Wednesday, 30 March 2011

ZIMS, the signature mens shoe

I am so pleased to be able to tell you about this fabulous new MEN's brand of shoes, for all you ladies these are a must have for your men and for you just must have a pair of these!

ZIMS are an outer shell of soft leather or suede, lined in fine leather, and designed in an appealing range of natural colours. Each shoe is handmade by skilled shoemakers, who take great pride in their work from the cutting of the leather to the careful stitching, all contributing to the quality and durability of ZIMS.

Whatever your personality – keep it natural or make a statement- there is a pair of ZIMS for everyone. What I love about these shoes are the fact that they will add interest to any outfit. It is so unusual to see a man in coloured shoes that this is a revelation and a wonderful one at that!
Men's bottom half is usually a block deep colour so these shoes will complement perfectly.

ZIMS are robust and practical and are great in the heat (they are designed to be worn with or without socks) but durable enough for more temperamental British weather!

ZIMS are available in the following colours: - Red Pepper, Marino, Jeans, Khaki, Mushroom, Setter, Cinnamon, Soft Sand and Cassis.

The brand ethos is to create footwear for laid back living with style and quality at its heart.
Light, flexible and breathable, fully lined in leather, with a soft padded insole, range of footwear that can take you from a walk along the beach, a woodland wander to a stylish evening out. ZIMS are designed to be worn casually – a comfortable fit with or without socks.

ZIMS are available exclusively online at and are priced at £69.

I really hope you like this gorgeous brand, let me know your thoughts


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Maggie Angus!

There are many a time when I find 'hidden treasures'.

Maggie Angus is an exciting new jewellery and design label by Anna Evans whose unique designs are based upon her endless doodles, weird and wonderful vintage finds, an ounce of glamour plus a good dollop of mischief.
The label’s name Maggie Angus plays homage to Anna’s Scottish Grandmother who was an avid jewellery junkie, collecting pieces from all over the world. Having inherited this collection, Anna’s jewellery box and addiction to unusual accessories grew, as did her passion for creating her own pieces.

Accessories are so important to complete an outfit, a necklace, bracelet or ring adds the finishing touch and this is also where you can allow your personality to be on full view.

These gorgeous necklaces, for me, just ooze sex appeal. The stunning gold with the black acrylic leaves and flamingos will jazz up any shirt. I think either of these necklaces will look amazing with this top with added lace detail from Warehouse
I love this 'vintage' style bracelet, the perfume bottles are lovely. This reminds me of the perfume bottles my wonderful nan had on her dressign table when I was a little girl. I can see this with a plain white t.shirt/shirt, pink jeans ( a great trend item for SS11 ), it really is a statement peice of jewellery.

I love this hand made jewellery collection, I really hope you do too, I suggest you browse the website to see the rest of this stunning collection.
Lots of love

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Love of Vintage

As you know I have a love of all styles of clothes, today I want to tell you about the most amazing dresses from 'My Vintage' ( ) and I thought it would be great to let you know which body shapes they will suit ( as you know I am all about dressing YOUR body shape! )

This beautiful 1950's Ladies Vintage Red rose print.This dress in lushious red edged with brown and cream. Sleeveless with darted bust, cinched waist and wiggle skirt. This will be perfect for the Hour Glass body shape, it draws the eye to the shoulders, accentuates the waist and the skirt floats over the beautiful gorgeous curvy hips.

1960s Vintage Blue & Yellow Daisy Print Tunic

This bright baby blue with white and yellow daisy print. High buttoned collar and semi-zip front. Two large slouchy front pockets. Great with or without a belt. One button missing from collar, small seam split at neckline. Cute tunic dress in print for this Spring/Summer season, loads of floral. This tunic can be worn on it's own or over White linen trousers or white leggings. This tunic is perfect for the Slender/Athletic body shape, it could be a maybe too for anyone with an Apple body shape

1950s Ladies Vintage Midnight Blue Sateen Evening Dress & Sash. Stunning fifties handmade dress in deep and shimmering midnight blue satin look taffeta feel material. Collared plunge neck top with slightly padded shoulders and long sleeves. Full circle skirt, matching sash can be worn around the neck or as a waist sash.

I just love this one, perfect for the Pear body shape. It fits beautifully and the shoulder pads add structures to the shoulders. The sash around the waist draws great attention to this area and as the fabric floats in the skirt it will move over the wider hip area. If you want to wear the sash as a scarf this would look great, draw the upwards and away from the hip area.

This is my all time favourite, I think this is stunning.

1960s Ladies Vintage Purple Fitted Sailor Dolly Dress. A gorgeous little mini dolly dress in deep vivid purple. Super cute nautical style with white piped sailor collar and neck bow. Made from a slight stretch textured polyester. White piped waistband and flared skirt. Back zip fastening.

This little dress is perfect for the Top Heavy body shape and the Slender/Athletic. The Top Heavy body shape has great arms so we can draw the eye to these lovely sleeves and the tie scarf draws the eye upwards which detracts away from the bust.The tie acts like a statement necklace. As this dress is waisted it pinches at the waist drawing the eye, again, to this area.

Lastly, I just have to show you this little beauty!

1970s Ladies Vintage Lilac Silver Sequin Trim Evening Maxi Dress

Beautiful evening maxi dress in a light and stretchy lilac material. Trimmed with luxurious silver sequins and featuring unusual double strap design. Rouched bodice with floor length straight cut skirt. Sleek and stylish, great for any party or a red carpet event.

The maxi dress is perfect for the Hour glass, Pear and Slender/Athletic body shape. The halter neck style straps looks fabulous and draws the up towards the face and accentuates the shoulders. The fitted area around the bust will be amazing and the skirt will float over the hips. For the Slender/Athletic body shape this dress will give it the curves it deserves.

I really hope you love these as much as me. You can see more at;

My Vintage
+44 (0) 1254 774701

lots of love

Saturday, 19 March 2011

My style tips for Busy mums

I personally think mums are the most amazing women, does this sound like a typical day in your house?, I know it does mine!
  • Get the children up
  • Get the breakfast, feed the dog/cat!
  • Get the children ready for the day ahead, toddler group, pre-school, school
  • Do the school run
  • Go to work if you are a working mum
  • Pop the washing on, tidy the house
  • Do the hovering, do the ironing
  • Get the lunch for non school children
  • Do the school pick up
  • Be the Taxi for the after school activities
  • Get the tea for the kids
  • After tea help with school homework
  • Do Bathtime
  • Do Bedtime stories
  • Prepare for the next day
  • Collapse in front of the telly if your lucky by 9pm!!!

It is not surprising if your day looks like this that the last thing you think about, as much as you would like to, is how you can look and feel great every day. I bet there are many of you who put on the same style of clothes every day.....just because it is easy?

To look good and most importantly feel great is not difficult, you just need a few key essential on trend pieces in your wardrobe to make you feel fantastic.  You really do only need a few items in your wardrobe to look amazing and different every day.
One thing I am very passionate about is that what you wear needs to reflect your personality and your lifestyle, if you know how to dress your body shape then this makes life even easier.

Audrey Hepburn said ‘Happy girls are the prettiest’

You can build a superb capsule wardrobe in a cost effective way, style does not have to be expensive, there are so many fab shops like H&M, Zara, Top Shop, Primark,Oasis, in our high streets which are brilliant for all types of clothing from Jeans,Trousers, dresses, tops etc. If your budget can stretch further then you have House of Fraser,Debenham stores which I love as there are so many great brands in one store so it makes shopping  fun, even with a buggy.

I would recommend the following for this Spring/Summer 2011 season;
  • Jeans ( a soft denim ) or Cargo trousers or white linens or cropped wide leg trousers
  • A dress, there are so many different styles in the high street, block colours, asymmetrical patterns or block colour great for any occasion. A shirt dress suits all body shapes
  • An A-line skirt as this shape suits all body shapes or a pair of Culottes
  • A silk/jersey short sleeve shirt
  • A T.shirt with lace detail in a bright block colour,blouson style shirt in block colour or print
  • A soft jersey jacket, can be a tailored or biker look
  • A great necklace and bracelet that will go with many outfits
All of the above items will go with each other, the tops with the skirts and the trousers and the dress will sit as a separate garment.  The jacket will then go with all the outfits you create
Please don’t feel that as a mum you can only wear jeans or trousers during the day when you are with your children, experiment with skirts and dresses as these will make you feel feminine and sexy

Make up for the busy lady
I know we all find make up a daunting area, we always wear the same foundation, same blusher etc.

My recommendation if you are short of time in the morning just use the essentials, a decent cream, liquid or powder foundation matched perfectly to your skin tone by an expert, a good toned blusher, again either cream or powder based, which one you use will be dependent on your skin type.
A black or brown mascara, wearing one extends the lashes and makes us feel very feminine when we look back at our self in the mirror.
And finally a lipstick or lipgloss.

These 4 little ‘babies’  ( foundation, blusher, mascara  and lipgloss )will give you a gorgeous natural look in the summer months.

For more information
Lisa Talbot
07887 802700

Friday, 11 March 2011

Different for Girls

Look at this little hidden treasure I have found!

"For women blessed with breasts, here is a stunning new range of cup size Bikinis and Tankinis  with an integral bra. They fit well, provide support, in designs and colours to make you look and feel great by the pool or on the beach"

DifferentForGirls offers beautiful Bikinis and Tankinis with integral bra, in eight colours, mix and match sizes 30D to 40G and 8 to 18 for great shape and support with or without straps.
The Bikini and Tankini swimwear is created with the upmost care from the finest fabrics, with figure flattering support from modern bra technology.
Select the Bikini and Tankini top of your choice and match them with "yoga" pants to skimpy side tie bottoms for every beach or poolside occasion and tanning desire.

I am so pleased to be telling you about this super brand, if you go online and do buy anything just let Carolyn know you heard about 'Different for Girls' from me, quote LT1

Lots of love

Friday, 4 March 2011

Fabulous florals!

I have to admit that when I saw the 'Floral' trend was going to be massive this Spring/Summer season I have to say I was horrified for me personally.

I really am not a girly girl ( my hubby has always said I had little boys knees ) so I was intrigued to see how this trend would work for the everyday women and man without it being twee and so very feminine.
I have been so pleasantly surprised with the gorgeous garments, both the style and print of ones with this lovely design....I think I may be a convert!

I wanted to show you a few pieces I saw yesterday whilst mooching around the shops during a Personal shopping trip, here are my personal favourites;

 This lovely dress is by BIBA, available in the House of Fraser. It is made from lovely fabric with a striking print
This lovely dress with a mint green base colour and a mix of stunning small florals in various colours is from New Look, apparently it has been one of their biggest sellers this week.

This 'to die for' Maxi dress is from Ted Baker, a wonderful silk fabric, scalloped neckline with a beautiful floral print. This dress would suit anyone who carries weight on their tummy as well as the Hour glass and Slender/Athletic body shape 
Ok, so I know this is not a floral print but this top is a great example of the 'Bright' trend that is around this season. If worn with a pair of white linen trousers or teamed with an A line white skirt ( great for all body shapes ) this will create a super crisp look. You can also pop this with a pair or indigo jeans to create a really stunning/striking look. Top from H&M

So I can honestly say I have added in a couple of floral pieces into my wardrobe this season and for a girl who prefers biker boots this is a huge step!!! I am really looking forward to embracing this trend with passion.

What do you think of this trend, do let me know.

lots of love

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