Tuesday, 10 January 2012

H & M's Customer Service experience

For those of you who know me I am passionate about what I do and how I can really make a difference to lives just by teaching both ladies and men in how to dress their body shape and how to understand the high street. I do know it can be daunting.

I have always been a firm believer that the high street stores are 'missing a trick' with their customer service experience and I have never been afraid of saying it!

It didn't fall on deaf ears when I met with the amazing store manager of H & M, The Oracle, Reading before Christmas. She is the most amazing woman, an on fire Irish lady with the drive and passion for her store like I have never seen.

So, today saw the 1st training session of the staff in H & M, The Oracle in how to dress both the woman and male body shapes with the new collections in store. I also touched on how ladies want that special customer service experience where as men want to just buy.
Have you ever known a man want to 'mooch' on their day off?!

I know from the ladies and men I see that they love the fact I can pull together new outfits and teach them in how to dress their body shape. We put this theory to the test this morning with a lovely young lady pushing a pram and just browsing around the store. I asked her if I could help her in anyway and she said 'how lovely' and look relieved for some guidance.
I showed her garments to suit her body shape and in line with what she was looking for, she went off to the changing room armed with an array of garments.I was told later she bought all the items.

This is a great result for both the customer who experienced a new & value add customer service and the high street who benefited from additional sales ( which they so badly need now )

For H & M, Reading they are now the only high street store who is offering this service......FANTASTIC. The plan is to roll this training out to more H & M stores in the UK, boy I'm going to be busy!

How can you now not afford to go into H & M, The Oracle, Reading and experience this wonderful new service.

I would love to hear from you, do you think is a great service now being pioneered by
H & M, would you like to see other high street stores adopt this training for their staff?

lots of love

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