Monday, 2 January 2012

The Perfect jeans

Does this picture look familiar?

Do you have the perfect pair of jeans that you just love?


Do you experience the following problems with your jeans;

The waist is too big and gaps needing you to wear a belt

The waist fits perfectly but the jeans bag under your bottom

You'd love to wear skinny jeans but you feel you look like a funnel

You end up with the 'muffin top'

If you are like many women who have jeans as a staple garment in your wardrobe then it is so important that they fit well and look fabulous, having the perfect pair of jeans for your body shape makes all the difference.

Jeans are the most amazing garment which can be dressed up or dressed down and are now seen being worn not only in the daytime for a casual look but at work or for an evening out.

I have partnered with Donna Ida again to bring you my 'Jeans only shopping experience'. Donna's boutique in Westfield, Shepherds Bush carries a briliant range of both brands ( James, 7 For all man kind, MIH, Mother, Paige and many others ) and styles ( Bootcut, Skinny, Flare, Cigarette, bootcut ) and I can promise you I will find you the perfect jeans, just for you.

This photo is one of my favourite and is only 1 wall of Donna's boutique, now tell me that you won't be able to find your perfect jeans!!!

My next Jeans shopping experience is Friday 27th January, 10.30am to 1.30pm at Westifeld Shepherds Bush

Book early as numbers are limited, simply drop me an email or give me a call

Cost £50.00

Lots of love
07887 802700

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