Thursday, 29 September 2011

Mutton dressed as lamb

So, we are back to the debate about should women dress their age. Today in the papers Joanna Lumley is saying women should embrace the mutton dressed as lamb look and not worry about having long hair after 40 nor shop in our wonderful high street shops like Top Shop.

I absolutely agree, why should women over a certain age start to look old, frumpy and dowdy. It's all about dressing according to your lifestyle and personality. I see alot of ladies who come to see me for advice on exactly that.....they want to look modern, chic and stunning and WHY NOT!

Being 42 myself I can relate to this, why would I want to look like I'm old before my time when I'm young at heart, fit, healthy and have a very modern outlook on life.
Looking good makes us feel great too.

My recommendation is this, dress according to your personality and lifestyle, you really can wear the trends in ALL our high street stores, we do just twist them to suit us as people.
Our high street is one of the most amazing in the whole world and there should be no shop that you should feel wary of going in. Trust me, you will find something for you in every store

lots of love


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