Thursday, 19 April 2012

My picks for today

I was literally passing through The Oracle shopping centre in Reading today at full speed and saw these gorgeous pieces which I just have to show you.

I'm loving the summer prints this season.....this one caught my eye in Oasis.

I love lace and found this wonderful zip fronted cardi from Mint Velvet, being a base neutral colour will go with anything this summer ( if it ever stops raining!! )

By now I bet you are sitting there with your head to one side ( I can just see it!! ) . Apologies but I can't seem to twist the photo. I saw this lovely embellished sandals in Jones and can just see them with white linen, jeans and dresses this summer.

And finally, I walked into the lift in The Oracle where I am the Personal shopper to be confronted by this fab poster. I was with my 23 year old son who nearly dies with embarresment when he sees this. It is better than the last one which had my photo on as all his friends would say 'Isn't that your mum'?, with his quick reply being 'No' ( charming!!!! )

The Oracle have their fashion week next week, please do come along and see the amazing fashion shows, come and chat to me in the lunchtime style sessions starting next week

Lots of love

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