Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Simple,stunning style

How was your day my hubby said to me at 7.00pm tonight when he walked in from work. I had to actually stop for a moment and think....what did I not do today.

My day started at 6.45pm when my 7 year old twins climb into bed for a cup of tea ( I've taught them well ), they don't go back to school until tomorrow so we had 1 more non-rushed morning.

After watching the news on Daybreak it was time for the day to really begin, I shower and wash my hair whilst Tom and Maisie ( the twins ) fight over whether to watch Ben 10 or Good Luck Charlie, it always ends up in a row which I need to calm down with dripping wet hair and a towel nearly falling round my ankles.

Next job was to choose what to wear which is simple for me as I have a very well organised capsule wardrobe to suit both my personality and lifestyle. Like me, any woman needs her wardrobe to work for her, not against her.
I chose a pair of great black cotton stretch skinnes ( Leigh ) from Top Shop and teamed it with a Karen Millen black and blue ribbed roll neck with stunning popper detail on the shoulders. I added a black leather belt with a large chrome buckle to add interest to my outfit. And to finish the look I added a lovely navy sparkle necklace I picked up from Fabulous jewellery just before Christmas.

After breakfast we decided to brave the wind and rain and head for Tesco's to get the school lunch shopping, not my brightest idea as it's an open air car park. I added a pair of black knee high leather biker boots from Gabor and a grey knitted hat so my hair would stay straight!! Have you ever tried to carry an umbrella whilst holding the hands of 2 children?

I returned home a little like I had been blown through a bush backwards but still looking put together!
The afternoon was taken up with making bath bombs, bouncy balls, a magicians wand and invisible ink, did you get the idea the kids got science kits for Christmas?!
Oh' I almost forgot I managed to get washed and dried 2 loads of washing, hoover both upstairs and down and take down the Christmas decorations!

I even managed to do a little bit of work, I made a couple of calls, sent a few emails and secured a great prize for my Vitality show competition

I then looked at the clock....it was time for tea. So whilst the kids decided to run off the pent up energy they had stored all afternoon with a game of bounce the new bouncy balls as high as they could I started the tea. Only to hear that ever fateful word........MUM! The bouncy ball had knocked over my candle and my lovely cappaccino lounge walls were now covered in bright blue solid wax!!!!! Operation clean up was called into action.

So, my darling husband my day was ok. But one thing I was rest assured my outfit had stayed the test of time all day, it had coped with everything I threw at it today and at 7.00pm it still looked just as good as when I first put it on 11 hours earlier. Even my make up looked great, thanks to a great primer and wonderful mineral make up from Bare Escentuals I certainly didn't look like I felt.........absolutely KNACKERED!!

Style does not have to be complicated, keep it simple and make it work for your personality and lifestyle.

lots of love

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