Friday, 20 May 2011

Day 6, Accessories

Well, today is not only Friday and the start of a great weekend but also Day 6 of my Body style blog.

Today I thought it would be great to show you some accessories that I know will complete
the looks that I have shown you this week.

In my mind accessories are the unsung hero of any outfit, they can add colour and create interest.  Accessories come in the form of;

* Jewellery
* Scarves
* Handbags
* Belts

Here are some of my favourite this season, remember keep your accessories to the scale of your body frame so as not to overwhelm.
This lovely bracelet is from Maggie Angus, really super, delicate and will team with the beautiful rose tones out this summer
Another one os my favourites, these stack bracelets from
Anouska London jewellery, Stunning colours, enough to bring any arm alive! 

This great bead bracelet is from Hunnybee Designs, I love it as it is great to add colour but is also pretty enough to create femininity

Earrings from ASOS, just beautiful and can be added to any outfit.

I love this 'vintage' style bag from Miss Selfridge, it looks just amazing with anything lace especially a dress with a lace collar, very twee!
Again, for this season this bag from Warehouse is just great to team with any look, I especially like it with the camels, sand and neutral colours this season.

Add a coloured belt to any pair of jeans or white linens to give them a burst of colour.

I hope you like my suggestions, Accessories really are excellant and can make any outfit complete

Have a great weekend


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