Thursday, 3 February 2011

Bodymetrics-What's your jean shape?

As many of you know I LOVE my jeans but I also know how so many of you struggle to find the perfect style/brand to fit your body shape.

Let me introdue you to BODYMETRICS, exclusive to Selfridges. These are the body scanned designer jeans.

I have been through the scanner today and it really is amazing, you are taken into a lovely changing room, asked to remove your jewellery and clothes right down to your knickers. If you have black knickers like I happened to have on today you are given a white disposable pair ( the scanner does not like black! ). You walk into the scanner and wait patiently for 8 seconds whilst the scanner works out your measurements.

Based on their expertise in body scanning, Bodymetrics have identified 3 ladies body shapes. Their jeans are specifically desgined for these shapes, to fit and flatter you like no other jean. Once you have had your body scan the lovely jean consultants will help you select your perfect pair of jeans. They come in various styles from the classic to the 'on trend' styles.

I was found to be a 'Sapphire' which means I have a slightly wider hip line than my hips so now I know why with some jeans I have the gap around my waist!

These jeans start at £195 which is so comparable to other brands and these ones will actually fit!

I would wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Selfridges, Oxford Street to try this out and its a lovely day out too!

Lots of love Lisa

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