Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Day 22 My NEXT picks

If you are anything like me I tend to stick to brands where I don't run the risk of someone else walking down the street or sitting in the same room as me.
For this reason alone I tend not to be a great fan of Next, however, I have been impressed this season by their occassion dresses.

Look at this beautiful berry lace dress which is so perfect for the hour glass body shape. You can just see how this dress works for this body shape. Show off the curves of this lovely body shape. The slender/athletic body shape looks great in this dress also as it creates the curves of the naturally boyish shape.

I love this pink mesh dress which also comes in black. It is really simple and works for all body shapes.
The plunge neckline is brilliant for the Top Heavy as it creates space.
The empire line cut is perfect for the apple body shape as it illusionises the tummy area.
The floating skirt for the lower body works great for the pear and hour glass and the strapless sleeves helps rebalances also.

This super tangerine shaper dress is just what is says on the tin, it shapes the body so again great for all the body shapes.
The assymetrical neckline helps to rebalance the lower and upper body. Perfect for the pear and hour glass body shape.
The ruching at the waist is great for the apple and helps hide the tummy that you may not be too keen on.

So, I really have enjoyed browsing around Next, what are your thoughts?

lots of love

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