Thursday, 19 April 2012

My picks for today

I was literally passing through The Oracle shopping centre in Reading today at full speed and saw these gorgeous pieces which I just have to show you.

I'm loving the summer prints this season.....this one caught my eye in Oasis.

I love lace and found this wonderful zip fronted cardi from Mint Velvet, being a base neutral colour will go with anything this summer ( if it ever stops raining!! )

By now I bet you are sitting there with your head to one side ( I can just see it!! ) . Apologies but I can't seem to twist the photo. I saw this lovely embellished sandals in Jones and can just see them with white linen, jeans and dresses this summer.

And finally, I walked into the lift in The Oracle where I am the Personal shopper to be confronted by this fab poster. I was with my 23 year old son who nearly dies with embarresment when he sees this. It is better than the last one which had my photo on as all his friends would say 'Isn't that your mum'?, with his quick reply being 'No' ( charming!!!! )

The Oracle have their fashion week next week, please do come along and see the amazing fashion shows, come and chat to me in the lunchtime style sessions starting next week

Lots of love

Friday, 13 April 2012

Day 5 Jeans challenge

I can't quite belive it is Friday already and I have come to the end of the week somewhat unscathed, a few more grey hairs maybe but quite sane.

Today is the last day of our crash course of swimming and then we are off to the gorgeous 'Look out' which is a wonderful forest near Bracknell with the dog for a camp build and fun with friends.

Here's what I have chosen to wear today......

I just love these washed Earnest and Sewn low waisted bootcut jeans which I picked up in the Donna Ida sale, they are THE most comfortable pair of jeans I own. I have teamed it with a lovely silk look high break H & M shirt and my electric blue & vibrant pink skull scarf from Primark.
Today I'm feeling the love for my converse and my patent purple bag which I can fit the world and his wife in from M & S last summer.

As well as having a fetish for belts I am rather partial to a blazer too so today have added in my grey 3/4 arm length blazer again picked up in Primark. The shirt is a little chilly when the wind blows so I reckon this is a fab option to not only look great but keep me warm too.

To round up here are my TOP TIPS

1. For those of you who carry a little weight on your tummy opt for high wasited...flattens the tummy line and will allow tops to sit beautifully

2. For the lady who is curvy on your bottom half try a bootcut or flare to rebalance the hip line

3. If you love skinnies and are curvy just remember to either bulk out the calf with a boot or add in a more chunky shoe to rebalance

4. For those slender/athletic body shapes check the curve on the jean from the waistband even before you try, it will save you time

I hope you have enjoyed and learnt a few tips on wearing jeans and I would love to know which was your favourite outfit of the week so please do drop me an email and let me know at

lots of love

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Day 4 Jeans challenge - Time for colour

Today, the sun is so trying to come out but not quite managing it so I thought I would bring some colour to my world today.

I'm off swimming again today, the twins are having a crash course this week which always ends with one of them deciding to start a fight in the changing rooms whilst other parents give me that sideways glance.

Today I have chosen to colour block. I'm wearing my Leigh green jeans from Top Shop with my blouson style chiffon sleeved shirt from Dorothy Perkins. I have added in a lovely statement heart necklace to break up the colours and have gone for my purple suede boots from M&S

I have this horrible feeling it may be a bit chilly out there today ( I've not ventured out yet! ) so for a coat today I have chosen my lovely Oasis denim jacket. It is so comfortable as the denim is so soft it almost feels like I'm just wearing a cardi.

For a few more tips on selecting your perfect pair of jeans;

1. Find the curve
Any jeans that will work for a curved bottom half will bend from the waistband and back in again. You will be able to see this shape ( BIBA, TU at Sainsburys, George at Asda, Hudson )

2. If your slim hipped then check for a jean that is stright from the waistband to the bottom of the leg ( Ted Baker, French Connection and Hollister are great for this shape )

3. Dark Indigo is a great slimming colour and also very chic and for this season why not in a vibrant or ice cream colour to complement

Well, I'm also on Radio Berkshire ( 102.9 ) today between 12pm and 12.45pm chatting to Anne Diamond about beauty through our listen in if you have the time

Day 5 tomorrow.......please do come back

lots of love

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Day 3 Jeans Challenge

Oh decisions, decisions.........

Today, we were off swimming AGAIN, then lunch with friends so I chose to wear my gorgeous bootcut Abercrombie & Fitch low wasited jeans.
I love the bootcut as it gives my slender/athletic body shape a few more curves. Hidden under my Butterfly shirt from Primark ( £13 ) is a lovely Mika Sarolea chain belt ( I told you I had a fetish yesterday )

For my feet I chose these suede & tassell boots which I was lucky to pick up in the M & S sale for £6!!! I was so pleased as I had had my eye on them all season.

Now I know everyone loves skinnies but I also know that they can make you look hippy. I wanted to show you these soft skinnies from Top Shop, they are called Leigh, cost £38.00 and are a great alternative to an actual denim. Slighly higher waister also.
This season Top Shops collection of these fab trousers have come in all different colours, from vibrant to ice cream

These are the lilac Leigh jeans from Top Shop

Now to stop the 'hippy' look you can create more bulk by adding in a slightly chunkier shoe. This helps to rebalance the hips.

These gorgeous shoes are new in from M&S, they also come in black for a great eveing summer shoe

or, why not try a wedge, these lovely espadrille wedges from Dune. Great with jeans but also with a lovely pair of white wide legged linens.

See you tomorrow for Day 4

love Lisa

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Day 2 Jeans challenge

Like many of you I am in the middle of half term with the children so today we are off to Legoland with friends.

In Berkshire there is a slight chill to the air but the sun is shining so today I have chosen a more summery look.

I love these pastel pink jeans and have teamed them with a sleeveless muted floral top from Primark, and a gorgeous single breasted corduroy blazer ( which I feel will keep me warm ) from H & M.
I have a small fetish with belts, this is one of my favourites by Mika Sarolea and my purple patent pumps from Kurt Geiger.
I needed a bag to hold everything keys, phone, purse, tissues and all the other things us mums carry so I decided to use my cerise pink Tyler Rodan bag which I present on QVC. This bag has more pocket than you can imagine and it comes with an umbrella held in its own very special pocket so if it decides to rain I am fully prepared.

Now, do you suffer with the problem of jeans that need to fit you hips but are then too big on the waist, this is usually a pear or hour glass body shape that finds this an occurring problem with their jeans.

Please do try James jeans, they are great as they have lycra in their denim mix .

This is the James jean, Humphrey flare...available at all of the Donna Ida boutiques. The flare is a fabulous leg to balance out those gorgeous curvy hiplines.
Also try the 7 For all Mankind, Hudson brands,BIBA ( available at House of Fraser ) they will also work well

I am also very impressed with the Scarlett jeans from Oasis, the ones below are the mid rise, you can just see by the photo that they fit the waist and curve around the hip area.

I would also recommend you try Uniqlo and Mint Velvet

See you tomorrow for Day 3 of my challenge.

Lots of love

Monday, 9 April 2012

Jeans challenge - Day 1

Well, what a great day to start my Jeans challenge, cold ,wet and not pleasant at all.

It's Easter Monday and the kids have swimming lessons and we are at home for the rest of the day so I wanted to not be too hot at poolside and comfortable doing things with the kiddies this afternoon

I opted for my high waisted Warehouse indigo skinny jeans which are so comfortable, my
H & M butterfly and humming bird blouson top, my ever faithful Gabor tanned boots and one of my simple but very stunning necklace & wrap bracelet from Fabulous jewellery

To keep me dry I popped on my full length coat from Tu at Sainsburys, this was an impulse buy of mine and I can honestly say it has paid me back as it is beautiful and recives so many comments, I added in a lovely crochet knitted scarf from John Lewis to finish the look ( and keep me warm )

I asked you a few questions yesterday, one of them was.....

'Does your muffin top ( not the most pleasant terminology ) hang over your jeans'?

Here are my tips to help if you have this little problem whilst wearing jeans;

1. High waisted jeans ( or any trousers come to that ) will suit you, as they come higher they create a flatter line and therefore hold your tummy in.
A great brand for this is the 'Not your daughters jeans' ( NYDJ ) available at John Lewis, major department stores and boutiques. They were nick named the tummy tuck jean as they carry loads of lycra and will give you that flatter tummy look.

They come in various washes, black and also white. The ones below are the indogo bootcuts.

Lovely  NYDJ pastels for this season

Also take a look at these lovely high waisted sailor jeans from Oasis

Also do try the high waisted jeans I was wearing today from Warehouse, they are just gorgeous

I'm back tomorrow with day 2 of my jean challenge, do come back and see how I will wearing my jeans tomorrow

lots of love

Sunday, 8 April 2012

7 Day Jean challenge.....let's start now!

Jeans are the most worn garment by women but also the garment that everyone finds the most difficult to buy.

Let me ask you a couple of questions;

1. Do your jeans bag around your thigh & bottom area?

2. Do your jeans fit you really well on the hips but are too big on the waist?

3. Does your 'muffin top' come over the top of your jeans

4.Do you have to wear a belt to keep your jeans up but find it digs into your back?

5. When you wear skinny jeans do you feel you look wider around the hip area?

6. Do you wear jeans every day but feel you always look the same?

I have this feeling many of you are nodding your head in reply to at least one of the above questions, so I will be taking on the 7 DAY JEAN CHALLENGE ( starting Easter Monday )

Each day I will wear jeans and create new looks to give you some ideas on how they really can look different from day to day.
I will also give you a hint and tip each day on which jeans suit which body shapes and where to buy great jeans.

So, I will look forward to seeing you all starting tomorrow


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