Monday, 28 November 2011

I've fallen in love

I am just loving the prints this season and could not help but fall in love with these gorgeous prints from Ted Baker

The photo definatley does not do this high neck dress justice, the ballerina detail on this dress is stunning and it actually has gorgeous turguoise small rectangular beads on the hem of her dress. O'h, I think I'm showing my more feminine side!
How fabulous for any Christmas party

This low back tunic is gorgeous too, stunning fabric and what a statement piece for any Christmas or New Year occassion.

The only problem I have is which one to buy, I wonder if my husband would notice if I snuck both of them into my wardrobe?!!!!!!

Lots of love

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

ZARA fav's

There is so many gorgeous pieces in the stores this season I wanted to show you a couple of pieces I have found in ZARA

Add a bit of faux fur this season with this great wide collared coat, perfect for the Pear shape as it draws the eye upwards and to the arms. It also draws the eye to the waist of the pear which is perfect  with the toggle as the fastening.

The great empire line tunic is gorgeous, perfect for the pear as it draws the eye upwards with the scoop neckline and floats over the wider bottom area. The apple as it illusionises the tummy area and the slender/athletic as it give the body a more curvaceous shape. Wear it with opaque tights for a cosy look.

I loved this teal structured bag with a passion and think the combination of colours is scrummy when worn together.

I wanted to add in a funky boot to complete this outfit so have chosen the snake skin knee high boots.
The more solid heel is great for the pear shape again as it helps rebalance the hip line, great for those with a quirky personality.

I think, maybe I'll browse NEXT tomorrow.

Lots of love

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Yummy Apple Mummy

I just love showing you items I find on my travels and am so pleased to show you this amazing tunic which is perfect for those ladies who are 'the apple' body shape.

If you carry a little weight around your tummy this is perfect and with a scooped neckline it flatters the bustline and skims the tummy line and what stunning colours too. This empire line tunic is from Desiqual, the funky spanish brand found in its stand alone store in Westfield, Shepherds Bush and in the concessions in the House of Fraser.

I have teamed this tunic with a pair of 'James' jeans from Donna Ida which are brilliant for your body shape as they are high waisted which again flattens the tummy line. I have chosen the flare leg style as this balances the lower body with the upper body.

And to complete this look I have added in a pair of great wedged boots which are great for the 'apple' as they are chunky and balance the lower body. I just love the buckle detail on the boots which work well under the flare jean and will also look super with a skinny jean as you have amazing legs.

As always, embrace your body shape, wearing the right shaped garments will not only make you look good but you will feel amazing and confident too.

Lots of love

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Over 55's!

The results of a survey published in the Daily Mail yesterday stated three quarters of women over 55 feel ignored by the high street.

Some 42 per cent said they had difficulty finding retailers that sell clothing that is both fashionable and suitable for their age.
As a result, less than half said they actually enjoyed going shopping.

I am a firm believer that the high street does try and cater for a wide audience and from my experience with clients who are of this age the biggest shock they get from shopping with me is seeing that they can shop and buy certain items in all of our high street stores. I just love teaching and showing my clients how you can shop in all of our amazing high street.

I am not saying that a Over 55 lady will buy all her clothes in H & M but I am saying that there will be a garment that is perfect for the body shape,personality and lifestyle for this lady. 

I hear only too often, 'I can't shop in there it's too young for me', in my mind why do my older ladies only feel they can shop in M&S? Maybe our high street actually needs to promote all their collections to all the age ranges so ladies over a certain age do not fear them.

Please do trust me personal style is about keeping your look modern, not necessarily trendy.

For the Over 55's what I would say to you is do not feel intimidated by ANY of the high street stores, please do pop your head in and have a  browse, you will be pleasantly surprised.  

Lots of love

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Women's 'Me' Time

According to the Daily Mail today, a working woman gets just 30 minutes of 'me' time a day and they often wake in the middle of the night in a panic.

The survey stated 75% of british women work 12 hour days, with 31% admitting to 30 minutes 'me time' on avereage a day.

These survey results just confirms to me that my 'mission' is justified and that helping and teaching real women of all ages to dress in easy steps according to their body shape not only helps them look stunning, feel amazing but also makes their life easier.

Really ladies life is hard enough juggling work, children, hubands/partners lets make getting dressed simple and easy.

As many of you know I am a firm believer in teaching you how to dress your body shape according to not only your personality and lifestyle.

Being stylish and looking good, you don't need to be rich for either just super savvy and a smart shopper.

My mission continues...........


Touchy Feely!

If you are anything like me I am a touchy feely person who just loves fabrics that are soft and feel beautiful on my skin.

This season, it's all about the textures and mixing them together.

I have found these gorgeous velour deep purple leggings at Top Shop, they will look super with an oversized aaron jumper this season or why not pop it with this lovely 'peplum' style top ( also from Top Shop ) which is perfect for the apple shape or anyone who carries a little weight on their tummy. The top is stunning and has tiny little beads that glisten in the daylight.

I have teamed it with this beautifuk fake fur coat ( again Top Shop ) which will keep you really warm this season, it is of a base neutral colour so will go with everything. It can become your statement winter coat.

Being stylish & looking good, you don't have to be rich for either just super savvy and a smart shopper.

Love Lisa
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