Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Impact of Colour

Wearing colour has a huge impact on how we feel and how others see us, it has an effect in our lives every day. Colour can affect our feeling of wellbeing, when we wear a bright colour we fell happy and so others around us feel the vibes we send off.
The main colours in our life say different things for example;
Black and Grey- Deep dark colour, gives the illusion of looking sleek. Seen as an authoritarian colour but also seen as ‘the safe option’ so is sometimes seen as a lack of imagination by those who only wear black.
White – Virginal, crisp, clean colour and a sign of purity
Brown – Earthy, with nature....seen as an ‘at ease’ or ‘relaxed’ colour
Blue – A conservative/safe colour
Pink – Compassionate, gentle, feminine
Purple – Welcoming to others, warm, creative, sensitive
Green – As this is the colour of our many elements of nature it is seen as a calm colour and free spirit
Red – Whatever tone of red you wear it will show to others you are confident with yourself and ‘who you are’, it is not a calming colour, more a colour of excitement. Red is seen to have sex appeal due to the fact those who wear it give the impression of confident ,exciting and fun, therefore, making it a sexy colour and an attraction to the opposite sex
For 2010 the colour to be seen in is ‘Camel’, from coats, to trousers, dresses and jumpers this is a must to have in your wardrobe for Autumn/Winter 2010. It’s is a beautiful base neutral colour which can be worn with almost every other colour as long as it carries the same tone, it will then look out of this world. You will also see it being carried into SS11
It is a wonderful chic, classic colour that can also be worn to be fun and quirky
If ‘Camel’ is not your colour then ‘Grey’ is a great alternative. Grey is a beautiful colour where there are many colour variations, all of which are soft and can be teamed with many other colours to look amazing.

For Spring/Summer 2011 the colours to be seen in will be colours mainly named after flowers, so more pastel, for example; poppy, iris, geranium, daffodil . We will also see the ‘muted’ colours creeping into our wardrobe together with the ‘water’ blue colours.  We will also see ‘sheer’ colours.
Not everyone can wear vibrant colours, the key to pulling them off is to check when you put them on that ‘you wear them and they do not wear you’. This can be tested by looking in a mirror and checking to see if you see the colour before you see your face. If you see the colour first then this colour is not good with your skin tone. Opt for a softer clearer colour with a different undertone.
As a Personal Stylist I think ladies wear too much black because the belief is that it makes us look thinner. Black is a deep, dark colour which gives this illusion. Deep purple, brown, navy, aubergine, charcoal grey will have exactly the same illusion and are much more fun.
Ladies, have fun with colour, don’t be afraid of it. It really does make a massive difference, it makes you feel alive. It will give you the same feeling as when the sun shines.
Colours all have an undertone, either blue or yellow.  The secret to matching colours is to match the undertones, this way you can wear a number of colours all of which tone and never clash but look great together. The common mistakes are to throw different colours together with different undertones, these will ‘clash’. When worn all everyone will see is the colours not the person wearing them.
I love the following combinations of colour Navy blue and Coral,Navy blue and greens, Camel and Red,Taupe and pink, taupe and pastel blue, purple and vibrant pink, purple and red, olive green and red, also purple and orange look amazing together.

Everyone must experiment with colour and not be frightened of it, I would recommend that for those who are not used to colour to inject it into their wardrobe gradually by means of shirt, jumper, cardigan, long sleeve t.shirt.  Start with deep colours and work up to more vibrant, clear colours. Experiment with colour gradually into your every day life before you try it for an important occasion.
After a period of time you will love colour and the impact it has on your mood, wellbeing and how others see you. Before you know it you will be that lady wearing a stunning electric blue dress and feeling a million dollars.
The most important element of Personal Styling  is looking good and feeling great.

Do you have a favourite colour, I would love to know?

love Lisa

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Emma said...

I love wearing green and purple, as it always makes me feel more confident and awake.

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