Monday, 29 August 2011

The Theme Park attire!

I was mad enough to not only do 1 theme park yesterday but 2.....all thanks to the Merlin pass and 2 very excited children and a husband!!!

I don't usually pay any attention to what anyone is wearing unless it sticks out like a sore thumb ( for good or bad ) but yesterday I was just surprised how little effort both men and women put into getting dressed for a theme park. I know we all have to be comfortable, we all go prepared with coats for the rain and cardi's in case the british weather suddenly changes but come on guys looking good is not that difficult nor is it expensive.

I saw a man with a mohican haircut which was plaited down to his bottom, with calf length cargo shorts and a dirty t.shirt, another man with black jeans with the waistband under his bottom and  a cropped t.shirt!
There was one man, who looked really nice, pink shirt, faded bootleg jeans and deep brown cowboy boots....nice! ( I was in a queue waiting for the bumper cars!!! )

For the ladies I saw many fleecy jackets with no shape!!One lady did catch my eye, I think she was trying the colour blocking trend, cerise pink knee length hareem pants, lilac vest, cerise pink bra which bled through the vest and a deep purple cardi wrapped around her waist. O'h and trainers on her feet!!

But mainly my comment would be that everyone looked the same, their was no individuality to the looks.

Come on everyone Personal style is all about YOU, your personality and your lifestyle and it really does not have to be expensive to looking good and more importantly feeling great.
Our high street is an amazing place and you can look simple, stunning and chic even when you go to the theme park with your kids!!

Maybe I need to hold a makeover session at a theme park?

Lots of love

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