Sunday, 3 June 2012

Day 20, Stunning Carvela shoes

I love shoes but don't just buy them unless they fullfill a purpose in my wardrobe (I'm so practical sometimes!!! )
I am a huge fan of Carvela, I love their designs and the fact they are THE most comfortable shoes to wear and I adore the fact they are a litle bit different which means they really do finish and bring an outfit alive.

These are the stunning Arbour courts, gorgeous strap on the ankle and amazing print. Just a word of advice a strap on the ankle works really well if your ankles are slim. My recommendation would be they don't look amazing if your ankles are slightly wider as they make the area appear thicker.
For a real casual slip flop style shoe I really like the Kracker sandal, the embellisment is gorgeous and adds a super bit of glitz and bling to a really simple outfit.

I have to say my all time favourite wedge this season, I have been everywhere for a size 3 in this Kan wedge, I think I am just not meant to have them this season. They are a great base neutral wedge that you can add to any dress, skirt, trouser, jean to create major impact.

And finally for today this is the Lemon loafer in blue, again a really simple shoe which will look great with a pair of shorts

I know Carvela is a more high end brand but in my opinion worth every penny due to comfort and design.

Lots of love

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