement pieces. As Spring beckons we will be saying goodbye to the heavier fabrics and dark colours and welcoming in lighter, prettier and sexy fabrics.
So what will be seeing in our great high street?
I love this! Dresses, tops, skirts and sleeves have been given beautiful pleats, they add wonderful movement and texture and a subtle sexiness.
Pleats are beautiful and so pretty. For those of you who are in your late teens, early 20’s and who are fashion conscious  and want to follow this trend this season, the full skirt movement with an interesting detail is worth taking into account.  Add one of these skirts into your wardrobe and team it with a t.shirt, vest or shirt.
For those of you in your 30’s, look out for the pleated skirts or dresses which are a great choice if you choose to embrace the minimalistic fashion trend as they spice up a simple outfit creating a great variety of possibilities at the same time. Again team it with an existing top from your wardrobe.
For those ladies that are between 50 and 75 pleats are classic yet feminine. This trend can be easily adopted without too much effort by style conscious women. With a set of well chosen accessories from your existing jewellery box as well as a few creative combinations pleats can create a polished, structured look with a strong classical vibe.

By House of Holland

I know Lace is not a new trend but for Spring the look this season is romantic. This season rather than the lace being an added detail the lace is the garment. Lace is such a beautiful vintage look. It can be incorporated so easily and adds beautiful femininity to any outfit.
I just love this bodycon dress from Very
For those of you in your late teens, early 20’s lace has become a very important part of the fashion world. It can be combined with other fashion clothing to increase your personal style. Sheer lace is one of them that is an ideal way to dress up any outfit look very feminine, vampy and chic. A Sheer lace top and a blouse is the best way to add flexibility to see you. Choose a thin top or a blouse that fits with your body. These tops look amazing with a pair of jeans or linen trousers or a khaki pair of shorts to create a vintage look. Add in a denim jacket to complete the look.
For ladies in their 30’s you will be wearing lace to create a more vintage look. The balance of lace will be romantic. Keep the hem a little longer and the cut more relaxed to create a softer look.
For ladies between 50-70 lace is a beautiful texture to add to any outfit.  Incorporate lace in small areas for example on the sleeve to create softness and femininity. Maybe a lovely lace collar on a silk shirt to add texture and added detail. Team this will a skirt or classic trouser from our wardrobe to create a new up to date look.

The Biker girl!
Another one of my favourites! We have seen for a long time the military look but now we are seeing the biker inspired look, key elements will be Biker jacket, biker trousers and Biker boots. You will be able to add small chunks of biker into your look or go biker all over...the choice is yours!

For those in your early 20’s this trend can be worn in so many way, a must have will be the biker quilted jacket which has been designed in many colours, leather or leather look trousers, a biker boot or the skirted alternative. This can be teamed with simple garments such as a t.shirt from your existing wardrobe to keep the look chic.
 For ladies in your 30’s-40’s you can inject this trend more subtly by either just having the biker jacket which can be teamed with jeans and a white shirt and necklace or add a simple fine knit top with a few studs and buckles to keep it simple with any skirt or classic trouser.
For my ladies between the 50-70 age group I would recommend adding in a great handbag or clutch bag into your collection in a silver or gold colouring so you embrace this trend also.

60’s dresses
These beautiful shaped dresses accentuate the curves of any figure, a below the knee hemline and gorgeous full skirt. Wonderful in different block colours or print for any occasion.

This is such a pretty trend and can be worn by women of all ages. This dress has a beautiful classic feel and will look amazing on the hour glass body shape.
For ladies in their late teens, early 20’s I would recommend this dress in a bold print or strong block colour. Team it with a simple patent roll bag and narrow belt.
For ladies in their 30’s to 40’s this style dress will lend itself to a classic look and will enable to the wearer to create a chic look. If you like something a little quirky then I would recommend a dress in a print. A dainty shoe with a kitten heel will look super with this dress.
For ladies in their 50’s to 70’s, again this dress will create a chic look just because it is so simple yet stunning. I would recommend a block colour to create a sleek impact. This dress will look stunning with a low heeled court shoe and a sheer tight.

Gorgeous dress at ASOS
Printed dresses
These dresses have been on the scene for a while but this season you will see interesting geometrical florals, and paisley prints with a difference.
These floral print dresses will have all you feminine personalities in your element.

A knee length waisted or empire line dress in the floral or paisley print  will suit all of you in your late teens, early 20’s, wear on its own in the beautiful warm weather with a flip flop, wedge or peep toe shoe.
For ladies in their 30’s to 40’s this little dress can be added into your wardrobe either as a standalone piece or team it with white linens to create the crisp look. A simple fine knit cardi from your previous season will look great also. These dresses will be full of colour so will team with most colours.
For ladies in their 50’s to 70’s a twist on this dress will be the floral and painted silk or cotton shirts. These can be teamed with linens from last season or a classic straight or flared leg cotton trouser or A line skirt and a coloured or printed ballet pump.
The Maxi dress with a twist
This great dress is now becoming a staple garment in all our wardrobes. It works so beautifully dressed up or down  with a flat shoe or one with a heel. You will see it this season with sheer detail. Like everything you will see this dress in different ways when it hits the shops, look out for the one that suits you and your personality.

This beautiful graphic Maxi can be found at Dorothy Perkins for £48!
Many of us wear this great styled dress but we can all wear them slightly differently;
For the late teens, early 20’s these dresses look amazing. My recommendation is that you wear this as a standalone piece with flip flops and chunky ethnic jewellery. For the Spring/Summer season expect to see these dresses in both bright block colours or bright prints.
For my ladies in the 30 to 40 age group you will wear this dresses in a more structured way. For those ladies who are an apple shape opt for a dress that draws the eye to your shoulders and neck and the empire line style. Add this dress  into your wardrobe and team it with an existing fine knit cardi and a pair of last season’s wedges to create an up to date look.
Ladies in the 50 to 70 age group I would recommend you add this into your wardrobe as a standalone piece, wear it with a tie fronted cardi and team it with a ballet pump or peep toe shoe. This dress also will look amazing to pop over a swimsuit whilst on holiday.
With each season comes the time for all of us to deliberate on which trend we will like but more importantly how we can wear it, my recommendation is to invest in those key pieces and add less costly up to date fashion items. All of our designers and high street stores will carry the trends, the designers for each brand will design ‘ready to wear’  and ’commercial mass market’ collections to suit their clientele. Do allow yourself time to browse the stores and find the collections and styles that you love and which will suit both your personality and your lifestyle.....there really is something out there for everyone.
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