Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 17...Wonderful Wallis

Well,it's day 17 of my high street shop blog and I hope you are enjoying seeing the amazing selections that are in the stores this season.
Today I wanted to show you Wallis and in keeping with the whole jubilee theme I have chosen a red, white and blue outfit suitable for any jubilee party.

This gorgeous ponte white single buttoned blazer will jazz up any top to create a smarter look. The single button works so well for the apple body shape as it creates space from the narrowest part of the body to the top of either a pair of trousers or skirt.
This style jacket is also great for the hour glass, pear, slender/athletic as it accentuates the narrowest part of the upper body and creates a curve for the angular / boyish body shape.

If you have not seen the blouson style this season then where have you been? The shops are full of this great shaped garment. The blouson is the 'must have' for the apple body shape. It not only illusionises the tummy area but it creates shape and gives structure to the upper body....perfect. I love ths chambray shirt with the grandad collar.

For the blue element of my red,white and blue outfit I have kept it casual with a pair of cropped indigo jeans., super for any street party with or without the kids.The dark indigo jeans give the illusion of a more slender leg and create a more classic look.
Keeping any colour deeper on your lower body will give the same effect. Great for the pear body shape slimming the hip line.

I know it's not part of the jubilee theme but I could not resist this snake skin shopper bag, how beautiful is this ladies?

lots of love

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day 16...Sexy swimwear

Super summer swimwear
Whether you swim every week or you pop on a swimsuit for your annual holiday it is so important that you have the right shape for your body shape.
For many of us it is daunting to wear any swimwear as we feel exposed but trust me having the right swimwear for your body shape will make you not only look great but feel great too.
I have selected my Top 5 swimwear pieces for each body shape to guide you through.
The Hour Glass
Show those curves ladies, the hour glass is the body shape where it loves showing its shape. Whether you are a curvaceous or slim hour glass make sure we see those curves.
This Ted Baker 2 piece is lovely for this body shape, the high waisted brief creates a super curve for the lower body and the halter neck top gives structure to the bust, accentuates the shoulders and draws the eye upwards to the neck area to ensure the hour glass shape is defined.

The Pear
For the Pear shape it is all about rebalancing the lower body with the upper body.
This lovely halter neck swimsuit from La Redoute at £29.00 is perfect. The higher leg will make your legs look longer and slimmer and the halter neck really makes the shoulders look amazing. By drawing the eye to the shoulders you instantly rebalance the lower body and what a fabulous colour.

The Slender/Athletic
The slender/athletic is a naturally angular body shape, it is also known as the boyish, rectangular body shape, you need to create the curves.
This ‘Get the Label’ bikini at £14.99 is wonderful. The bikini top has a stunning detailing on the bust area which will make the bust area appear larger and therefore creating shape to the upper body. The little tie in the centre also draws the eye to a focal point.
To create the curve for the lower body this bikini bottom, again has detailing on the waist band accentuating the waist and the super ties on the side create the width for the lower body.

The Apple
This super tummy control swimsuit from M & Co at £28.00 is perfect for the apple body shape. The apple body shape carries their weight on the tummy area and has great arms and legs.
This swimsuit has added control in the tummy area to help hold the tummy in and create a sleek line. Also, the additional movement at the waist helps to illusionise this area.
The pretty teardrop detail on the bust area also keeps the structure to the overall body shape by giving a focal point to the upper body.

The Top Heavy

For the top heavy body shape it just loves plunge necklines. The plunge neckline creates space from the base of the chin to the top of the bust which gives the bust more shape and definition.

This swimsuit from Jasper Conran at Debenhams is £42.00 and perfect for this body shape. The cobalt blue and the animal print will also inject the moderness for your summer beach look.

lots of love

Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 15, Wonderful Warehouse

I am so lucky in the job I have and I really do know this. For me looking around the shops and finding new styles, putting new looks together is a little dream come true. I am a firm believer that if you have a dream you really must go for it, I never wanted to wonder 'what if'.

Warehouse, both last season and this has really come into it's own, their styling has been lovely and I have just loved their prints and colours which worn on their own or teamed with a statement garment look fab.

For this season I just love this maxi dress, the maxi dress in the empire line is perfect for the Apple body shape, it gives structure to the bust line and helps to disguise the tummy line. This maxi dress is also perfect for the Top heavy as it has this wonderful plunge neckline.

This is the Balinese print border maxi dress.

Lots of you know my signature style is simple, stunning and chic. This zip t.shirt is perfect for this look, a really lovely t.shirt with just a little added detail so it is not too plain.

The maxi skirt has also made a real statement this season, I love the Mirror scarf print maxi skirt, a skirt full of print which is so lovely if teamed with a block coloured t.shirt. Let the skirt do the talking in this outfit.

Lots of love

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 14, O'h it's H & M

I am not frightened to say it but I love H & M, there is something for everyone in these great stores but I do understand it is not the easiest shop to find your way around ( this is what I hear so often )

I'm all for the jumpsuit this season, this is a really pretty chiffon zebra print with little tie shoudler straps. Great for the hour glass to work with the curves and lovely for the slender/athletic to create the's only £24.99

This little jumper is one style that you will be seeing in all the stores this season from Reiss to M & S and all different prices, this soft pink jumper, although looks quite square really has a great shape when you try it on. It really works to accentuate the waist and the neckline scoops more than the photo shows. Looks lovely on the bigger busted lady as the scoop really creates the space from the base of the chin to the top of the bustline.

Now, I will admit it but I have never really been a handbag girl but I think as I'm getting on a bit the love has finally hit me. Just look at this little beauty, this fabulous immitation leather bag with additional pockets for your car park ticket if your like me and lose yours on a regular basis or your phone or keys.
A coloured bag will really inject the fun into your summer wardrobe....I think this one may sneak itself into my wardrobe in the next few days.

lots of love

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Day 13 My Hobbs fav's

There is something very simple, yet elegant about Hobbs. For me Hobbs is all about timeless pieces and how a very simple capsule wardrobe can be put together.

I really liked this Cavern t.shirt which has a very nautical theme. The half sleeve is great for anyone who likes to cover their upper arm, they are also fab for those wanting to show off their arms.

These wide leg Valentina linen trousers are just pefect for the summer day. Hobb's linen is more weighty which is great as it will not crease like the cheaper linen. The wide leg is great for the Pear and hour glass body shap as they help rebalance the lower body. Also great for the slender/athletic to create those lower body curves.

Now, these shoes really caught my eye, this is the Lee sandal, great little shoe and can be worn casually or dress it up for a more 'grown up' look.

O'h and I also found this wonderful fun cake pendant necklace, what a super piece of jewellery

lots of love

Friday, 25 May 2012

Day 12..Phase Eight stunners

For me, Phase Eight has always been an interesting brand, they always seem to have an ecclectic mix of styles and colours to suit so many of my clients.
One thing I will say if you are an Apple body shape you will love Phase Eight. Their range of dresses and tops suit this body shape to a tee.

This is a great simple jersey dress in a lovely cobalt blue. The attention to detail with the ruching at the waist is a wonderful way to show of the shape of the body whilst illusionising the tummy area.
Great for home, work and play, this is a really versatile dress.

One tip, if you want to wear a cardi, jacket,shawl or wrap with this dress please just ensure you stop it at the waist. If you take the over garment longer you will lose the definition of the waist.

Now, how stunning is this, this is THE MOST AMAZING jumpsuit on, it is wonderful for all body shapes and due to the density of the fabric it hangs like a dream. The plunge neckline is great for the Top heavy, the wide leg perfect for the Pear and Hour glass as it helps to rebalance the hip line and the wonderful wide waist creates the curves the slender/athlectic is so desperate for.

For the Apple body shape the blouson style top is the best as it still keeps the body shape but creates movement around the tummy area. The Vintage print flower top in a chiffon below is super to create a more feminine look and add a little wow to those linen trousers this summer.

This heart detailed top is made from jersey so creates a far more casual look, perfect to be worn with skinny jeans, a soft trouser or even a pair of shorts. As you can see there is a tie at the neck, if you want to create a deeper plunge just undo the tie and let it hang lose.

Lots of love

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Day 11, Amazing Karen Millen

I have never kept my love for Karen Millen a secret, I just love the fabric, the way she cuts with corsetry which suits my body shape like a dream and the fact that the brand mixes between classic and quirky.
I have selected garements which can be worn together to create a stunning out fit or as seperates with other items.

This amazing tribal jacket ( as seen in Glamour magazine ) is gorgeous, it is very much a statement piece. The photo shows the jacket zipped up and what you can see is how the shape is showing definition of the waist which is perfect for the hour glass, pear and slender/athlectic body shape.

The tribal jacket ( above ) will look great just open as the front element flaps open to create a wonderful look. I have added in the raspberry corset style t.shirt to complement and create additional shape to a curvy body shape. I wanted to add a splash of colour to bring out the colours in the jacket.

And, how simple yet indredibly chic are these wide legged white trousers, they bring the whole outfit together. The wide legged trouser is great to help rebalance either the lower body if you are a pear or curvaceous hour glass body shape. They also work really well for the top heavy lady helping to rebalance the upper and lower body. Perfect also for the slender/athletic to create this angular body shape those lovely curves.

And to top it all off I just loved these purple tinted visor style sun glasses

How gorgeous would this look for a day at the races or a summer wedding?

lots of love


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 10...Loving White Stuff

There's something quite gorgeous about White Stuff, for any lady who has a natural personality you will love this brand. They have the most gorgeous selection of t.shirts, skirts, tunics, sandals and so much more. For me White Stuff is all about the fabric and the feel, also the muted colour tones.

I just love this 'steal a kiss' top, how pretty is this? It will look lovely with any skirt or linen trousers this summer whilst sitting in the park enjoying the sun whilst the kids play. The little cap sleeve is great for those who like a little bit of cover up and the scoop neckline lovely for those top heavy ladies.

I wanted to show you this great flat fronted skirt, great for the apple body shape, flat fronts works really well for ladies that carry a weight on their tummy area as they create a sleek line. This skirt is so pretty with the added print on the botom half of the skirt..

And, how many of you find it difficult to find a simple sandal withe a small wedge heel for the summer?Well, let me introduce you to the 3 flower thong sandal. It is a great base neutral colour so perfect to pop with any of your summer outfits.

These 3 pieces create a simple, chic outfit or break them down can all be worn individually with other items.

Lots of love

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Day 9...My Reiss picks

Another one of my all time favourites.....Reiss, this beautiful brand cuts superbly with a classic feel yet has the quirky edge to please those like myself who like something a little different.

This great Bobbi fine gauge jumper is pefect for all body shapes, great for the Apple as if you draw the hem up it will create a blouson style perfect for disguising the tummy area. The small cuff on the sleeve draws the eye outwards to show wonderful arms and o'h what a beautiful colour. Also perfect for hour glass, pear and slender athletic. For the top heavy lady beware of the high neck as it will accentuate the bust.

I wanted to add in a long line blazer which keeps the while outfit smart/casual. This blazer can be worn with any pair of trousers/jans to give them the wow factor. Again, perfect for all body shapes.

These Roxy baby bootcut trousers are great as an alternative to jeans, I hear so many ladies who tell me they love jeans but do fancy a change every now and again.
The baby bootcut will suit all body shapes as they help rebalance the lower body and bring it back in line with the upper body.
I chose this colour to complement both the blazer and jumper.

I know we all have our fetish's where clothes are concerned and I will admit mine is coats, I have a wardrobe full so I have one for every occassion and outfit.
But, even I would not pass these great woven closed sandals, great to go with trousers, skirts and dresses. As the colour is base neutral they will go with anything. 

lots of love

Monday, 21 May 2012

Day 8...My River Island picks

O'h I love River Island this season and I can honestly say I think they have really improved over the past couple of seasons.
This season River Island have collections that are appealing to so many from young teenagers to the more mature lady. I am so not into the whole age thing and can say I do not believe that at any age you should stop wearing any items. It really is all about how you feel ( I can feel another blog post coming on.....)
As I'm 42 I really don't see myself as a mature lady but I suppose I am!

Just look at my favourite pieces from River Island this week.

I thought for todays post I would start feet up, these lovely cork sandals are great, full of colour, detail and just really easy to wear during the hot months we are promised.
The maxi skrt has been around for a while and suits many but I have to say I love the skirts this season with the double dip hem. This grey skirt is a jersey and will so simple to wear, great with sflat flip flops, wedges and even a plimsoll. This skirt is perfect for those who are curvy on your bottom half as it works so well with your curves. Also great for the slender/athletic to create curves and the top heavy to draw the attention to the legs.

This pretty top is a cover up top with beautiful floral detailing and fringing, I would just pop a white vest with lace detail under to keep this look simple, yet chic.

And to finish it off I adore this sun and moon gold necklace, what a piece to add to any outfit. This would be great for the Top Heavy and Pear body shape to draw the eye upwards and rebalance the body.
I may be sneaking one of these into my bag next week, this is a must have for me.

lots of love

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day 7....My New Look pics

New Look is one of those stores that for me, you won't walk into as you think it is too young for that not right?
Well, let me show you a few pieces that will bring your summer wardrobe to life this season.

This beautiful turquoise polka dot top is lovely, the peplum bottom is a huge trend all on its own this season and is perfect for those apple shapes who want to illusionise the tummy area. Also great for the Hour glass, Pear and Slender/Athletic as it works and creates curves all at the same time.
Let those garments do the work for you ladies.

I love this crochet knit cardi, it really helps accentuate the waist as the garment itself dips in at the waist. It will look great with the peplum top or any other summer t.shirt as a lovely little cover up.
The texture of this garment is what will give your outfit that edge this summer.

Now, I know as a mum of twins and with the summer hols looming that I will be off to the theme parks, cycling in the woods, off for picnics with friends and loads more. I want to have a garment in my wardrobe that can be a real throw on and look and feel great. These cropped indigo jeans will be just that garment, they will work with the above tops but also any others that you decide to pop with them.

And, how about these tie dye plimsolls, perfect for this outfit but also great if you team with other coloured jeans this summer,white linens or shorts.

Lots of love

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Day 6....My French Connection picks

French Connection has been an iconic brand on our high street for many a year. For me, it is a brand that brings to mind bling, pretty, feminine but with an edge.
My favourite picks that I wanted to show you are dresses that can work for daytime and an evening look..

I love this Paisley print dress with a tie waist, a detailed hem and super t.shirt sleeves. This dress is great for those of an hour glass and pear body shape as it highlights those great waists. It works so well for the slender/athletic as it creates the curves that this body shape lacks. A little trick with this dress is you can change the belt to create a different look. The little t.shirt sleeves are also fab for those that like to cover the tops of their arms.
Can't you just imagine this with a simple sandal?

And as for this dress, prepare to be wow'd ( I think that's how you spell it! ). It is a waisted dress which looks like a skirt and top. The top is a stunning piece all on its own, the embellishment is what French Connection are so well known for and the colours on this dress are truly amazing. The detailed beading around the neck draws the eye upwards so this will automatically rebalance the lower body.
The skirt element works so well for all body shapes as it creates the femininity and the curves.
I would select a lovely pair of nude patent platform court shoes with this dress to create a sleek, stunning look.
This could be worn to Ascot or any Regatta whilst sipping a lovely glass of Pims.
Lots of love

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fabulous frocks fashion show

I have had the best day ever, all my days are great but presenting a fashion show at The Royal Berkshire club in aid of Sparks charity was just fab.
The Royal Berkshire club is a luxurious Virgin Active club and one I have worked with before just under a different owner. As many of you know I am very passionate that Style links with the health, fitness and beauty industry for the complete package.
The event was the brainchild of Mags Barton, events organiser extraordinaire, she thinks of an idea and miraculously it happens.

I wanted to share with you some photos from the day. I have to say a great big thank you to Aisha who came and helped me today by organising the dresses and taking my photos.
The dresses all come from My Secret Wardrobe which is a boutique evening and daytime dress hire based in Crowthorne, Berkshire. The dresses ranged from cocktail, ballgown, evening and daytime dresses and are from designers such as La Femme, Gorgeous Couture, Pucci, Herve Leger and so many more.

The fashion show was themed around Ascot, The Regattas, Balls and evening events and in my opinion many of these dresses can be worn for any occassion.

The amazing hats were made by Natalia, a wonderful couture milliner from Ascot. Natalia handmakes all of the hands and created the most amazing styles for the fashion show.

For me, I so wanted to show all the 100 spectators how everyone can wear these dresses so my job was to show which body shape worked with each dress, there were a lot of ladies taking notes and many nodding and smiling knowing they too can wear their favourite dress

I think you must agree the ladies look gorgeous and a huge thank you goes out to all the models who kindly gave up their time to support this great event. I have a feeling dressing in wonderful dresses all morning was more fun than work!

lots of love

Day 4..My Ted Baker picks

I have a secret love affair with Ted Baker, for me the prints, fabrics and unique styling will really make you feel rather gorgeous. I just adore the new collections and had a hard task to select my favourites for today.

The first top I selected is the grey with beautiful butterfly print and extended sleeve. This jumper has a blouson style bottom which is great for those who carry weight around their tummy. The extended cuff will draw the eye outwards which works so well for the hour glass and pear body shape emphasising the curves.

How pretty is this little heart detailed cardi, perfect for any summer day when there is a slight chill in the air. I can see this being worn either open over a simple t.shirt or a chiffon shirt or buttoned up with a few buttons open at the neckline perfect for those top heavy ladies
I know the playsuits may not be everyones liking but I would urge you to please try one on, they are great and look amazing. I just love this cerise pink playsuit which when on looks like a top with a pair of shorts. Perfect for the slender/athletic body shape as the detailing on the sleeves creates curves. Also super for the hour glass and pear as the shorts move with those gorgeous curves and the detailing on the sleeves rebalances the body lines.

I could not resist this IPAD cover, I am well known for having an IPAD permanantley attached to me ( they're fab!) and I'm also known by many as liking a little bit of bling so this little accessory is perfect for your IPAD to travel with style.

lots of love
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