Sunday, 10 June 2012

Day 27....Does Style have an age limit?

Absolutely bloody not!

I feel that it is about time I put this issue to rest, for the sake of many women all over the UK and further a field.

I hear so many lovely ladies who are looking fab over a certain age ( me included! ) asking the question 'should I really be wearing this at my age' or ' I can't really shop in there anymore as I'm too old'.

What has happened to this nation where age has suddenly become such a big issue?

I feel really passionate about this subject ( as you may tell ) as it seems in many cases that once you are over the age of 35 then its all down hill from there and when you reach the ripe old age of 40 then it's all over and you have to look and behave like your mum!!!

Well ladies, your personal style is all about your personality and your body shape NOT your age. At all ages we can look amazing, as we grow older we just choose to wear the season's trends in a modern way rather than a trendy way.
You can shop in all the high street stores, there really is something for everyone in all of them, you most certainly will not buy your whole seasonal wardrobe from only one but you then have this wonderful collection of stores to choose items that will make up your capsule wardrobe.

I don't usually get on my high horse but this is one subject that makes me jump aboard and shout from the roof tops.........we are all individuals and deserve to not only look great but feel great, it has no bearing on our age.

I would love to know your views

lots of love


Vicki Boyton said...

Completely agree Lisa! Thankfully I think that women are getting more adventurous and often as you get older you have a little more money to buy some good quality staples and then use the full range of high street stores to supplement the rest of your wardrobe. I regularly shop in Oasis, top shop and H&M and always head straight for the assistants, explain what I'm looking for and also what I don't like. I've not yet met an unhelpful one OR for that matter one who looks like they think I shouldn't be there - despite bing 42....

lisatalbot said...

Great news Vicki,

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