Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Over 55's!

The results of a survey published in the Daily Mail yesterday stated three quarters of women over 55 feel ignored by the high street.

Some 42 per cent said they had difficulty finding retailers that sell clothing that is both fashionable and suitable for their age.
As a result, less than half said they actually enjoyed going shopping.

I am a firm believer that the high street does try and cater for a wide audience and from my experience with clients who are of this age the biggest shock they get from shopping with me is seeing that they can shop and buy certain items in all of our high street stores. I just love teaching and showing my clients how you can shop in all of our amazing high street.

I am not saying that a Over 55 lady will buy all her clothes in H & M but I am saying that there will be a garment that is perfect for the body shape,personality and lifestyle for this lady. 

I hear only too often, 'I can't shop in there it's too young for me', in my mind why do my older ladies only feel they can shop in M&S? Maybe our high street actually needs to promote all their collections to all the age ranges so ladies over a certain age do not fear them.

Please do trust me personal style is about keeping your look modern, not necessarily trendy.

For the Over 55's what I would say to you is do not feel intimidated by ANY of the high street stores, please do pop your head in and have a  browse, you will be pleasantly surprised.  

Lots of love

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