Wednesday, 20 July 2011

It's Fur!

There is something about the Autumn/Winter months when you feel the desire to wrap up warm and look cosy in the process.

I personally adore this season, I feel the looks that you can create are simple, chic and incredibly stunning ( my signature style as a stylist ). Don't get me wrong I like the looks of the Spring / Summer but I LOVE the cooler months.

Stunning jacket by Matthew Williamson

So, I am really pleased to see the Fur trend continuing to be part of our AW2011, we had the shearling last year but for this season you will see wool fur and it will be seen in 'clumps' of fur randomly sewn into garments so they look fab but will not give you any warmth.
You will see the clumps on the shoulder and as the faux alternative is always popular this will keep you warm, snug and cosy. You will also see coloured faux fur which will create a dramatic look and is perfect for anyone looking to create their individual style.

So, a must have this season will be a garment with a piece of faux fur either a base neutral colour or coloured ( if you want to create impact )

Here is a great example of the 'clumps'. Beautiful by David Koma.

More tomorrow...... It's called 'Cages', now you just have to find out so see you tomorrow


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