Friday, 30 December 2011

New Years Style resolution

After a great Christmas but knowing I have eaten way too much and fearing the worst if I dare step on the scales I have decided to focus on the new year and what 2012 may have in store for myself and my family and how some of these changes can be achieved.

How many of year are thinking ' I need to joing the gym', 'I need to shift those extra pounds', or 'I need to 'Declutter my wardrobe', 'I want a new look' and 'I would love to know what clothes realy do suit me'.
I can hear many of you saying....that's me!

Heard of the saying New Year, New You, well you'll probably hear it alot in the next few weeks as 2012 get's into full swing. I still not quite sure as to whether I actually like this wording, I would rather say 'little treats for me in 2012'.

Personal style, in my view, is about taking a journey and taking little steps at a time, for example.......

* Buy a great pair of jeans
* Start the new year fresh by decluttering those items you have been hanging onto for ages...just in case!
* Take time to browse the high street and shopping centres, once understood it will make your life easy
* Learn what stles suit your body shape
* Learn a simple skin care routine
* Learn how to apply make up in easy steps
* Having a new hairstyle to work with your personality and lifestyle

And there's loads more........making it a journey means you don't feel under pressure to do it all at once, you can set timelines which makes each step more achievable.

So, what's your new years style resoultion?

Lots of love

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