Friday, 13 April 2012

Day 5 Jeans challenge

I can't quite belive it is Friday already and I have come to the end of the week somewhat unscathed, a few more grey hairs maybe but quite sane.

Today is the last day of our crash course of swimming and then we are off to the gorgeous 'Look out' which is a wonderful forest near Bracknell with the dog for a camp build and fun with friends.

Here's what I have chosen to wear today......

I just love these washed Earnest and Sewn low waisted bootcut jeans which I picked up in the Donna Ida sale, they are THE most comfortable pair of jeans I own. I have teamed it with a lovely silk look high break H & M shirt and my electric blue & vibrant pink skull scarf from Primark.
Today I'm feeling the love for my converse and my patent purple bag which I can fit the world and his wife in from M & S last summer.

As well as having a fetish for belts I am rather partial to a blazer too so today have added in my grey 3/4 arm length blazer again picked up in Primark. The shirt is a little chilly when the wind blows so I reckon this is a fab option to not only look great but keep me warm too.

To round up here are my TOP TIPS

1. For those of you who carry a little weight on your tummy opt for high wasited...flattens the tummy line and will allow tops to sit beautifully

2. For the lady who is curvy on your bottom half try a bootcut or flare to rebalance the hip line

3. If you love skinnies and are curvy just remember to either bulk out the calf with a boot or add in a more chunky shoe to rebalance

4. For those slender/athletic body shapes check the curve on the jean from the waistband even before you try, it will save you time

I hope you have enjoyed and learnt a few tips on wearing jeans and I would love to know which was your favourite outfit of the week so please do drop me an email and let me know at

lots of love

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