Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mens body shapes

The majority of men do not like shopping...FACT!

If you asked your husband, partner or male friend if they knew their body shape do you think they would know, probably not!

Men's body shapes are so less complicated than womens, arn't they lucky I hear you cry!

An Athletic man
This man is neither too tall,nor short,neither too heavy, nor too thin. He does not have huge muscles and most clothes in most stores will fit him off the peg. He is really lucky as like Slender/Athlectic women most styles of clothes look great on this body shape

A Tall man
The tall man's frame needs to proportioned correctly through his clothes. His sleeves,jackets and leg lengths should finish at just the right point.

A Short man

To increase the height of a short man I will make it my priority to streamline his clothes to ensure they are as neat as possible, this creates the illusion of height. Single breasted jackets are fab together with flat fronted trousers and no turn ups. Leg styles will vary depending on whether the man has a thinner or stockier leg

A Heavy man

When dressing a heavier man the aim for myself is to find clothes that fit the body shape correctly ensuring my client has garments that are the perfect fit. The fit must be perfect across the wdiest area, good tailors are an asset for this body shape as garments bought can be altered if necessary
Vertical lines and dark solid colours are great for this body shape.

A Thin man
For a man with a thin frame it is my job to encourage him to add weight to his frame by his clothes
Horizintal linesare a thin mans best friend and heavier and textured fabrics will add substance to his frame. Again, as with a heavy man we need to be aware of the fit of his clothes as it will have an impact on the look

These are my highlights for mens body shapes,with all these body shapes there is so much more to dressing them to make them look amazing. The same principles apply as for a woman, highlight and illusionise

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Lots of love

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