Sunday, 15 May 2011

The curvy 'Pear'

Welcome to Day 1 of 7 of my Body shape blog!

I know from experience that what you see in the mirror is not what I or others see.

It's true, women see our worst bits rather than our best when we look in the mirror!
I want to give you some hints and tips and show you what's in our fab high street for your body shape, today is the turn of the Pear.
The Pear  - This body shape is defined by a small bust, curvy hips and is usually bottom heavy
The aim is to rebalance the body by giving more definition to the shoulders 
For tops I recommend V necks, large cowls and puffed sleeves as they add width to the shoulders, balancing out the hips. Choose tops/jakets/T.shirts that pinch in at the waist to draw attention.
Lovely top with puffed sleeve and ruffles on neckline from

This super tie neck frill blouse from Warehouse

This super pleat skirted mac from Oasis is another of my favourite key items for this body shape, an all rounder, perfect as it broadens the shoulders and brings attention upwards with the lapels and added detail. The double breasted adds inches to the bust line and the belted style defines the waist. As the area below the belt moves it will float over the wider hip area.

The eye needs to be drawn upwards away from the problem area so any detail such as buttons, ruffles at the neck draws the eyes to the face.
Another great way to draw the eye upwards is to wear a lovely necklace.
Wide legged trousers are a must as they are the same width down from the hips to the floor, these balance out the hips.

I love these coloured wide leg trousers from French connection and the 70's wide leg jeans from Oasis. The wideleg helps rebalance the hip line.
Deep, dark colours are a must to be worn on the bottom half to create a slimming effect, lighter colours can be worn on the top half to draw the eye upwards
I hope these little hints help you dress  your wonderful curvy shape

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Sally Todd said...

Ooooh great stuff! Please can we have the hour glass tomorrow? :o)

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