Monday, 16 May 2011

Day 2, The Top Heavy!

Day 2 of my Body shape blog gives you my expert advice on the 'Top Heavy'
The Top Heavy – Ladies who are large busted with a defined waist and small hips
I do understand that many ladies who are larged busted struggle to find a great looking shirt where the buttons do up, find a great fitting top that doesn't drown their body frame due to the size they have to buy to fit their bust.
The aim for me for this body shape depends on the ladies personality but ultimately it is to draw the eye away from the bust area
Dark and richer colours above the waistline will minimise the bust line, be careful with any shiny material as they make an area appear larger than it is due to the way the light reflects on it.
Select tops, t.shirts and shirts with a deep V, this will lengthen the neck and flatter the bust avoid polo necks.
Structured dresses which fit lovely on the bust with an A line skirt are perfect for this body shape as it balances and proportions this shape
This great dress from Phase Eight is perfect, defines the bust line with a plunge neck line to give the neck length and minimalise the size of the bust. Team it with this fab tribal necklace from Evans to draw the eye up and away from the bust ( one of my favourite this season! )

Tops and waistcoats that gather under the bust line are great also as they draw the eye to the waist
I love this single button jacket from Zara, perfect for Top heavy body shape as it buttons under the bust creating the illusion of length from the bust to the waist....brilliant and gorgeous too!!

Pop this jacket with this stunning floral A line tiered skirt, again from Miss Selfridge the colours toned perfectly and the combination looks super together. An A line skirt works really well for a Top Heavy as it rebalances the bottom half. Some super wood wedges will complete the look.

Bootleg trousers are one shape that suits the Top Heavy shape as it creates a better balance with the bust area.
These lovely chocloate brown bootcut linens from Miss Selfridge will work really well for the Top heavy, team them with a cream empire line kaftan top from River Island. for a super casual look.
You can then team the kaftan with some jeans or white linens, now thats what I call a cost effective way to shop!

I hope you find the tips useful and will enjoy trying them out.
Which bodyshape will I chosse for Day 3.....come back tomorrow to find out!!


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