Friday, 15 July 2011

Sheer Heaven!

I was so lucky to spend the day on Wednesday with my mum at the amazing Spa at

This is a day I just have to tell you about, it really is sheer heaven. We were met at the reception and shown to the changing rooms where we promptly changed into our swimming cossies, robes and slippers.....our day was about to begin!!

This is the place where you really can relax, chill out and literally let your stress and worries wash away in the outside hot tubs. You are unable to get service on your phone ( I tried! ) so you have no choice but to switch off from the outside world.

We decided to sit down and relax around the pool with a newspaper as well as catch up on all our gossip, wouldn't you love to sit around here? The water is warm and the tranquility is sheer heaven.

The day was not too warm but I was desperate to try the outside hot tubs, my mum was not too sure! Well, with the wind blowing in our hair we sat in the hot tub for about 1/2 hour ( we had alot to talk about! ).  We only moved to change to another hot tub!

Then...we decided that we really needed to try the thermal rooms ( we didn't want to miss anything! ). Firstly we sat in a mosaic tiled room where the chairs were warm and your body felt just engulfed in the warmth. After trying the other thermal rooms we were feeling rather warm so decided to take the plunge and enter the 'Ice Cave'. For anyone who knows me I really do not like the cold so for my mum to see me rubbing gorgeous smelling ice on my body was a sight to be seen.

The picture below shows the beautiful ice fountain and 2 walls of ice.

Our day was rounded off with a stunning cream tea and more talking. I was finally dragged away at 6.00pm with my skin feeling wonderful, all the gossip caught up on and with a feeling of total wellbeing.

This, in my opinion is THE SPA to go to. Treat yourself, mum, friend and enjoy this truly wonderful experience. It cannot be missed!


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