Thursday, 28 July 2011

Rocking the 70's

I know you will probably be thinking that we had 70's as well as 60's in Spring / Summer but I can promise you they will be staying but with a different look. 

The 70's that  you will see this Autumn / Winter  are the floppy hats, the wide leg trouser, the granny dress. I think you will see a far more boho look rather than that of untidiness. Perfect for all of you who like to look 'put together'

I am also loving the American Indian blanket shawls and the tribal Aztec print kaftans influence. 

For Winter I am a real lover of wool and am so pleased to see mix-and-match knitwear ( you can team it with your flares  )  and from a length point of view you will see mid length rather than mini or full length.

I wonder what will be your favourite item? Let me know

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Colour Blocking is here to stay...for AW11/12

Well, I for one are so pleased to see that we will be seeing the continuation of colour blocking this Autumn/Winter. So please don't feel the desire to wrap up in greys,blacks,navy blues and browns this season, throw caution to the wind and brighten up your Autumn/Winter wardrobe

Intense oceanic blues, vibrant lipstick fuchsias and firelight oranges ripple through the collections. Worn head to toe in expansive dresses or full length coats, the impact of this colour wave is akin to being visually electrocuted. The fabrics are as rich as the colour is concentrated. This colour ‘bang’ won’t work if the material is cotton or linen, it needs the sturdy powerful dye-fastness of silks, suedes and wools.

I was shopping today in Claires Accessories ( it's school holidays so I was dragged in my by 7 year old daughter! ) and their new collections are in, great little fake leather handbags in cerise pink, bright orange and oatmeal.....a great accessory to brighten up any outfit.

More tomorrow, its time for the revival of the 70's

Lots of love

Thursday, 21 July 2011

'Top Shop' heaven

During my 'free' day yesterday I found myself in the high street browsing around the shops to see the new exciting additions.

I have to say Top Shop blew me away with these stunning pieces;

This is a gorgeous wrap style dress, perfect for the Slender/Athletic, Hour glass and Pear shape body shape.

This dress gives the body shape accentuation to the waist and the bottom half floats over the curves of both the Pear and the Hour glass but gives the slender/athletic more curves.

A little coloured belt has been added to create a break in the middle.
Great for an evening out with a pair of nude platform courts or a wedge for a more casual occassion. Pop it with some gold accessories to complete the look.

If you want to wear this dress during the daytime pop the lovely oatmeal waisted cardi with it to soften the look. Maybe try a navy blue belt, looks lovely with the rust colour of the dress.


And to complete the look this is a stunning single breasted jacket. I have been telling everyone to try the on trend sand colour with navy this season as it looks stunning and this jacket just proves I was right!!! ( Don't tell my hubby )

I can also see this jacket with a lovely white shirt or t.shirt and a pair of indigo skinny jeans for those with a more classic personality.

So, who will be racing to the high street for these gorgeous items? I know I will!

lots of love


What is 'Cages'?

So, what on earth is this trend for AW2011, actually is is quite harmless.
It is basically where bars of fabric envelop and bind and wind tightly around the garment and body.

Beautifully shows off the waist, perfect for the slender/athletic body shape as it givesit the waist it doesn't have. Also great for the small hour glass body shape as it really accentuates the wais which dips in.

These are lovely examples from the catwalk show of Louis Vuitton.

So, will you dare to wear this one, it will look amazing, go on give it a go

I'll be back on Tuesday with more 'Colour blocking' for Autumn / Winter 2011

Have a great weekend


Love Lisa

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

It's Fur!

There is something about the Autumn/Winter months when you feel the desire to wrap up warm and look cosy in the process.

I personally adore this season, I feel the looks that you can create are simple, chic and incredibly stunning ( my signature style as a stylist ). Don't get me wrong I like the looks of the Spring / Summer but I LOVE the cooler months.

Stunning jacket by Matthew Williamson

So, I am really pleased to see the Fur trend continuing to be part of our AW2011, we had the shearling last year but for this season you will see wool fur and it will be seen in 'clumps' of fur randomly sewn into garments so they look fab but will not give you any warmth.
You will see the clumps on the shoulder and as the faux alternative is always popular this will keep you warm, snug and cosy. You will also see coloured faux fur which will create a dramatic look and is perfect for anyone looking to create their individual style.

So, a must have this season will be a garment with a piece of faux fur either a base neutral colour or coloured ( if you want to create impact )

Here is a great example of the 'clumps'. Beautiful by David Koma.

More tomorrow...... It's called 'Cages', now you just have to find out so see you tomorrow


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Autumn/Winter 2011

Well, as you have probably seen the high street is gradually filling up with their new season stock and if you are anything like me my favourite season is Autumn/Winter so I am just so excited!

But, what will we all be wearing this AW11?

In the next few days I will be letting you into what will be hot to wear.There are approx 9 looks you can choose from so sit back and enjoy........

Did you like the florals this season, well they are here to stay for AW11 but you will see them in a different light.
We saw big blooms this season and also very feminine small and dainty florals but for AW11 the florals are inspired by Chinese porcelain and Fabergé eggs. These florals are rendered realistically, romantically, radically and with such ravishing results.

Like every season please dont feel pressurised to look 'trendy', you can wear what suits your own personality and lifestyle and intergrate the trends into your wardrobe to suit you.
For me, trends are fab, everyone of any age can wear them, we will all just wear them a little differently.

We all have our own signature you know yours?


See you soon


Friday, 15 July 2011

Sheer Heaven!

I was so lucky to spend the day on Wednesday with my mum at the amazing Spa at

This is a day I just have to tell you about, it really is sheer heaven. We were met at the reception and shown to the changing rooms where we promptly changed into our swimming cossies, robes and slippers.....our day was about to begin!!

This is the place where you really can relax, chill out and literally let your stress and worries wash away in the outside hot tubs. You are unable to get service on your phone ( I tried! ) so you have no choice but to switch off from the outside world.

We decided to sit down and relax around the pool with a newspaper as well as catch up on all our gossip, wouldn't you love to sit around here? The water is warm and the tranquility is sheer heaven.

The day was not too warm but I was desperate to try the outside hot tubs, my mum was not too sure! Well, with the wind blowing in our hair we sat in the hot tub for about 1/2 hour ( we had alot to talk about! ).  We only moved to change to another hot tub!

Then...we decided that we really needed to try the thermal rooms ( we didn't want to miss anything! ). Firstly we sat in a mosaic tiled room where the chairs were warm and your body felt just engulfed in the warmth. After trying the other thermal rooms we were feeling rather warm so decided to take the plunge and enter the 'Ice Cave'. For anyone who knows me I really do not like the cold so for my mum to see me rubbing gorgeous smelling ice on my body was a sight to be seen.

The picture below shows the beautiful ice fountain and 2 walls of ice.

Our day was rounded off with a stunning cream tea and more talking. I was finally dragged away at 6.00pm with my skin feeling wonderful, all the gossip caught up on and with a feeling of total wellbeing.

This, in my opinion is THE SPA to go to. Treat yourself, mum, friend and enjoy this truly wonderful experience. It cannot be missed!


Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Sizing Catastrophe!

Back in the headlines again is the 'Sizing catastrophe' that is out fabulous high street!

Does the picture above resemble you on a shopping trip?

Do you know what size you are in all the shops?

Do you know who is cutting what size and shape?

Let me help you shed some light on the subject. I know, as a Stylist who shops daily for all types of body shapes that sizes do vary from shop to shop and if you want my honest opinion I don't think it will ever change.

So, what I would like to do is help you by giving you some hints and tips on how the high street stores are cutting their garments this season.

Zara - Great Spanish store who this season have definatley cut on the narrow side.The leg lengths are great for those of you who are tall and their vest tops are brilliant.

Mango- This lovely high street store cuts smaller so pop up a size to get the perfect fit.

H & M - In some cases this season they have cut on the smaller side so I would recommend you go up a size to your normal size but in other cases due to the trends some of the garments have been cut on the larger size.

Oasis - In my opinion one of their best seasons and most garments are true to size.

Ted Baker - The majority of the time this brand cuts on the smaller and narrower side

Karen Millen - This gorgeous brand cuts with corsetry, perfect for the hour glass or slender athletic but it does come up smaller due to the perfect fit.

Desiqual - For those of you with a quirky personality, gorgeous Spanish brand who cuts smaller

Wallis - Now, this brands cuts on the larger side so you may well need to go down a size

Monsoon - Again, this brand cuts on the larger side so you may well need to go down a size

M & S - M & S have always cut in the larger side so you will either find your size is 'as is' or in some cases you may need to go down a size. Their trousers cut very curvy so are great for the Pear and Hour glass

Top Shop - Another great series of collections this season, they have been true to size, great petite and tall ranges.

These are just some of my findings along the way, I could go on forever but this should help steer you on the right track.

One thing I tell all my clients  'Ignore the size label, it is a guide,' Just make sure your garment is the perfect fit for your body shape'. Too big will drown you, therefore no structure to the body frame and too small will make you look llbs heavier.

Hope you find this useful for your next shopping trip,let me know


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My Bare Escentuals Day

Well, what an amazing day I have had yet again....

I had the pleasure of taking blogger Sally Todd of Toddstar Tales for an exclusive Make under experience at my very favourite Bare Escentuals boutique in Windsor, Berkshire.

Sally was treated to an amazing Make under by SJ Froom who is the brands European Make up Artist and who presents and demonstrates live on QVC for Bare Escentuals

From start to finish we giggled, laughed and boy did Sally and I learn more in 1 hour than I have learnt in nearly 25 years of applying make up ( that sounds scary and makes me feel very old!! )

Sally will be blogging her step by step make under in a future blog on Toddstar Tales but here is her before ( stunning to start with! ) photo and you will just have to wait to see her amazing really is worth waiting for!

Lots of love

Friday, 8 July 2011

Summer Holiday packing

Your summer holiday is coming up fast and it is a very exciting time of the year but also one of the most only are allowed 12-20 kilos depending on the airline of weight in your suitcase, how do you get all your clothes in this case, the answer......You Don’t!!
Please don’t stress or worry yourself, follow my tips and you will pack efficiently and effectively;
  • Prior to packing work out what you will be doing on your holiday, days around the pool/on the beach, excursions, evening meals etc. Plan your outfits!
  • Select garments that can be teamed together ie;
Shorts with t.shirts/vest tops/cotton shirt
Skirts with t.shirts/vest tops/ cotton shirts
Dresses – The unsung hero as they are a stand alone garment and need nothing else to look stunning
Linen is a super cool, natural fabric and looks amazing in the sun teamed with colour, fabulous for the warm evenings socialising.
A couple pairs of sandals/casual flip flops – Try and make sure they work with your outfits, popular to belief you do not need a different pair of shoes for each day!
  • When packing, roll each garment, it keeps them crease free and you can fit far more in your suitcase
  • Pack a  few accessories that are of a base neutral colour so they can be worn with the majority of your outfits.

Enjoy your hols!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Dream job

I was interviewed by The Style Circus, I really do have a brilliant job!

Award winning personal stylist and all-round style guru Lisa Talbot is on a mission to get people looking and feeling fantastic.

She speaks to The Style Circus about her simply fabulous career and lets us into some top style secrets too.

  • What made you want to become a personal stylist?

I believe that everyone has the ability to look good and more importantly, feel good, all of the time. I wanted to become a personal stylist so that I could help the everyday woman (and man) look amazing just by teaching them the ‘tricks of the trade’.

  • What are the best bits?

Seeing my clients smile when they see themselves in the mirror and watching them grow with confidence into their new personal style.

  • The worst?

When I have a client who refuses to try on anything different. This makes life so so difficult, as I know what will suit their shape and personality but sometimes people just don’t want to listen!

  • Who’s been your favourite client and why?

It’s really hard to choose but my client the other week was lovely. She listened to all of my findings but more importantly she understood why I had chosen them and was willing to try new colours and shapes.

She tried on a dress that made her look a million dollars and then burst into tears. It was so lovely to see her smile and say “wow, I look amazing.” I knew then that I have the most rewarding job ever

  • What are the worst style mistakes people make?
There are a couple of common mistakes. 1) Many people just don’t dress to suit their body shape and 2) Both women and men wear baggy clothes to hide their figures because they think they’ll look better when in fact this actually makes them look worse. A little bit of structure in the right place takes pounds of us all!
  • How can people improve their look without it costing the earth?
Everyone is different but it could be by simply wearing make up or having a more modern hair cut. Colour automatically injects some fun into any wardrobe and also, just by adding a couple that suit your body shape, anyone can easily update their luck.
  • How would you describe your personal style?
I’m a bit of a tomboy at heart so I love jeans! I have a very natural personality but also have a tendency for items which are quirky. I think many people would say that I’m definitely a ‘less is more’ girl.
  • Why do you love being a personal stylist?
I love fashion and I have a real love for people so this is the perfect career for me! I really do have the best job in the world and love going to work as I can make a big difference to my clients’ lives, simply by showing them what suits they body shape, personality and lifestyle.

And there you have why I do this fantastic job...but it never feels like work, I am very lucky!

Lots of love

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Summer Neutral!

I know we have all been blown away by this season's bright colours and colour blocking but I have to say I have been so impressed by the stunning neutrals that either look amazing on their own, are used in an outfit to link it all together or just look amazing on their own.

I found these gorgeous manequinns on my 'shopping' travels this week, what do you think?

Both are collections from BIBA at House of Fraser. I wanted to show you how these  completley different looking outfits are built on these gorgeous tailored oatmeal shorts.

The top in the right hand photo is delicate, will suit a feminine personality and was made of chiffon with beaded detail to the neckline and in a random pattern on the top. Great for a Slender/Athletic body shape to create curves.
To complete this outfit I would recommend a black leather bag with gold chained strap.

The shirt in the right hand photo is made from silk and has been layered over a muted moss green detailed vest. The vest, again, has lovely beaded detail to the neckline.

What I love about both of these outfits is that they can broken down to go with linens, jeans and even over a dress.

I also found this.....STUNNING, patent bag from Ted Baker, would just about go with everything in your wardrobe, be careful as it is a big bag, remember your body scale as you don't want your bag to drown you! 

When I find more beautiful pieces I'll pop them up.

Lots of love


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