Friday, 29 June 2012

Designer sale picks

It's my favourite day...Friday. I feel when I get to Friday that I can take the foot off the pedal for at least a couple of hours, that is after I have done the school run, picked one up from rugby and taken the other one to Stagecoach and finally sat down with my takeaway pizza at 9pm!!!

But, I have the most amazing week checking out the best buys in the sales. As my last blog post stated only buy what you feel you are really going to get wear from but do use them too to treat yourself to pieces you may normally not have been able to .

Today I have found you a few great bargains from my favourite designers.

I love this Marlene Birger, Heaven drape dress which has been reduced to £62, this dress is a fabulous dress to have in the wardrobe, suitable for all occassions and will give you that instant chic look. It's fab if you carry any weight on your tummy.

Linen comes into it's own in the summer and I love the way tops link beautifully with this fabric for a simple yet stunning look. This super Michael Kors printed gauze top with detailing at the waist has been reduced to just £60. It can also be worn with coloured jeans.

I am a huge fan of Nicole Farhi at the best of times and also the biker trend so this little stretch linen jacket is fab. It will carry you into a season and through the whole of the season too. A great colour to combine with other colours. I would love to see this worn with a coral pleated skirt. At £140, this for me is a recommend investment purchase.

Happy shopping and Happy Friday

lots of love

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Shopping in the sales

Well the shops have started their sales and I know only too well how enticing a bargain can be.

Love them or hate them here are my top tips on how to make the best of shopping during sale times.
Typically we get the big sales just before and after Christmas and mid summer, but to be honest we're never more than a few weeks away from the next store clear-out. Read on and find out how to bag a bargain.

The main function of the sale is to shift the unsold stock to make way for the new seasons items. Herein is your first clue..unsold items.. the reason its in the sale in the first place is because no one has wanted to buy it for the last 10 weeks - there was probably a good reason. Do you really want something that no-one else wanted?
Avoid buying "high fashion" items in the sale. High fashion items are normally only in for one season, so by the time it's in the sale its not hot any more so leave it on the rail.

DO look for your classic items. Jeans,Black trousers, quality knitwear, basic Ts, classic jackets. Sale time is a great time to invest in clothing from shops and brands that you can't usually afford to buy from. If you work this can be a great time to snap up items in neutral colours such as grey or navy.

DO invest in shoes in the sale. It's my favourite time to buy shoes - A whole rack or what is left in my size, easy to try on lots of styles without having the assistant running back and forth. Shoes take up a lot of storage in shops so are also normally heavily discounted. Don't be afraid to buy sandals in winter and boots in summer - bag the bargains and store them til its time to wear them.

TOP TIP: Be a savvy internet sale shopper. I often select and try on clothes throughout the season. If they're out of my price range I wait for them to appear on the shop website and buy it online to avoid the sale queues and disappointment if my size has gone. Subscribe to all the shop websites and they'll send you email alerts as soon as their sale starts.

Take Care with terms and conditions. Shops have no obligation to give you a refund or exchange unless an item is faulty, most stores will exchange or refund as a gesture of goodwill but there is often less goodwill at sale time so check the refund policy before you buy.
Finally: A bargain is not a bargain if its never worn!

Lots of love

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Stunning LIV

I was called last week by Caroline who is the PR company representing LIV

LIV is the most beautiful clothing which allows you to wear ethical garments without having to compromise on fashionability or quality.
LIV's clothing has to be felt to be believed, cotton that is soft as cashmere with the longevity, wearability and versatility that only cotton can bring to a garment.

I was thrilled to arrive home after speaking on Marlow FM about Royal Ascot style to find a box sitting on the doorstep. Like a child in a sweetshop I rushed to open the box. I found myself saying O'h and A'h which the dog found quite amusing!

Just look at what was in my beautifully wrapped and presented box.
The box was wrapped in a gorgeous white ribbon and when opened I saw this lovely note.

The box had this wonderful smell, I noticed a little lilac tissue paper wrapped box shape and when I opened it I found this wild lavender hand made soap which is engraved with the LIV logo. What a beautiful touch.

I can now see you all tilting your head for this photo, I really just wanted to show you the ticket with the little heart, it really is a brand that has thought of the personal touches.

This is the beachcomber deck dress which I was sent and I have not been disapppointed, it did look like this on the website.


A flattering boat neck shift dress with retro deckchair stripes and softly elasticated at back to draw in waist. Made in India using 100% organic and fairly traded cotton

The Pier Cardie has a retro feel and styling and looks great over the deck shift or the Urchin Vest. Made in India using 100% organic and fairly traded cotton.

I am thrilled with these pieces as this brand really does say what it does on the tin.
Have a look at their website and I'dlove to know what you think

I have a treat for you in that we will be running a competition with this brand so please do keep coming back.

Lots of love

Friday, 15 June 2012

Day 30 - My favourites seasons pieces

Well, today is the last day of my 30 day blog challenge where I have bought you my style picks from the high street.

I hope I have covered most brands that you can readily pick up when you are out and about. I am sure I have missed off some so apologies for that.

What were you favourite pieces from the days?

Here are mine.

Bubble dress from Desigual

Lace top from ZARA

Peplum top from New Look

Stunning, embellished dress from French Connection

 Slim fit jeans from H & M

Front ruffle dress from F & F at Tesco

Ivory Ponte jacket from ZARA

Heart detailed cardigan

Please do let me know your comments, I really do love to hear them

Lots of love

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day 29 Sizzling Summer Style

Sizzling Summer style

There is something truly wonderful about feeling the warm sun on your face, doesn’t it just make you smile your way through the day?
As a stylist I am always like a child in a sweetie shop when I see what the fashion world has conjured up for us to be seen in during the summer months.  Getting ready for summer is always an exciting time, whether we are air bagging away our winter clothes or preparing to add in new pieces to our wardrobe to inject a new lease of life.
This summer is no exception and I am thrilled to tell you all about my hot finds from both the high street and luxury brands for this year. The trends this season are quite varied, I just know you will find your favourite.

Colour plays a huge part this season, the ice cream colours will fit beautifully into your wardrobe, pretty shades of mint, powder blue and soft lilac will give any outfit the modern look.  The most flattering way to wear these colours is on their own, they work so well together.
If you prefer to wear a bolder colour then vibrant yellow is a trend all on its own. Yellow looks stunning with a pair of indigo jeans or team it with a lovely wide legged pair of linens for a chic daytime look.

Do you like blue, then indulge yourself in the electric blue that is adorning our high street, it looks wonderful if you mix it with an orange or a soft coral. Dress it up with gold accessories for a great evening look.

I am so enjoying seeing the revival of the feminine woman, this trend emphasises a woman’s silhouette but not in a girly way, more of the sophisticated and chic lady. If you are a lover of this look then you will find the waisted dresses right up your street. Dresses are perfect for work, home and play. DKNY and Nicole Fahri’s collections of dresses are truly beautiful.

Nougat London this season have embraced the ‘white’ romantic trend, wear dresses with lace detail and embroidery anglaise to create a feminine but sophisticated look. Wearing white gives a fresh, crisp look. White is a great base where you can add any colour or print.

 Do you love prints, well this season you have a gorgeous selection to choose from, my favourite this season is the paisley and the floral. Both can be worn subtly or make a statement with a strong print. Ted Baker’s floral collection are for me the best this season

 I have always recommended the ‘peplum’ as a great style so was I pleased to see it as a fashion piece for this season. The peplum adds curves and distinction to a pencil skirt or flat fronted trousers. Vera Wang’s designs were inspired.

 Summer is all about femininity, the flapper/drop waisted dresses have made a comeback with a vengeance. The tassles  on these dresses add fun whilst leaving the dress to inject the dramatic appearance, for a great selection of dresses visit ASOS or pop to River Island.

Keeping with the feminine look has seen skirts and dresses with amazing pristine pleats, Whistles, Zara and Primark have the most amazing skirts in their summer collection. As the fabrics are lighter the items will not create additional bulk where us ladies with curves don’t need it!

With the tassles comes the feathers this season, feathers are being seen as a great accessory piece on a hairband, earrings and are being used as trims. The beauty of the feather is how the use of colour has created new, exciting and different looks for many occasions.

Bling is back and lots of it, I have to admit I love this trend which sees flecks of glitter injected into fine knit jumpers and sequins scattered on the front of t.shirts.  Don’t keep this look for evening, it looks wonderful worn during the day. In keeping with the glitter based ideas we have seen the shine of pewter, silver and platinum used as a finish for simple garments. Be wary of wearing block metallic colours if you are top heavy, as the light reflects it makes the area appear larger and disproportionate

Enjoy the summer and these beautiful trends, they’ll make you smile sun or rain.

lots of love

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Day 28 It's holiday time!

Your summer holiday is coming up fast and it is a very exciting time of the year but also one of the most only are allowed 12-20 kilos depending on the airline of weight in your suitcase, how do you get all your clothes in this case, the answer......You Don’t!!

Please don’t stress or worry yourself, follow my tips and you will pack efficiently and effectively;

  • Prior to packing work out what you will be doing on your holiday, days around the pool/on the beach, excursions, evening meals etc. Plan your outfits!
  • Select garments that can be teamed together ie;

Shorts with t.shirts/vest tops/cotton shirt

Skirts with t.shirts/vest tops/ cotton shirts

Dresses – The unsung hero as they are a stand alone garment and need nothing else to look stunning

Linen is a super cool, natural fabric and looks amazing in the sun teamed with colour, fabulous for the warm evenings socialising.

A couple pairs of sandals/casual flip flops – Try and make sure they work with your outfits, popular to belief you do not need a different pair of shoes for each day!

  • When packing, roll each garment, it keeps them crease free and you can fit far more in your suitcase
  • Pack a  few accessories that are of a base neutral colour so they can be worn with the majority of your outfits.
Lots of love

Day 27....Does Style have an age limit?

Absolutely bloody not!

I feel that it is about time I put this issue to rest, for the sake of many women all over the UK and further a field.

I hear so many lovely ladies who are looking fab over a certain age ( me included! ) asking the question 'should I really be wearing this at my age' or ' I can't really shop in there anymore as I'm too old'.

What has happened to this nation where age has suddenly become such a big issue?

I feel really passionate about this subject ( as you may tell ) as it seems in many cases that once you are over the age of 35 then its all down hill from there and when you reach the ripe old age of 40 then it's all over and you have to look and behave like your mum!!!

Well ladies, your personal style is all about your personality and your body shape NOT your age. At all ages we can look amazing, as we grow older we just choose to wear the season's trends in a modern way rather than a trendy way.
You can shop in all the high street stores, there really is something for everyone in all of them, you most certainly will not buy your whole seasonal wardrobe from only one but you then have this wonderful collection of stores to choose items that will make up your capsule wardrobe.

I don't usually get on my high horse but this is one subject that makes me jump aboard and shout from the roof tops.........we are all individuals and deserve to not only look great but feel great, it has no bearing on our age.

I would love to know your views

lots of love

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Day 26 my secret love

Desigual is one of my favourite brands but then I am a little quirky and this brand is definatley not for the faint hearted.
This stand out brand will certainly set you aprt from those around you and it will also make you feel great as the fabric used is soft, so perfect for you natural personalities.
Found in their stand alone store in Westfield, Shepards Bush ( where I am the personal stylist ) and in many House of Frasers.

This great half length t.shirt is perfect as an addition to any block coloured skirt, jeans and linen trousers for the summer. It adds that splash of colour so simply. This top is called the Agricu.

Wow, look at this 'Bubble' waisted dress, perfect for the hour glass, top heavy, pear and slender/athletic body shape.
The plunging neckline works really well for the Top Heavy, the waist is accentuated for the hour glass and pear and the A line moving skirt works so well for those lovely curves.
For the boysih figure it gives you the curves you really don't have.

As I mentioned before, not for those who like to stand out but their flat fronted A line skirts are beautiful and they LOVE the apple body shape or anyone who carries weight on their tummy, for example after having a baby.
The flat fronted gives the body that lovely silhouette.

I found this dress whilst browsing and as a lover of the denim look, yet I feel I may be gearing towards the feminine too I fell in love.
The halter neck line works so well to accentuate the shoulders,perfect for the hour glass and pear and the ruffles will really help to make any smaller busted lady appear fuller in this area.
This is an empire line dress so will also work so well for the apple shape as it disguises the tummy area.

Desigual is well priced, known for cutting on the small side so be prepared you may well need to do up a size.
For some of the dresses they do come up quite short in length so don't be afraid to wear them over leggings or skinny trousers.

lots of love

Friday, 8 June 2012

Day 25, Beach cover ups

Beach cover ups

Picture this....spending the day lazing by the pool, taking a dip in the sea or playing with the children in the sand or by the pool side.  The time of the day comes for some lunch and in most cases we like to cover up our swimwear whilst we eat or popping to the local shops.

Beach cover ups are so pretty now and can keep you looking cool and chic, let me show you my top 4 for this summer.

I love this chiffon aqua beach dress from H & M, it is so easy to wear, an amazing colour and at £19.99 it is very affordable. If you wanted to you could add in a simple belt to create the waist and change the shape of this garment to either waisted or an empire line.

The silk kimono is a great throw over for those sunny days. I love this one from M & S, at £29.50. This kimono has a lover plunge neckline, great for the larger busted lady and it has the most gorgeous embellishment around the neckline to add interest and help rebalance the lower body.
The beautiful bell bottom sleeves create a great shape to this garment, they also create a little extra femininity.

Another Kimono style beach  cover up from H & M for £19.99 with a little different style. This lovely front opening acts very much like a waterfall effect creating a slimming line. The paisley print is super to really inject one of this season’s major trends and the abundance of colours will allow this kimono to work with any swimwear.

I love the sarong and what is even better with this sarong is that is comes from Resort and for £16.00 you get 2.
The sarong is a very simple garment to wear as you can tie how and where you want to. By having the ability to do this you can create the shapes your body deserves, for example tie just about the bust line to create a strapless effect, tie on your waist to allow the curves of your bottom half to come alive or tie on the hips to create a longer looking torso.

Lots of love

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Day 24 My F & F picks

How many of you have truly spent time looking at the clothing ranges in our supermarkets? I think you may be pleasantly surprised.

Today I wanted to show you Florence & Fred at Tesco's, the styling this season is on trend and also appeals to a great age range of all ladies.

As you have probably guessed I have a real passion for dresses this season, they are feminine and perfect for all body shapes and so easy to wear.
Just picture this.....hop out of bed, shower, undies on and then the simple and time saving is that.

I love this ruffle neck butterfly print dress, perfect for most body shapes ( the apple beware of the finishing on the waist ) and so great for this summer.

Both of the dresses below would look super with this lemon cropped cardi. It finishes on the waist so will accentuate this area. Great to add another colour too.

Another waisted dress which is beautiful, you will feel like Kate Middleton. This super coral colour will look great with a nude shoe or why not add in navy to change the colour tones.
I love the coral and navy colour combination.

So, whilst you are out doing your food shop have a browse around the clothes, although it may make your weekly food shop slightly more expensive!!

Lots of love

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day 23 My love for French Connection

Well, after an amazing jubilee weekend with family and friends it's back to seeing what the stores have got to offer.
I have always had a passion for French Connection but they don't always blow my skirt up with pieces I must have in my wardrobe.
This season has seen me wander in and out looking lovingly at lots of beautiful individual pieces but also making me dream of how they complement each other.

This stunning silk teal shirt is perfect for any pair of jeans, wide legged trousers or the skirt I have selected below. Looking at this shirt it appears high necked, a tip from me to make it have more of a plunge neckline would be to undo the tie at the neck so it softly falls open.

And O'h just look at this amazing full length skirt. Perfect for any of you with a curvy lower body and perfect for those who need to create more curves.
Treat this as a maxi skirt but play with the tops to make this skirt your statement piece for this summer season.

If it were me I would add in wooden jewellery to add the edge with a chestnut pair of wedges or flat sandals.

lots of love

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Day 22 My NEXT picks

If you are anything like me I tend to stick to brands where I don't run the risk of someone else walking down the street or sitting in the same room as me.
For this reason alone I tend not to be a great fan of Next, however, I have been impressed this season by their occassion dresses.

Look at this beautiful berry lace dress which is so perfect for the hour glass body shape. You can just see how this dress works for this body shape. Show off the curves of this lovely body shape. The slender/athletic body shape looks great in this dress also as it creates the curves of the naturally boyish shape.

I love this pink mesh dress which also comes in black. It is really simple and works for all body shapes.
The plunge neckline is brilliant for the Top Heavy as it creates space.
The empire line cut is perfect for the apple body shape as it illusionises the tummy area.
The floating skirt for the lower body works great for the pear and hour glass and the strapless sleeves helps rebalances also.

This super tangerine shaper dress is just what is says on the tin, it shapes the body so again great for all the body shapes.
The assymetrical neckline helps to rebalance the lower and upper body. Perfect for the pear and hour glass body shape.
The ruching at the waist is great for the apple and helps hide the tummy that you may not be too keen on.

So, I really have enjoyed browsing around Next, what are your thoughts?

lots of love

Monday, 4 June 2012

Day 21 My Tommy Hillfiger picks

For day 21, I wanted to show you my favourite pieces from Tommy Hillfiger. I am a real fan of this iconic brand. I love the fact that it can be really casual yet preppy and really classic if you want it to be.
The capri trouser is still very much of everyones wardrobe and for this season why not ring the changes with a soft ice cream colour. It adds a different dimension to your wardrobe.

I am someone who feels the cold most of the year even when the sun is shining and the temperature is 100 degrees. This great long sleeve t.shirt is just a little different and the print & stripe just gives it more interest. Will look super with the coloured capri trousers above.

To complete this outfit I wanted to show you a real simple white denim jacket which is just perfect for those summer months in the pub garden or in the park with the children.
In my opinion this is a garment that is worth the investment. It will work with so many garments in your wardrobe really bringing down your cost per wear.

Simple, stunning and chic....just the way I like it.

lots of love

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Day 20, Stunning Carvela shoes

I love shoes but don't just buy them unless they fullfill a purpose in my wardrobe (I'm so practical sometimes!!! )
I am a huge fan of Carvela, I love their designs and the fact they are THE most comfortable shoes to wear and I adore the fact they are a litle bit different which means they really do finish and bring an outfit alive.

These are the stunning Arbour courts, gorgeous strap on the ankle and amazing print. Just a word of advice a strap on the ankle works really well if your ankles are slim. My recommendation would be they don't look amazing if your ankles are slightly wider as they make the area appear thicker.
For a real casual slip flop style shoe I really like the Kracker sandal, the embellisment is gorgeous and adds a super bit of glitz and bling to a really simple outfit.

I have to say my all time favourite wedge this season, I have been everywhere for a size 3 in this Kan wedge, I think I am just not meant to have them this season. They are a great base neutral wedge that you can add to any dress, skirt, trouser, jean to create major impact.

And finally for today this is the Lemon loafer in blue, again a really simple shoe which will look great with a pair of shorts

I know Carvela is a more high end brand but in my opinion worth every penny due to comfort and design.

Lots of love

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day 19 One for the Men

Now, that really got you men here....One for the boys was a title I thought might work.

I am always blogging on womens style but work with both men and women so here is one for the lads. I was asked for my picks from Zara by James Davis ( owner of the great Clay Salon and Spa ).

I just love the shirts and jeans look, which can be either casual or you can create a smarter version just by adding in a blazer.

This is a great fitted shirt with a small print and a lovely dark navy detail on the cuff and collar.

 I love these washed jeans, great colour. Beware of the turn ups if you are shorter in the leg as this will only make your legs appear shorter still....just keep them full length. By adding in a contrasting colour belt it will break up the length of the body if your body shape is tall.
Simple moccasins in this great suede marine blue just finish off the look for me, they'll also look fab with a coloured jean or a linen trouser.

By adding in the great linen/cotton mix blazer in this cornflour blue it will just complete the outfit suitable for any occassion. The single breasted blazer is perfect to create length and keep the upper body looking slim.

lots of love

Friday, 1 June 2012

Day 18 Time for Hollister

It's day 18 and I thought I would throw in Hollister, a store that causes controversy whenever you speak to anyone. We don't like the layout of Hollister, the darkness of the store, the booming loud music ( now I'm showing my age! ), the intense smell of the perfume/aftershave BUT we all still shop in there whether it be for ourselves or our children because we love the feel of the garments on our skin and the quality in which they are made.

I have selected a couple of different style tops which go so beautifully with the lovely lace shorts I have also found. This is a very casual brand that works for many who prefer a more casual and natural look.

This is a lovely strapless teal top which accentuates the waist and gives the body frame a great shape.

Loving this simple floral print peplum style t.shirt with the capped sleeve. It will help hide the tummy if you so wish and the sleeve helps rebalance the upper body.

As for the shorts, I think the days have gone when I may wear them this short but I just loved the femininity of the lace detailing on the hem and how adding any t.shirt to these shorts will create a very soft look....beautiful.

The flip flops are leather and just add in a different use of colour and fabric. These little lovelies will go with almost anything in your wardrobe.

lots of love
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