Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Day 4, The Slender/Athletic/Banana/Rectangle

Today is Day 4 of my Body shape blog and is the turn of Slender/Athletic/Banana/Rectangle.

This body shape is slim with small breasts and hips. Also known as the rectangle
The aim is for myself to give this body a more curvaceous shape. This body shape can wear the majority of all styles so is the easiest body shape to dress.

Choose ruffles, neck ties and embellishments on shirts to create a more feminine shape. Pockets on the bust also adds bulk to this area making the bust look larger and the waist smaller, therefore, a more feminine shape again. Garments that fit well on the waist are great for the slim/athletic as it draws attention to the waist.

This fabulous shirt from Zara is perfect as it has the wonderful ruffles which draws the eye up adding interest to this angular shape.

I love ths dress from H & M as it is perfect for giving this body shape a waist and changing the body shape to a curvy hour glass

Again, from H & M, this wonderful waisted cardi with petal drops is perfect as it has the most amazing sleeves which draws width to the shoulders and stops at the waist to acccentuate. This looks lovely with the above dress or a pair of oatmeal peg leg trousers.

Floaty skirts instantly soften the angular lines of this body shape and create more curves

One of my favourites this season is from River Island, it is of the A line shape which gives the bottom half of a Slender/Athletic the look of more curves. Team it with the above frilled fronted shirt for a Bright look this season 

Also, why not try this super denim jumpsuit for a funky day look or jazz it up for a super evening look.
This jumpsuit is brilliant as the shoulders have a little detail and a defined waist to create the curves for this shape. Instead of leaving the waist plain add a coloured belt to really draw the eye to this middle point.

Team it with a pair of wooden wedges and some on trend jewellery.

Jackets which dart in at the waist are perfect as they create a great shape
For colours I recommend brighter and lighter colours above the waist as it adds those important inches to the bust area.

I hope you find these tips helpful again....the Apple is coming tomorrow!

Lots of love

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