Monday, 21 May 2012

Day 8...My River Island picks

O'h I love River Island this season and I can honestly say I think they have really improved over the past couple of seasons.
This season River Island have collections that are appealing to so many from young teenagers to the more mature lady. I am so not into the whole age thing and can say I do not believe that at any age you should stop wearing any items. It really is all about how you feel ( I can feel another blog post coming on.....)
As I'm 42 I really don't see myself as a mature lady but I suppose I am!

Just look at my favourite pieces from River Island this week.

I thought for todays post I would start feet up, these lovely cork sandals are great, full of colour, detail and just really easy to wear during the hot months we are promised.
The maxi skrt has been around for a while and suits many but I have to say I love the skirts this season with the double dip hem. This grey skirt is a jersey and will so simple to wear, great with sflat flip flops, wedges and even a plimsoll. This skirt is perfect for those who are curvy on your bottom half as it works so well with your curves. Also great for the slender/athletic to create curves and the top heavy to draw the attention to the legs.

This pretty top is a cover up top with beautiful floral detailing and fringing, I would just pop a white vest with lace detail under to keep this look simple, yet chic.

And to finish it off I adore this sun and moon gold necklace, what a piece to add to any outfit. This would be great for the Top Heavy and Pear body shape to draw the eye upwards and rebalance the body.
I may be sneaking one of these into my bag next week, this is a must have for me.

lots of love

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