Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Welcome Summer...Here come the BRIGHTS!

The sun is shinning today and it really is when most of us feel the urge to shop for items for our Summer wardrobe. It is well known that we wear more colour during the summer.

I have found some pieces and combinations on my travels which I thought you would like...

This stunning coral drape dress, perfect for the Apple shape as the draping conceals the tummy area and draws the eye to the shoulders.
This colour carries yellow undertones and will look great with any other bright or a navy blue.

I love this little cerise pink dress in a jersey fabric,perfect for the Hour glass body shape, accentuates the waist, flows over the curvy hips and draws the eye to the shoulders. This dress would also look super on the Slender/Athletic body shape as it gives this body shape the curves it deserves.

This gorgeous floral tulip skirt, perfect for the Hour glass,Slender/Athletic and Top heavy body shape. It has the most amazing array of colours, will look super with a flat pump, flip flop or a pair of high strappy shoes/sandals

I love this cerise pink double breasted jacket, be wary the Top Heavy body shape as it will draw the eye width ways which willl accentuate the bust. Opt or a single breated jacket....perfect. This jacket will look great with either of the dresses above and the floral skirt.

Lastly this yellow t.shirt is amazing, team it with the floral skirt and cerise blazer for a wonderful flash of colour to brighten any day.

All of these items are available from Zara , great prices and clothes to die for !!

Let me know what you buy


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