Sunday, 29 May 2011

Delicious Denim Shopping experience

The ‘Delicious denim’ shopping experience.
I know how hard it is to find the right pair of jeans and how important it is to have the perfect fitting pair of jeans  so I have partnered with Donna Ida.

DONNA IDA is the brainchild of self-confessed denim devotee and lifelong jeans addict Donna Ida Thornton.

Finding the right jeans is all about the individual. Trends are important but not every latest look will suit everyone. We want you to love your jeans, because, after all, you are your jeans, and confidence is as important as comfort. DONNA IDA offers a hand selected collection that is not only on trend, but is also flattering with styles to suit everyone.

The top collections include: Stella McCartney, Current/Elliott, J Brand, Genetic Denim, Serfontaine, Paige Premium, MiH Jeans, 7 for all Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, Rich & Skinny, Superfine, Notify, Earnest Sewn, True Religion, Siwy, Goldsign, James Jeans, Nobody Denim and Rock & Republic
My 3 hour 'Jeans' Shopping Experience

Tuesday 14th June
10am to 1pm

The Village, Westfield, Shepherds Bush

Spend 2 hours in Donna Ida’s boutique with myself learning and experiencing how various brands suit your body shape, personality and lifestyle.  Let us find you your perfect pair of jeans.

Donnas’ offer, just for you!
10% off all full priced merchandise
30% off preview sale items

Then let me whisk you round Westfield for 1 hour selecting items to complete your look.

This amazing bespoke shopping experience is only £95 per head

To book please contact;
Lisa Talbot

07887 802700

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Bare Escentuals Exclusive event

As many of you know I have a love affair with the Bare Escentuals make up brand.

I am so excited to introduce you to the new Skin care range which has been built on a famous foundation.

The Royal Windsor, Berkshire boutique and myself would like to invite you to our

Exclusive Style, Skin care and make up event.

Come along, learn my hints and tips for wearing this season catwalk trends with your body shape, let the wonderful make up artists at Bare Escentuals guide you through the new skin care range and their wonderful make up range.

Wednesday 8th June

10am to 12.30pm or 6pm to 7.30pm

Spaces are limited so book your slot with me now

Look forward to seeing you

07887 802700

Friday, 20 May 2011

Day 6, Accessories

Well, today is not only Friday and the start of a great weekend but also Day 6 of my Body style blog.

Today I thought it would be great to show you some accessories that I know will complete
the looks that I have shown you this week.

In my mind accessories are the unsung hero of any outfit, they can add colour and create interest.  Accessories come in the form of;

* Jewellery
* Scarves
* Handbags
* Belts

Here are some of my favourite this season, remember keep your accessories to the scale of your body frame so as not to overwhelm.
This lovely bracelet is from Maggie Angus, really super, delicate and will team with the beautiful rose tones out this summer
Another one os my favourites, these stack bracelets from
Anouska London jewellery, Stunning colours, enough to bring any arm alive! 

This great bead bracelet is from Hunnybee Designs, I love it as it is great to add colour but is also pretty enough to create femininity

Earrings from ASOS, just beautiful and can be added to any outfit.

I love this 'vintage' style bag from Miss Selfridge, it looks just amazing with anything lace especially a dress with a lace collar, very twee!
Again, for this season this bag from Warehouse is just great to team with any look, I especially like it with the camels, sand and neutral colours this season.

Add a coloured belt to any pair of jeans or white linens to give them a burst of colour.

I hope you like my suggestions, Accessories really are excellant and can make any outfit complete

Have a great weekend


Thursday, 19 May 2011

'Fairy Style Mother' Competition!


Does the idea of shopping fill you with dread?

Do you need to add some new season items into your wardrobe but don't know where to start?

Do you have a special occasion to go to ie; Ascot, Henley Regatta, a wedding etc and are already panicking over what to wear?

Would you like me to pull you together a 'look' that will make you look and feel amazing?

All you have to do it enter my competition and I will be your 'fairy style mother'

Just send me your name, email and contact tel number to and your entry will be submitted.

Competitions closes Friday 27th May.

Loads of luck


Day 5, The Apple

Today is Day 5 of my Body shape, today is the day of The Apple!

The Apple – Carries weight around the tummy area, has amazing legs and great arms

The aim for myself is to draw the eye away from the tummy area and highlight the more flattering areas.

Great tops and tunic styles for the apple are those that skim over the tummy ( try the blouson or peplum shaped garment ) also the empire line that gathers under the bust draws the eye away from the tummy showing a lovely set of boobs!
This lovely tunic is from Style  a great website for plus size ladies. This great tunic is perfect for the Apple shape as it is an empire line style which fits over the bust and floats over the tummy line.

This great Empire line top, again from perfect for the Apple shape, team it with a pair of skinny jeans to look amazing

This is an amazing shaped dress for the Apple shape, perfect from Phase 8. It sits perfectly on the bust then drops to create a lovely line to the knees.
Fenwright Manson also carry dresses of this style.

As the arms are more often than not slim sleeveless and short sleeves are great, other sleeve styles would be the angel sleeve and the blouson.
I am loving this top from Karen Millen at House of Fraser, this draped jersey vest creates movement and illusion around the tummy around the tummy area which is just what you need. As it is a vest top it also highlights your great arms and shoulders.

This is another great style for the Apple shape, it is known as the Blouson style, this specific one from H&M has pretty feminine sleeves drawing the eye to the arms and has a fixed band at the bottom of the garment. By having the fixed band at the bottom it creates movement above, therefore, disguising the tummy.
I love the top!

For the bottom half anything that is flat fronted will be brilliant for the apple as it carries no bulk and will therefore, flatten the tummy line. A line skirts are excellent together with side fastening trousers.

These lovely flat fronted, high waisted,wide leg trousers from Ralf Lauren at House of Fraser are amazing and will make yo look stunning with a flat tummy. Team it with a top like the vest above or a great blouson style shirt.

Colours need to be kept darker around the tummy area to minimise
I hope some of these hints are tips are useful....tomorrow Accessories!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Day 4, The Slender/Athletic/Banana/Rectangle

Today is Day 4 of my Body shape blog and is the turn of Slender/Athletic/Banana/Rectangle.

This body shape is slim with small breasts and hips. Also known as the rectangle
The aim is for myself to give this body a more curvaceous shape. This body shape can wear the majority of all styles so is the easiest body shape to dress.

Choose ruffles, neck ties and embellishments on shirts to create a more feminine shape. Pockets on the bust also adds bulk to this area making the bust look larger and the waist smaller, therefore, a more feminine shape again. Garments that fit well on the waist are great for the slim/athletic as it draws attention to the waist.

This fabulous shirt from Zara is perfect as it has the wonderful ruffles which draws the eye up adding interest to this angular shape.

I love ths dress from H & M as it is perfect for giving this body shape a waist and changing the body shape to a curvy hour glass

Again, from H & M, this wonderful waisted cardi with petal drops is perfect as it has the most amazing sleeves which draws width to the shoulders and stops at the waist to acccentuate. This looks lovely with the above dress or a pair of oatmeal peg leg trousers.

Floaty skirts instantly soften the angular lines of this body shape and create more curves

One of my favourites this season is from River Island, it is of the A line shape which gives the bottom half of a Slender/Athletic the look of more curves. Team it with the above frilled fronted shirt for a Bright look this season 

Also, why not try this super denim jumpsuit for a funky day look or jazz it up for a super evening look.
This jumpsuit is brilliant as the shoulders have a little detail and a defined waist to create the curves for this shape. Instead of leaving the waist plain add a coloured belt to really draw the eye to this middle point.

Team it with a pair of wooden wedges and some on trend jewellery.

Jackets which dart in at the waist are perfect as they create a great shape
For colours I recommend brighter and lighter colours above the waist as it adds those important inches to the bust area.

I hope you find these tips helpful again....the Apple is coming tomorrow!

Lots of love

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Day 3 - The Hour Glass

Today is Day 3 of my Body shape blog, today is the turn of the curvy Hour Glass

The Hourglass – A beautiful curvy/fuller bodyshape, imagine the shape of an egg timer. The shoulders and hips are of the same line with the waist dipping in.

The aim is to show these stunning curves and the feminine shape it deserves. Although the hour glass is known to be more curvy I believe that you can also have a smaller framed hour glass.
Lower necklines flatter the bust, all wrap and belted tops and dresses suit this body shape as they accentuate the natural curves at the waist.

The narrowest part of the hour glass is the waist so it is always important to show this area, think ‘fitted’
This little floral dress is from Dorothy Perkins who, in my opinion, this season have carried a great range of dresses, look how it just shows off the waist.

The dress below is a great little number from Top Shop, another floral that looks very different, the lower neckline will be perfect for ladies who are fuller on the bust. Team it with a pair of espadrille wedges and a straw bag to complete the look.

As the Hour glass is curvy an A line or Pencil skirt looks amazing and really shows off the curves. This skirt and shirt from Net-a-Porter is a perfect example of showing off the curves with the belt highlighting the waist.

I recommend Boot cut trousers to balance the natural curvy hip line also. For this season a jumpsuit would also look amazing, the one shown is from Next, the ruffled asymetrical neckline draws the eye to the shouders, it pinches at the waist and then moves over the curves of the bottom half, how glam for an evening out!
This would look amazing with either a nude, coloured or black patent platform court shoe.

These lovely bootcut jeans are from the brand Mint Velvet, they have a number of stand alone stores and have concessions in places like John Lewis and House of Fraser

From a colour point of view one colour can be used to really show off the curves.

I hope you enjoy the hints and tips for the hour glass


Monday, 16 May 2011

Day 2, The Top Heavy!

Day 2 of my Body shape blog gives you my expert advice on the 'Top Heavy'
The Top Heavy – Ladies who are large busted with a defined waist and small hips
I do understand that many ladies who are larged busted struggle to find a great looking shirt where the buttons do up, find a great fitting top that doesn't drown their body frame due to the size they have to buy to fit their bust.
The aim for me for this body shape depends on the ladies personality but ultimately it is to draw the eye away from the bust area
Dark and richer colours above the waistline will minimise the bust line, be careful with any shiny material as they make an area appear larger than it is due to the way the light reflects on it.
Select tops, t.shirts and shirts with a deep V, this will lengthen the neck and flatter the bust avoid polo necks.
Structured dresses which fit lovely on the bust with an A line skirt are perfect for this body shape as it balances and proportions this shape
This great dress from Phase Eight is perfect, defines the bust line with a plunge neck line to give the neck length and minimalise the size of the bust. Team it with this fab tribal necklace from Evans to draw the eye up and away from the bust ( one of my favourite this season! )

Tops and waistcoats that gather under the bust line are great also as they draw the eye to the waist
I love this single button jacket from Zara, perfect for Top heavy body shape as it buttons under the bust creating the illusion of length from the bust to the waist....brilliant and gorgeous too!!

Pop this jacket with this stunning floral A line tiered skirt, again from Miss Selfridge the colours toned perfectly and the combination looks super together. An A line skirt works really well for a Top Heavy as it rebalances the bottom half. Some super wood wedges will complete the look.

Bootleg trousers are one shape that suits the Top Heavy shape as it creates a better balance with the bust area.
These lovely chocloate brown bootcut linens from Miss Selfridge will work really well for the Top heavy, team them with a cream empire line kaftan top from River Island. for a super casual look.
You can then team the kaftan with some jeans or white linens, now thats what I call a cost effective way to shop!

I hope you find the tips useful and will enjoy trying them out.
Which bodyshape will I chosse for Day 3.....come back tomorrow to find out!!


Sunday, 15 May 2011

The curvy 'Pear'

Welcome to Day 1 of 7 of my Body shape blog!

I know from experience that what you see in the mirror is not what I or others see.

It's true, women see our worst bits rather than our best when we look in the mirror!
I want to give you some hints and tips and show you what's in our fab high street for your body shape, today is the turn of the Pear.
The Pear  - This body shape is defined by a small bust, curvy hips and is usually bottom heavy
The aim is to rebalance the body by giving more definition to the shoulders 
For tops I recommend V necks, large cowls and puffed sleeves as they add width to the shoulders, balancing out the hips. Choose tops/jakets/T.shirts that pinch in at the waist to draw attention.
Lovely top with puffed sleeve and ruffles on neckline from

This super tie neck frill blouse from Warehouse

This super pleat skirted mac from Oasis is another of my favourite key items for this body shape, an all rounder, perfect as it broadens the shoulders and brings attention upwards with the lapels and added detail. The double breasted adds inches to the bust line and the belted style defines the waist. As the area below the belt moves it will float over the wider hip area.

The eye needs to be drawn upwards away from the problem area so any detail such as buttons, ruffles at the neck draws the eyes to the face.
Another great way to draw the eye upwards is to wear a lovely necklace.
Wide legged trousers are a must as they are the same width down from the hips to the floor, these balance out the hips.

I love these coloured wide leg trousers from French connection and the 70's wide leg jeans from Oasis. The wideleg helps rebalance the hip line.
Deep, dark colours are a must to be worn on the bottom half to create a slimming effect, lighter colours can be worn on the top half to draw the eye upwards
I hope these little hints help you dress  your wonderful curvy shape

Saturday, 14 May 2011

HER Zim's!

I am really excited to be able to tell you that the great new mens brand of funky shoes are launching their LADIES range June 2011, I have been waiting with baited breath!!!!

I personally love this brand as they are bringing something new to the fashion world in the way of colour, style and comfortabililty all wrapped into one.

They will be, like the mens range in loads of amazing colours. You will be able to team them with white linen or coloured wide leg trousers, shorts, skinny white or blue jeans,khaki combats for a jungle look or just a simple dress. They will link beautifully to all this seasons trends...GREAT NEWS!!!

With an early summer upon us what better way to inject some colour into your wardrobe than with a pair of Her ZIMS.  The ladies loafer has hot footed it to launch online next month following the successful launch of the mens version last month.

ZIMS have a soft leather upper but strong stitch down design and crepe sole that makes them comfortable and cool to wear all day long. The have been designed to have a feminine ballerina shape that looks pretty and elegant with soft curves and stunning colours including; tangerine, dark navy, pale ivory, denim blue, fuchsia pink and soft green – all with stunning contrasting trims.
Priced at £59 Her ZIMS are available online from 1 June 2011
I think these are just too good not be tried.....I LOVE THEM!!
Have a fab weekend

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Does your Image represent your brand?

Does your Image represent your brand?
We make an opinion on anybody within the first 7 seconds of meeting them and before they say anything. Our image is our personal branding.
Appearance has a significant impact on the way we initially perceive people
To appreciate the impact of the above;
1.       Think of someone who has recently made an impression on you
2.       What did you visually notice about this person
3.       You will have formed an opinion of this person....what factors did you take into account to arrive at this conclusion
Personal branding
Whether you are a Single woman ,a mum or a working mum having your own style ( branding ) is so important to how you and others perceive you.

Regardless of your age, position or responsibilities, by understanding your power of effective branding and having the right image will boost your self confidence and you will be proud of who walks into the workplace or the coffee shop to meet friends.
You will find it easier to reach any of your professional or personal lifestyle goals once you know your own personal style and branding. We all know that if we look good we feel good.

With the right Personal Branding you will be noticed for all the right reasons ie; friendly, approachable, fun or professional.

Professional dress is critical in business. It is more than your public skin, it is your language. The way you package yourself sends a message about you, your skills and your organisation. Professional dress is a critical component of your brand.
Maintaining a competitive edge requires you to sustain a consistent visual impression to your customers. You will want to be seen as the ambassador of your brand and the way that you are perceived determines how they are perceived by their customers.
In our work environment we have to bear in mind we are representing our brand and therefore, need to portray the correct image. Remember, people buy people.
Styles can be varied depending on the industry we work in , for example; Media, Marketing and Advertising  work in a more artistic, casual environment so what they wear will reflect their business.

Women and men who work for a corporation, for example; Telecommunications, Banking, Pharmaceutical work in a more Business attire ( Suits for men and women ) and smart casual
( Chinos and Blazer for men, structured dresses for women ), those customer facing will always need to reflect a strong businesslike dress code.

 Also don’t forget the accessories, these will compliment and complete your outfit. Accessories can be necklaces, bracelets, earrings, scarves, hats, belts and shoes.

We must dress appropriately for any business situation and our brand.
Men’s fashions move slower than women’s, trends are few and far between
Being a Personal Stylist I know just how many of you struggle to find clothes that suit and fit your body shape.
I firmly believe that when you look good you feel great and the best asset we all have is a smile on our face. When we smile our confidence is greater and you will find more people are drawn to you and want to listen to what you have to say, in the corporate world this is very important.
I also believe that we dress accordingly to our personality and lifestyle and always encourage my clients to do so, whether they work in a corporate world or have the important job of a mum. No matter what job we do walking out the door looking good makes us feel wonderful.
So, take time, have a think, does your image represent your brand?
Lots of love
Lisa Talbot

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