Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Take 1 dress....Day 1

For me, the dress is the most easy to wear garment and one that can be changed so easily from one day to the next and from a daytine look to an evening look.

I wanted to show you how easy it can by wearing the same dress every day for this week, please excuse the photos if I appear a little red around the nose, after having chicken pox between 2 children over the past month I now have a cold to top it all!!!

This great electric blue dress was purchased for my appearance on QVC last week from H & M for £14.99. This dress is the most versatile style and shape and will suit all body shapes

Today I have added in a leopard print skinny belt to create and accentate the waist. I'm not always keen how the end of a belt flaps over so I just love tucking it back in on itself ( great little tip for your belts ).
This belt was also from H & M for £4.99.

I love chunky and statemented jewellery so I chose to add in these lovely black, pearl and orange beads, again from H & M at a mere snip of £7.99

Following in Kate Middleton's footsteps and the topic I blogged about last week I have added a great pair of nude tights from Mary Portas at mytights.com and a super pair of nude platform court shoes from New Look at a cost of £19.99

The cost for the total outfit was £47.96

For this look I wanted to show you all high street items which can be both easily accessible and very kind to your pocket........what do you think?

What will I do with this great dress for Day 2, please come back to find out.


1 comment:

Berty Morales said...

Beautiful dress and I love your necklace!

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