Sunday, 29 January 2012

One Stop Style Shop

I sat down on Friday night completley exhausted, and that is putting it politely!

I looked back over my week and realised I did the following, does it sound familiar?

Monday- School run, work, collected 1 child at 3pm, the other at 4pm. Then homework, tea and take 1 child to Brownies at 6pm and the other to Beavers at 6.30pm and of course I had to pick them up as hubby was still on the M4!

Tuesday - School run, work, collected 1 child at 3pm, the other at 4pm. Then homework, tea and a calmer evening

Wednesday - School run, work, collected 4 children at 3pm, tea for all, friends children collected at 6pm so then on with the homework and a calmer evening

Thursday - School run,work, collected 1 child and friend at 4pm, the other one had gone to a friend about 12 miles away. Tea for the boys, then had to pick Maisie up at 6pm. Got home about 6.45pm.

Friday - School run, a train up to QVC for my exciting meeting, 1 child off to friends before she went to Stagecoach and then collected Tom at 4.15 from rugby.
Then back in the car to collect Maisie at 7.30pm as hubby was still at work!

In between all the above I managed to do the washing, ironing, food shopping, make sure my big boy was ok with his golf, make sure my mum was ok and get all the lunches ready for the next day and walk my gorgeous rottweiler. O'h and spend some quality time with my husband, yeah right!!

It just got me thinking....if everyones life is as busy as mine and I have a feeling it is, then getting dressed, applying make up, clothes shopping, getting a haircut, keeping fit & healthy and generally looking after or making time for ourselves needs to be made really easy.

That's why I will be introducing my 'One Stop Style shop' very shortly.

Ladies, I love what I do and I want to teach you everything I know so that I can make your life a little easier when it comes to what you wear, how you look and more importantly how you feel about yourself

keep your eyes peeled


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