Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sally Gunnell Style interview

I was really lucky to meet Sally Gunnell who has been one of my sporting heroes when I was on the Vanessa show this week. I remember the time Sally won her gold medal at the Olympics and the how the british public was so pleased for her.

I am always interested in how celebrities deal with their own Personal Style so I took the plunge and was cheeky and asked Sally if she would kindly answer a few questions for me....she said yes which I was over the moon at as I know how busy she is with the lead up to the 2012 Olympics.

What clothes do you love and feel most comfortable wearing?
Sally told me she loves the Comfy tracksuit which is not unusual for someone who has spent many a day in this clothing fabric and due to her job this fits perfectly with the lifestyle. 

What do you wear the majority of the time?
This is always an eye opener for me as it is so nice to see that celebrities are just like us. Sally told me she wears Jeans and t-shirts the majority of the time. Again, this suits her lifestyle and personality. There is a great photo of Sally with her dog in her jeans, shearling boots and a lovely long sleeve t.shirt, she just looks great, comfortable and very stylish.

What do you have trouble/dislike wearing? 
Sally's answer to this was no surprise, the majority of many of you struggle with accessories and how they can complete an outfit and inject your own personality into your personal style. Sally said, 'I don't dislike wearing them just have trouble remembering to accessorise or when I'm out shopping I get carried away with the clothes and shoes but again forget to buy the accessories!!

Do you have a favourite brand/designer
Sally is a lady after my own heart, Stella McCartney is her favourite designer. This does not surprise me as Stella's collections have great, clean lines with not too much fuss, this goes back to her tailoring training.

I want to thank Sally for answering my questions and I hope you enjoy reading the interview.

Lots of love

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