Thursday, 24 February 2011

The stores are alive with SS11

I was allowed a few glimpses into the high street whilst making my way to the Disney Store ( It's half term!! ) today and boy was I impressed.

I just wanted you to see a few styles and shapes I found today;

This gorgeous dusky muted pink dress by Ted Baker, great for the Hour Glass or Slender/Athletic body shape. This really shows the shape of the body frame. The back of this dress is stunning!
It cost £169.00
This was my favourite!
This beautiful floral dress was again by Ted Baker, gorgeous silk fabric and on trend with its floral print. This dress would look amazing on a Slender/Athletic, Hour glass and Pear body shape

I found this stunning silk look tunic dress in Phase Eight, great for the Apple body shape

As I have always said there is something for everyone in our amazing high street, let me know if you find anything amazing, I would love to know.

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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

This is me!

For many women and men seeing a Personal Stylist for the first time is exciting but also daunting. I know clients who have never met me wonder what I'm like as a person, how I dress,will they relate to me and vice versa and am I any good!

When I work with PR company's on campaigns the same thoughts run around their heads too. Will I deliver for their customers.

So, here I am......this really is me and everything I believe in, I am passionate about what I do and just love everything about Personal Styling and all that relates to it.
This video took a few shots for me to stop laughing but I got there in the end....isn't what we do all about having fun too?

Would love to know your thoughts!


Monday, 21 February 2011

Dress for Success!

Thank you 'Inside Story; tonight for your great piece on the wonderful charity 'Dress for Success' who are a Non-profit organization that provides interview suits, confidence boosts, and career development to low-income women in over 75 cities worldwide.

This just concretes in everything I am always banging on about, our Personal Style and how we look and feel is parmount both to how confident we feel ourselves and how we appear to others.

Within 7 seconds someone will make a judgement on us as a person, they will decide what house we live in, do we have children, what car we drive and are self confidence.
It is also known that 43% of employers will overlook prospective employees by what they wear to an interview.

Personal Style is so easy and I can guarantee that by dressing in clothes that make you feel a million dollars will do more for you than winning a million pounds! Whether you are a mum, an employee or a business woman, how you look plays a major impact on how you conduct yourself on a daily basis.

Personal Style does not have cost lots, our high street is full of amazing shops that cater for all budgets, I can create you an amazing outfit with just £20 should this be your budget and the feeling you are left with is priceless

I really do believe with passion that 'Looking good makes you Feel good'

Lots of love

Friday, 18 February 2011

Personal Shopper at The Oracle, Reading

I am so excited to have partnered with The Oracle Shopping Centre, Reading, Berkshire.

I am now their official Personal Stylist and Shopper and how excited do you think I am? I have worked within The Oracle as an independant Personal Stylist for the past 2 years and can honestly say it is one of my favourite place to shop with clients.

The range of shops within The Oracle are brilliant, from high street to designer clothes, from glasses to great homeware I love it! A great capsule wardrobe can be built with such a great range of amazing stores to suit your body shape, your personality, lifestyle and budget.

I know shopping in a large centre can be quite daunting for many of you so let me teach and show you how to shop in this amazing shopping centre.

I will be so lucky to work with the retailers, have sneaky peeks at their new collections and offers and I will be bringing you lots of inside info from the centre.

To celebrate this partnership I am offering my Personal shopping experience at a cost of £150.00 at the Oracle, Reading. Just quote LTOR01 when you contact me to book.

Here's a sneak preview of what I found in The Oracle today, how stunning!

Look forward to hearing from you

Love Lisa

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mens body shapes

The majority of men do not like shopping...FACT!

If you asked your husband, partner or male friend if they knew their body shape do you think they would know, probably not!

Men's body shapes are so less complicated than womens, arn't they lucky I hear you cry!

An Athletic man
This man is neither too tall,nor short,neither too heavy, nor too thin. He does not have huge muscles and most clothes in most stores will fit him off the peg. He is really lucky as like Slender/Athlectic women most styles of clothes look great on this body shape

A Tall man
The tall man's frame needs to proportioned correctly through his clothes. His sleeves,jackets and leg lengths should finish at just the right point.

A Short man

To increase the height of a short man I will make it my priority to streamline his clothes to ensure they are as neat as possible, this creates the illusion of height. Single breasted jackets are fab together with flat fronted trousers and no turn ups. Leg styles will vary depending on whether the man has a thinner or stockier leg

A Heavy man

When dressing a heavier man the aim for myself is to find clothes that fit the body shape correctly ensuring my client has garments that are the perfect fit. The fit must be perfect across the wdiest area, good tailors are an asset for this body shape as garments bought can be altered if necessary
Vertical lines and dark solid colours are great for this body shape.

A Thin man
For a man with a thin frame it is my job to encourage him to add weight to his frame by his clothes
Horizintal linesare a thin mans best friend and heavier and textured fabrics will add substance to his frame. Again, as with a heavy man we need to be aware of the fit of his clothes as it will have an impact on the look

These are my highlights for mens body shapes,with all these body shapes there is so much more to dressing them to make them look amazing. The same principles apply as for a woman, highlight and illusionise

For more info check out

Lots of love

Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Impact of Colour

Wearing colour has a huge impact on how we feel and how others see us, it has an effect in our lives every day. Colour can affect our feeling of wellbeing, when we wear a bright colour we fell happy and so others around us feel the vibes we send off.
The main colours in our life say different things for example;
Black and Grey- Deep dark colour, gives the illusion of looking sleek. Seen as an authoritarian colour but also seen as ‘the safe option’ so is sometimes seen as a lack of imagination by those who only wear black.
White – Virginal, crisp, clean colour and a sign of purity
Brown – Earthy, with nature....seen as an ‘at ease’ or ‘relaxed’ colour
Blue – A conservative/safe colour
Pink – Compassionate, gentle, feminine
Purple – Welcoming to others, warm, creative, sensitive
Green – As this is the colour of our many elements of nature it is seen as a calm colour and free spirit
Red – Whatever tone of red you wear it will show to others you are confident with yourself and ‘who you are’, it is not a calming colour, more a colour of excitement. Red is seen to have sex appeal due to the fact those who wear it give the impression of confident ,exciting and fun, therefore, making it a sexy colour and an attraction to the opposite sex
For 2010 the colour to be seen in is ‘Camel’, from coats, to trousers, dresses and jumpers this is a must to have in your wardrobe for Autumn/Winter 2010. It’s is a beautiful base neutral colour which can be worn with almost every other colour as long as it carries the same tone, it will then look out of this world. You will also see it being carried into SS11
It is a wonderful chic, classic colour that can also be worn to be fun and quirky
If ‘Camel’ is not your colour then ‘Grey’ is a great alternative. Grey is a beautiful colour where there are many colour variations, all of which are soft and can be teamed with many other colours to look amazing.

For Spring/Summer 2011 the colours to be seen in will be colours mainly named after flowers, so more pastel, for example; poppy, iris, geranium, daffodil . We will also see the ‘muted’ colours creeping into our wardrobe together with the ‘water’ blue colours.  We will also see ‘sheer’ colours.
Not everyone can wear vibrant colours, the key to pulling them off is to check when you put them on that ‘you wear them and they do not wear you’. This can be tested by looking in a mirror and checking to see if you see the colour before you see your face. If you see the colour first then this colour is not good with your skin tone. Opt for a softer clearer colour with a different undertone.
As a Personal Stylist I think ladies wear too much black because the belief is that it makes us look thinner. Black is a deep, dark colour which gives this illusion. Deep purple, brown, navy, aubergine, charcoal grey will have exactly the same illusion and are much more fun.
Ladies, have fun with colour, don’t be afraid of it. It really does make a massive difference, it makes you feel alive. It will give you the same feeling as when the sun shines.
Colours all have an undertone, either blue or yellow.  The secret to matching colours is to match the undertones, this way you can wear a number of colours all of which tone and never clash but look great together. The common mistakes are to throw different colours together with different undertones, these will ‘clash’. When worn all everyone will see is the colours not the person wearing them.
I love the following combinations of colour Navy blue and Coral,Navy blue and greens, Camel and Red,Taupe and pink, taupe and pastel blue, purple and vibrant pink, purple and red, olive green and red, also purple and orange look amazing together.

Everyone must experiment with colour and not be frightened of it, I would recommend that for those who are not used to colour to inject it into their wardrobe gradually by means of shirt, jumper, cardigan, long sleeve t.shirt.  Start with deep colours and work up to more vibrant, clear colours. Experiment with colour gradually into your every day life before you try it for an important occasion.
After a period of time you will love colour and the impact it has on your mood, wellbeing and how others see you. Before you know it you will be that lady wearing a stunning electric blue dress and feeling a million dollars.
The most important element of Personal Styling  is looking good and feeling great.

Do you have a favourite colour, I would love to know?

love Lisa

Monday, 7 February 2011

Tips for Younger eyes!

 The skin around the eyes is much thinner and contains fewer oil glands than the rest of your face and so as a result can be drier and much more prone to wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. The first step to younger looking eyes is daily use of a quality eye cream to protect, hydrate and prevent the appearance of fine lines.

Many believe that their day moisturiser can be used on this area, unfortunately they are generally too rich for the eye area and this can lead to puffiness and sensitivity.

Do not apply eye cream too close to the eye itself, it only needs to  be applied to the "orbital bone" arond the eye zone and will travel to where it is needed.
Cream based eye masks are now available and should be applied at least once per week for 15-20 mins to the entire eye area and are extremely effective as an anti-ageing tool  when used on a regular basis.

We need to pay attention to the eyebrows as we get older. A subtle alteration can create a dramatically younger looking face.Lift the eyes by arching the brows with a brush.Remove any eyebrow hairs that extend past the natural arch of the brow, take hairs very gradually as over-plucked eyebrows can be very ageing.
Fill in any gaps in the brows with powder or a soft pencil using feather-like strokes, for a much more youthful look.

Before applying eye make-up, start with a lightweight concealer to the entire lid area to reduce any pink or blue undertones which tend to naturally occur around the eye,not forgetting  the under-eye area which has a wonderful effect of lifting and brightening giving a wide awake and immediately anti-ages the look of the eyes.

Keep eyeshadow simple, with natural nude tones which flatter every eye shape and colour. Eyeliner can work wonders to open and brighten the eyes. Avoid harsh black, which can be very ageing and think softer shades of brown, plums, grey and navy. To line the eyes, gently pull the corner of the eye outward forming a soft line as close as possible to the top lashes, starting at the inside corner and working toward the outside. This line can be blended and softened further with a small and angular eye-liner brush for an extremely natural and youthful look.

As we become older the eyelashes unfortunately tend to become more sparse, we can create the illusion of thicker lashes by firstly using an eyelash curler, and following on with a thickening mascara applied into the very root of the lashes, apply 2 coats for maximum effect.  
You can all now have stunning eyes!
Lots of love

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Designer v High street

As many of you know I love the British High street but I have to admit I indulged myself in Selfridges designer show rooms on Thursday.

What I really enjoyed was to see the most stunning pieces and boy there were loads but also know that our wonderful high street will have ready to wear collections on the same themes.

I thought I would share some of my Designer v High street looks.....

This is a stunning display by Ralf Lauren, you will see lots of denim around this season.

This lovely little denim dress is from Warehouse for £45, team it with a coral cardi and you will look amazing
This beautiful lace shirt and leather skirt is from Reiss                            

Look at this lovely skirt I found in H & M for just £24.99 and the beautiful lace top from Warehouse for £42

Finally this amazing tiered dress in a stunning nude with a nude glitter cardi from a great British designer


And I found this beautiful cream layered dress with crochet sleeves in Zara for £79.99

I hope you liked my designer versus high street....I just love it!

Did you have a favourite?

Lots of love

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Bodymetrics-What's your jean shape?

As many of you know I LOVE my jeans but I also know how so many of you struggle to find the perfect style/brand to fit your body shape.

Let me introdue you to BODYMETRICS, exclusive to Selfridges. These are the body scanned designer jeans.

I have been through the scanner today and it really is amazing, you are taken into a lovely changing room, asked to remove your jewellery and clothes right down to your knickers. If you have black knickers like I happened to have on today you are given a white disposable pair ( the scanner does not like black! ). You walk into the scanner and wait patiently for 8 seconds whilst the scanner works out your measurements.

Based on their expertise in body scanning, Bodymetrics have identified 3 ladies body shapes. Their jeans are specifically desgined for these shapes, to fit and flatter you like no other jean. Once you have had your body scan the lovely jean consultants will help you select your perfect pair of jeans. They come in various styles from the classic to the 'on trend' styles.

I was found to be a 'Sapphire' which means I have a slightly wider hip line than my hips so now I know why with some jeans I have the gap around my waist!

These jeans start at £195 which is so comparable to other brands and these ones will actually fit!

I would wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Selfridges, Oxford Street to try this out and its a lovely day out too!

Lots of love Lisa

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Slim/Athletic

The Slim/Athletic body shape is one of the easiest to dress, the aim is to give this angular body shape soft curves and feminine lines.

These great items can be found in our wonderful high street and will look amazing;

Over 20's

This beautful shift dress from H & M is great as it has the ruffles on the top part of the dress which adds femininity to a slender/athletic build and a soft floaty skirt which add the softness to the bottom half.

This gorgeous bolero ( H&M ) with sewn on heart is a great teamed with either the dress above or just a pair of skinny jeans

Over 30's

I love this jumpsuit from French Connection , super to draw attention to the beautiful waist and wide straps to create a more 'hour glass' shape
This jumpsuit will look stunning with a peep toe wedge for a daytime look or a patent platform court for an evening

Over 40's

These wonderful high waisted cropped trousers are great teamed with a bow shirt. The softness of the shirt with the bow creates femininity  and the wide leg cropped trousers soften the bottom half.

Great looks from the high street yet again

Love Lisa
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