Thursday, 23 June 2011

My pick of the day!

I am just so lucky to spend my life in the shops browsing at the exisiting collections but I have to say I get incredibly excited to see new pieces, look at what I found today on my travels at The Oracle, Reading.

This is a gorgeous silk lined tunic top/dress from French Connection,  the colours of the hibiscus are just beautiful. Perfect for all you Slender/Athletic and Pear body shapes.
This looks stunning with a pair of white jeans or white linens

Boy, look at these stunning shift dresses, perfect for the hour glass body shape and don't you just love these colours...from Oasis. These will look amazing with a great piece of jewellery from Fabulous jewellery who has a super range of silver, gold and precious stones. I am so pleased to see these colours will be seeing us through this Spring/Summer season and into Autumn/Winter

This caught my eye today when I was wondering around Zara, it just is a great statement piece which looks stunning with a pair of coloured jeans, my choice would be electric blue or coral. This stunning t.shirt just says it all!

That was my pick for today, if you would like me to keep my eye out for anything for you,let me know.

Lots of love

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Festival season!

Well, I have to admit I have never been into the whole festival thing....mainly because the thought of staying in a tent with no plug for my hairdryer and GHD's horrifies me!

BUT, I have to admit to loving the whole 'festival' fashion look and as there are so many great ways to keep your nails looking great and making sure your hair stays looking amazing for the time you are there that I may be warming to the idea.

Firstly the clothes this season are just wonderful, here are a couple of my favourites;

I love these shorts and floral vest top from Top Shop, team them with a pair of these fab Hunter pull on ankle boots because thanks to the English weather you may well need them!

By just having these 3 items in your rucksack you could just add different tops or a pair of kick flares to create a different look.

Or why not opt for this gorgeos Maxi dress by Joe Brown at Very

As many of you know I love 'Shellac' nails, the amazing manicure that lasts 2 weeks, if you want your nails looking nice for the festival season these are a must, your nails will look gorgeous. There are other alternative options that do the same job, such as Jessica GELration which are just as good.

Now this is the bit I have investigated for you, if like me, you have an obsession with clean, great looking hair I have found 2 great dry shampoos that I would highly recommend. Batiste dry shampoo is great. it will give you clean,fresh hair in an instant, my other is from Lee Stafford's range, this little can of Original dry shampoo gives your hair a boost.

I hope you have a fab festival season



Wednesday, 15 June 2011

What is Personal Style?

‘We have all seen her and gawked in admiration – and not with a little envy.

She needn’t be beautiful, nor dressed in anything we couldn’t imagine for ourselves but her clothes are a brilliant orchestration of colour and texture, fabric and fit, sensibility and style. She wears them like a bagde-they don’t wear her’

‘Her style is constant, every time you see her, her style is unmistakably her own.

Her personal style is her personal uniform’                                                          ( Johnson Gross et al, 1995 )

When you are thinking about Style, consider this;

·         Style is not about clothes alone

·         Fashion can be bought-style can not

·         We are not always born with a sense of style –but it can be learned

·         Style is consistent – but not boring

What is your style?

The most important principle, in my mind, is to dress yourself according to your personality and lifestyle. This will make your life so much easier.  There is no point is dressing in a business style dress if you are a stay at home mum and vice versa.

When dressing a body bear these points in mind.....dressing yourself is like wrapping a gift and depending on the shape and size of the parcel we dress it to suit an individual’s requirement;

·         Colour

·         Texture

·         Pattern

·         Accessories

Would you choose to flatter, disguise and personalise your gift, the same principles apply to wrapping the body.

Outer and Inner lines

Everyone has an outer line to his or her face and body. We are born with this shape. This basic shape does not change whether you are a size 8 or 28.

We must, therefore, wrap our body in clothes, hairstyles, accessories and glasses to suit and mimic our outer shape.

For more information on individual consultations please contact;

Lisa Talbot

07887 802700

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Jeans shopping experience

This is such a beautifu sight for all of us who just love jeans!

Today was the first of many of my specialist jeans shopping days and I am so lucky to have partnered with Donna Ida, the denim queen.

I took 3 lovely ladies to Donna's boutique in Westfield, London where the ladies received style advice from myself and were treated to great service from Lex who selected numerous amounts of jeans for my ladies to try until they each found their perfect pair. One lady even found 2 pairs!

Jeans are worn by all of us for a considerable amount of time so for this reason I urge you all to invest in the perfect pair of jeans to suit your body shape and your personality and lifestyle. You really will see the benefit immediatley and more importantly you will see your body shape change with the perfect pair just for you.

One lady could not believe how the jeans she arrived in felt so wrong after trying on her perfect pair.

So,please don't just put up with the pair of jeans you have in your wardrobe just because you think they are OK, they need to make you look and more importantly feel amazing.

The next shopping experience with myself and Donna is in the planning so if you would like to join us please do give me a call/drop me an email.
Not only will we be at Westfield, London but we are coming to Guildford, Surrey too!
Lots of love

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bare Escentuals event

Well, didn't I just have the best day on Thursday. I spent the whole day in the Bare Escentuals boutique in Windsor playing with skin care and make up...I was working, honest!!

I invited 8 lucky ladies to be my guests at the boutique, to learn all about skin care and this wonderful make up brand.  We ran 2 sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening for those ladies who work. 
Whilst the ladies were having their make up applied I chatted to them about their Personal style. Hints and tips were given on dressing their body shapes and items in the high street that would suit them both from a shape and personality point of view.

All the ladies had a make over, the correct foundation tones were chosen and they were taught how best to apply so it lasts all day. A few of the ladies wanted to try new colour eyeshadows and lip glosses. The 'Boxom' lip gloss went down a treat, it gives you the feeling of a bee sting which plumps the lips ( one of my favourites ) and the colour ranges were stunning.

I have to say the ladies were so impressed with the day and how it didn't cost them anything to come but the expertise and proffessionalism shown by the girls were second to none.

 The ladies had an amazing time and their feedback was wonderful;

Thank you so much – I had a lovely day altogether and love my new make-up - Helena

It was fun, I had a good time - Jane

Thank you soo much for yesterday - I had a really great time.  I really did love my makeup soo much I didn't want to take it off - and (unlike me) tried to recreate it the next day with my starter pack and DVD.
Thank you for the introduction and organising - Gina

I will be organising another day so if you would like to come along please do let me know. 

I really do believe that Style is not just clothes alone that makes you look good and feel great!


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Jeans for Genes!

As many of you know I love my jeans, so I have decided to use my love to benefit others.

So on Oct 7th I will be wearing my jeans with pride and raising money for the Jeans for Genes charity which helps children with genetic disorders. This is a designated day for wearing your jeans and is supported by the one and only jeans queen Donna Ida.

I want to ask you to do the same, why not hold a coffee morning with friends or have a jeans day at work and raise money for this brilliant cause, I'm going to be holding a special Style event and would love you all to join me.

I will let you know more nearer the time

lots of love

Friday, 3 June 2011

Zims shoes catching the Royal Eye!

Well, I am so proud to see this amazing brand of shoes hit the Mail online press and to hear of the amazing success Lindsey and Nick had at The Hay.

The Duchess of Cornwall loved them, it was such a shame due to huge demand all the ladies ZIMS had sold out but fear not stock has now been replenished.
I am even prouder to say that I told you all about these stunning shoes in my blog post on the 14th May.

I have my eye on the white pair trimmed with pink, perfect teamed with a pair of denim shorts and a lace gypsy style blouse.

Enjoy your success ZIMS shoes ( ), you really derserve it. And thank you Ann Grier PR ( for telling me about ZIMS.

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