Friday, 20 January 2012

Are you in the Style rut?

Two thirds of women are stuck in a style rut, a survey of 2000 women has revealed

Two thirds of British women are stuck in a style rut because they lack the confidence to change their image, it has emerged.

1. An average woman has had their current hairstyle for a staggering six years and 153 days,while nearly half have had the same hair style since they were a teenager.

2. 60% feel they never changed the way they dress or do their makeup.

3.Over a third fear they won’t be able to pull off an image change, with many worried about how their partner might respond or whether other women would judge them.

4.One in ten women think their current look is great but have stuck with it for years because it’s what they and their friends and family are used to

5.A third of ladies described their dress sense as ‘comfy’

6. A quarter described their dress sense as 'conservative'

7. Many are convinced image plays a big part when it comes to success- a quarter of the study thought they had been held back in life by a lack of confidence to change their look, either for a job interview or date.

The survey conducted by Remington showed the results show that many women suffer from a very real lack of confidence when it comes to changing the way they look.

For me, I really can see where these results are coming from but what is lovely is that I know the lessons I teach really do make a difference and can be life changing.
Changes to your image do not have to be done all at once, changing your image or style is a road you travel and the steps you take can be as small or as large as you want them to be.
For me, the journey has to be fun

What better result for me is to see a lady smiling back at herself in a mirror......none.

I firmly promote that if you look good you more importantly feel great, confidence really does come from feeling good about yourself.

Answer me this.........How good do you feel walking out your front door if you know you look good?

Is it the time in your life you made some little changes?

Lots of love

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