Monday, 7 February 2011

Tips for Younger eyes!

 The skin around the eyes is much thinner and contains fewer oil glands than the rest of your face and so as a result can be drier and much more prone to wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. The first step to younger looking eyes is daily use of a quality eye cream to protect, hydrate and prevent the appearance of fine lines.

Many believe that their day moisturiser can be used on this area, unfortunately they are generally too rich for the eye area and this can lead to puffiness and sensitivity.

Do not apply eye cream too close to the eye itself, it only needs to  be applied to the "orbital bone" arond the eye zone and will travel to where it is needed.
Cream based eye masks are now available and should be applied at least once per week for 15-20 mins to the entire eye area and are extremely effective as an anti-ageing tool  when used on a regular basis.

We need to pay attention to the eyebrows as we get older. A subtle alteration can create a dramatically younger looking face.Lift the eyes by arching the brows with a brush.Remove any eyebrow hairs that extend past the natural arch of the brow, take hairs very gradually as over-plucked eyebrows can be very ageing.
Fill in any gaps in the brows with powder or a soft pencil using feather-like strokes, for a much more youthful look.

Before applying eye make-up, start with a lightweight concealer to the entire lid area to reduce any pink or blue undertones which tend to naturally occur around the eye,not forgetting  the under-eye area which has a wonderful effect of lifting and brightening giving a wide awake and immediately anti-ages the look of the eyes.

Keep eyeshadow simple, with natural nude tones which flatter every eye shape and colour. Eyeliner can work wonders to open and brighten the eyes. Avoid harsh black, which can be very ageing and think softer shades of brown, plums, grey and navy. To line the eyes, gently pull the corner of the eye outward forming a soft line as close as possible to the top lashes, starting at the inside corner and working toward the outside. This line can be blended and softened further with a small and angular eye-liner brush for an extremely natural and youthful look.

As we become older the eyelashes unfortunately tend to become more sparse, we can create the illusion of thicker lashes by firstly using an eyelash curler, and following on with a thickening mascara applied into the very root of the lashes, apply 2 coats for maximum effect.  
You can all now have stunning eyes!
Lots of love

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