Sunday, 8 April 2012

7 Day Jean challenge.....let's start now!

Jeans are the most worn garment by women but also the garment that everyone finds the most difficult to buy.

Let me ask you a couple of questions;

1. Do your jeans bag around your thigh & bottom area?

2. Do your jeans fit you really well on the hips but are too big on the waist?

3. Does your 'muffin top' come over the top of your jeans

4.Do you have to wear a belt to keep your jeans up but find it digs into your back?

5. When you wear skinny jeans do you feel you look wider around the hip area?

6. Do you wear jeans every day but feel you always look the same?

I have this feeling many of you are nodding your head in reply to at least one of the above questions, so I will be taking on the 7 DAY JEAN CHALLENGE ( starting Easter Monday )

Each day I will wear jeans and create new looks to give you some ideas on how they really can look different from day to day.
I will also give you a hint and tip each day on which jeans suit which body shapes and where to buy great jeans.

So, I will look forward to seeing you all starting tomorrow


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