Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day 23 My love for French Connection

Well, after an amazing jubilee weekend with family and friends it's back to seeing what the stores have got to offer.
I have always had a passion for French Connection but they don't always blow my skirt up with pieces I must have in my wardrobe.
This season has seen me wander in and out looking lovingly at lots of beautiful individual pieces but also making me dream of how they complement each other.

This stunning silk teal shirt is perfect for any pair of jeans, wide legged trousers or the skirt I have selected below. Looking at this shirt it appears high necked, a tip from me to make it have more of a plunge neckline would be to undo the tie at the neck so it softly falls open.

And O'h just look at this amazing full length skirt. Perfect for any of you with a curvy lower body and perfect for those who need to create more curves.
Treat this as a maxi skirt but play with the tops to make this skirt your statement piece for this summer season.

If it were me I would add in wooden jewellery to add the edge with a chestnut pair of wedges or flat sandals.

lots of love

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