Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Sizing Catastrophe!

Back in the headlines again is the 'Sizing catastrophe' that is out fabulous high street!

Does the picture above resemble you on a shopping trip?

Do you know what size you are in all the shops?

Do you know who is cutting what size and shape?

Let me help you shed some light on the subject. I know, as a Stylist who shops daily for all types of body shapes that sizes do vary from shop to shop and if you want my honest opinion I don't think it will ever change.

So, what I would like to do is help you by giving you some hints and tips on how the high street stores are cutting their garments this season.

Zara - Great Spanish store who this season have definatley cut on the narrow side.The leg lengths are great for those of you who are tall and their vest tops are brilliant.

Mango- This lovely high street store cuts smaller so pop up a size to get the perfect fit.

H & M - In some cases this season they have cut on the smaller side so I would recommend you go up a size to your normal size but in other cases due to the trends some of the garments have been cut on the larger size.

Oasis - In my opinion one of their best seasons and most garments are true to size.

Ted Baker - The majority of the time this brand cuts on the smaller and narrower side

Karen Millen - This gorgeous brand cuts with corsetry, perfect for the hour glass or slender athletic but it does come up smaller due to the perfect fit.

Desiqual - For those of you with a quirky personality, gorgeous Spanish brand who cuts smaller

Wallis - Now, this brands cuts on the larger side so you may well need to go down a size

Monsoon - Again, this brand cuts on the larger side so you may well need to go down a size

M & S - M & S have always cut in the larger side so you will either find your size is 'as is' or in some cases you may need to go down a size. Their trousers cut very curvy so are great for the Pear and Hour glass

Top Shop - Another great series of collections this season, they have been true to size, great petite and tall ranges.

These are just some of my findings along the way, I could go on forever but this should help steer you on the right track.

One thing I tell all my clients  'Ignore the size label, it is a guide,' Just make sure your garment is the perfect fit for your body shape'. Too big will drown you, therefore no structure to the body frame and too small will make you look llbs heavier.

Hope you find this useful for your next shopping trip,let me know


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