Thursday, 12 April 2012

Day 4 Jeans challenge - Time for colour

Today, the sun is so trying to come out but not quite managing it so I thought I would bring some colour to my world today.

I'm off swimming again today, the twins are having a crash course this week which always ends with one of them deciding to start a fight in the changing rooms whilst other parents give me that sideways glance.

Today I have chosen to colour block. I'm wearing my Leigh green jeans from Top Shop with my blouson style chiffon sleeved shirt from Dorothy Perkins. I have added in a lovely statement heart necklace to break up the colours and have gone for my purple suede boots from M&S

I have this horrible feeling it may be a bit chilly out there today ( I've not ventured out yet! ) so for a coat today I have chosen my lovely Oasis denim jacket. It is so comfortable as the denim is so soft it almost feels like I'm just wearing a cardi.

For a few more tips on selecting your perfect pair of jeans;

1. Find the curve
Any jeans that will work for a curved bottom half will bend from the waistband and back in again. You will be able to see this shape ( BIBA, TU at Sainsburys, George at Asda, Hudson )

2. If your slim hipped then check for a jean that is stright from the waistband to the bottom of the leg ( Ted Baker, French Connection and Hollister are great for this shape )

3. Dark Indigo is a great slimming colour and also very chic and for this season why not in a vibrant or ice cream colour to complement

Well, I'm also on Radio Berkshire ( 102.9 ) today between 12pm and 12.45pm chatting to Anne Diamond about beauty through our listen in if you have the time

Day 5 tomorrow.......please do come back

lots of love

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