Thursday, 28 July 2011

Rocking the 70's

I know you will probably be thinking that we had 70's as well as 60's in Spring / Summer but I can promise you they will be staying but with a different look. 

The 70's that  you will see this Autumn / Winter  are the floppy hats, the wide leg trouser, the granny dress. I think you will see a far more boho look rather than that of untidiness. Perfect for all of you who like to look 'put together'

I am also loving the American Indian blanket shawls and the tribal Aztec print kaftans influence. 

For Winter I am a real lover of wool and am so pleased to see mix-and-match knitwear ( you can team it with your flares  )  and from a length point of view you will see mid length rather than mini or full length.

I wonder what will be your favourite item? Let me know

Lots of Love


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